1. Nobody no need fi go a church fi hear or learn values of life.

      You mother send you go church fi learn right from wrong? If so be the case, she wasn’t fit to be a parent. Hence, Hannah’s point. Unu nah nothing bout unu if a kartel a instill values inna unu. A rapist, sadomite and butcher.

  1. Only thing mi agree wid her wid. Dis man is in jail caz sem seh him a murderer yet dem have him a play pan di airways like him a hold Jesus shirt tail. Jamaica is too corrupt das why things the way they are…from top to bottom suh no body fi seh hey..dah rang enuh

    1. They are calling him Jamaica’s Jesus!!!…the powers that be better be paying attention. This needs to stop. Not ONE MORE KARTEL RELEASE!!! Who was Buju convicted of killing again? If he cannot record new music why should the serial killer? What did Lisa say that was so wrong? She didnt single him out, matter of fact she should have talk straighter she nice it up too much. She said what many of us have said around the dinner table so whats the damn problem..ban him nastiness today.

  2. Me chat negative bout her, but me a support her on this.

    She missed an opportunity, but it never too late for progress.

    1. Listen, we Comrades don’t need no Labourite like Phantom Phoenix to legitimize anything that Comrade Lisa Hanna has to say. Guh weh from yah suh “The Phamtom”!

      1. You is a lone. Comrade :p and a damn fool to think you know my political leanings.

        What’s up bitch? Long time yu no come bout :hammer

      2. Btw….me remember when Lisa was a roller set laborite so cut de crap. You see whey partisan politics do Merikka :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. Lisa was never a Labourite…Her ex-husband was. You know very little I see. Yuh looking company Phantom? Your are a Labourite to the core.

          How come you are not criticizing Olivia “Babsy’ Grange now that she assumed the position that Lisa once had (Minister of Youth and Culture). The kids are still being killed/rapeg/etc.?

  3. Yes, I agree with her but is just now she realize that there is corruption. For years this has been going on but since Kartel doing it now and people start complaining it’s a problem. Didn’t Jah-Cure do the same thing before nothing was ever mentioned. No matter what he was convicted for he was still a prisoner.

    1. Same thing me a seh. Them caah trick people with common sense, something else is behind this why they just now speaking up. I guess Sean Kingston coming down there to do a song with kartel put the icing on the cake.

  4. :travel and the saga continues. Corruption started at the head of the river and came down to the bottom. We all have a part to play in this. Nobody should be singled out. #myopinion

  5. yet last year before elections she nearly type out one whole Kartel song. She is a hypocrite of the highest order. Don’t make unnuh unjustified hate fi Kartel blind unnuh. All politicians use dancehall music when it convenient den lick out ‘gainst it. If Kartel is banned, wha ago happen? Jamaica ago finally change? The economy ago come good? Scamming and crime ago stop? politicians ago stop thief tax money do dem personal tings? mi never see foreign politicians pay so much attention to dem musicians. There are bigger fish to fry, but our parliamentarians try use everything else fi divert attention from them shortcomings.

    1. A weh di shake off yuh hand emoji deh :thanks2 mi seh a day mi did a tink Nuh she did repeat few lines to one a him song is a next stunt dodo up Hanna yuh naw trick me seh. Kartel ago go dung when him di time come…… Ppl fi memba seh some ppl come inna di world just fi warnings… Pickney naw get up go change radio station a yuh fi control wat dem listen…. Go clean up di home dem gi di ppl dem more jobs. And clean up di Streets Mek di killing stop.

  6. The f**king hypocrisy! These politicians have contributed more to Jamaica’s crime problem than entertainers and their music. a few weeks ago she posted one of Kartel’s songs that he recorded in prison word for word on her IG, but now it delete. The system already set the precedent with Jah Cure after he was convicted of RAPE! Some of unnu fi gwey and leave the man to. Unnu first need to ban some of those carnival costumes before unnu pree kartel and him music. This bitch and her fellow parliamentarians need to focus on passing some strong legislation to strongly prosecute grown ass men who prey on young girls. Look how quick they pass the one for the Lottery Scam and all f**king now they can’t pass the OSHA. Why?? Because nuff of them said government building would a lock down! This is just an example to show that both political parties are the same out here. At least in the States there is a system to deal with Trump! A nuff murder Seaga, Portia and James Robertson name call pon, but because they are politicians no investigation much less prosecution come out of it! Unnu f**k off and leave the man. Lizard wasn’t f**king innocent. Police must focus on investigating the murders of decent law abiding citizens and lowe criminal make them kill off them one another.

    1. You do know that the former Police Commissioner stated that Vybz Kartel was responsible for over 100 murders? Are you saying all those victims were criminals?

  7. Pure hypocrites deh bout. If the thing him doing illegal, then it fi stop, so be it.

    But LH don’t have much of a moral high ground to stand on. If she talking bout the message in the music, she need to target all dancehall music that is similar.

    Next, she need fi look pan di SOCA music weh dem worship, and the slackness that they promote on the roads year-to-year and ban dem deh to.

    Di ting gawn bad loong time.

    1. He’s in jail for murder he needs to be banned period. Stop try go round di ting and those defending him by go under her clothes and threatening bodily harm hurt him more than help him.

