Facing backlash over her support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Etana has apologised to Jamaicans for endorsing the controversial real estate billionaire.

“My recent remarks were made against the background of the real fear of terrorist attacks and acts of random violence that are so pervasive in the US right now. But I realise now that

I cannot give in to this fear…we cannot build walls to lock ourselves in and other people that we fear, or we run the risk of isolating ourselves and losing our humanity, a quality we must protect at all costs. We must not allow fear to allow us to lose the best part of ourselves, the ability to love unconditionally, and to connect with our fellow men and women, regardless of their beliefs, religion, or ethnicity,” the singer said in a statement.
In Monday night’s first debate against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Hempstead, New York, Trump was repeatedly challenged about his controversial claims that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Interestingly, the 33-year-old Etana is known for songs such as Wrong Address and Roots which tackle forms of racial profiling and promote black pride.

She migrated to the United States in 1992.


  1. Enough a u miss.
    Cause come Election day we still nuh know who u a vote for.
    U done do the damage already can’t take it back.
    U just remind me a Chronixx.
    BTW where is he now???

    1. She going to vote Trump since we dig unda har rass :ngakak

      This bitch talking about Jamaica issues, say she live there AND CANNOT enact change because she give away that right fi vote America. These 2 face artists a tell you….grimy no phuck.

  2. She has the right to support any political candidate, you all need to learn to respect people’s opinions even if you dont agree with it.

    1. I hate when people say stupid shit like this. So people voicing their disagreement with her opinion is wrong. Some a unnu just need to STFU. Don’t make public controversial opinionated statements if you don’t want criticism or backlash. She didn’t need to disclose who she was voting for. So why the f**k should people not respond.

    2. True, but some a dese opinions must be kept secret or innah clazzett – dem seh keep u mouth shut and mek people assume, when u open u mouth u confirm t. mi all fi free speech but dat nuh mean u fi open u mouth and hlike u hab diharia exprecially wen u hab no idea wah di hell u saying or it nuh mekl a dyum sense.
      caz in di end u going to end up doing wah she doing now..scurring and squeaking around like a rat that got acid thrown at its feet..

    3. me sure a that the Jew dem neighbors did tell them a Germany when dem carry Hitler to power. You need to respect the opinions of those who don’t agree with the bullshit!

      Etana should be boycotted for being a coon in America and monitored in Jamaica as a foreign agent.

    4. What the hell is “respecting others opinion”? The only respect a shitty opinion will get is shitty attitudes.

      If a gang of bikers say they want to gang rape you and enslave you because that’s all you worth, in their opinion, you would respect their opinion?

      Trump called Ms. Universe ” Ms. Piggy and Ms. Housekeeping” those are opinions to respect?

      House Negros will never get respect, back then or now :travel

  3. I never ever seen an election(USA) where soooooo many Republicans come out so publicly and endorsed or voting for a Democratic President to be…#gofigure….duh unuh homework ppl.

  4. She is dumb azz Jamaican. Stay in Jamaica you fool! Please don’t come America with your stupid azz talking about voting for Trump.

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