  8. Wow this woman is something else . The other day when woman and children was getting killed she had nothing to say but now she talkIing about kartel really woman ?????? Wtf


  10. Mi see Sketta and some other people in dancehall a try blame Lisa fi the supplying of guns from the Manley and Seaga era like she probably wasn’t even born at that time. She very outspoken yes and a horrible politician but so all the others who have been in politics from before my own parents were born but nuh body nah call dem out. Jamaica never had a good prime minister ever, Manley seem genuine but according to my grandmother he was too emotionally invested like his father, had no genuine support ( Castro was what he was because he had supporters who believe in him) and he was a man with big dreams some of which were unobtainable at early stage in the country’s development. Andrew is trying somewhat but he’s overhyped and still needs to proved himself. Mi listen to some of Kartel songs but they are quite forgettable and after a while it doesn’t stick with you after the years have pass. Mi nuh support nuh body weh committed any form of crime.

  11. @Pro and Larry, MEK AH SHAKE UNNU HAND LIKE SCHOOL PIKNEY SHAKE CHERRY AND PLUM TREE: :shakehand2 :thanks2 :recsel :rate

    NOT ANEDDA WORD, JUST: :thanks2 :shakehand2

  12. AMEN PRO!

    Di whole a unnuh can gwaan listen to hypocrite Lisa weh nuh stop rinse out Kartel quote under her pics, talk bout how she love dancehall, and hav di baddest dancehall tune dem a rinse when election come. Di same ignorant one dem weh she a talk bout a who a vote fi har! Politicians forever a wife unnuh up and a class unnuh at dem will and leisure wen it convenient to dem!

    After ramping shop drop, it was banned from airways and alot of kartels music was played on the downlow, even di clean version to di dutty one dem did stop see radio after awhile because a how him did a get fight, that a wen Kartel mek di statement seh him nuh responsible fi a raise nobody pickney! when gully and gaza war did a gwaan, both mavado and kartel music did stop play (dat a wen dem did come wid couple concious songs suh dem coulda still get pon radio)….and it never change a damn ting!

    inna di 70’s reggae and dub was di music of the day yet it never influence no youth as that was still one of di worse times inna Jamaica history…Kartel jus so happen to be di flavour of the month

    Unnuh need fi understand seh a big position Lisa hannah a work for inna phillips cabinet, along with fitz jackson whose mouth we jus start hear!

    1. A jamaican woman she name the 1 country in the world that has more women bosses, she not looking for position peter better watch him neck she might be is boss. Oh and I reiterate their is no arguement conceivable could rationalize why kartel psychopathic murderer should still be on the radio.

    2. Before u rant bout Lisa being a hypocrite, I listen Kartell and he is the best Ever lyrically in my book.. but I agree most of his music is adult content and don’t need to be on radio. the music will still be played In dancehall where it belong. Kartell music is for your private consumption and radio should be for everybody including children. Big people go dancehall so slackness and murder music can play seh so as long people want that crap selector will get money fi play it as well ..di money pull up corruption weh a gwaan. Now dat a fight certain artist who can’t pay the pull up money… talk about fighting ghetto yute with that. One thing for sure ghetto yute are creative and will always control music so dem always adjust dem thing.

  13. I’m not a kartel fan at all but this lady is chatting pure shit. Politicians are the cause of most crimes in ja, so why they don’t ban their damn selves. Nothing not new about the messages in some songs suh she lost me. They need to be honest and say they have a personal issue with kartel. Buju nuh deh ja suh she don’t need to bring Buju in this. Ole hypocrite!

  14. I just have a few questions. Why can’t his songs be played after hours on the radio? I mean they have sex-wise at nights on the radio. Next wah happen to popcaan who a sing bout blow pon him hood and all these things. Wah happen to alkaline? Wah happen to aidonia? Kmt. They need to get over themselves. Stopping the music from playing on the airwaves won’t stop a thing. When the kids go to school they hear it from friends, they walk on the rd, public transport, so many ways for kids to hear either way.

  15. the problem with some of us Jamaican is we can not be fair.. not because him name kartel nu mek him more than the rest a prisoner.. him deh a jail fi murder an we act like a Jesus.. him should not even a record. .. BAN AND MORE BAN,, it time we emancipate our selves from this mentality

  16. Karetl fi get banned from releasing music unless lizard family get some money from it.

    All unno ppl weh a talk bout gaza nation and free worl boss, I hope him and him friend dem nuh kill unno family.

    inna 5 years no more kartel cause d young ppl dem a grow up pon alkaline andd government a ensure seh kartel never see road again or at least do 15 years.

    1. If Lizard was mi family mi either cut him off or help kill him cause him was a old criminal too. Criminal inna every family. Mi have some alleged one inna fimmy and mi devn act like me related to dem again.Nuh knowings. And how u know him nuh agree to the arrangement of lizard’s family getting a percentage?

      Unnuh stop talk bout other prisoner can’t maintain dem family, cause kartel isn’t the first and won’t be the last prisoner who take up a trade and send it outta prison and make money offa it. Prisoner make furniture, draw paintings, write books, write movie scripts, write and record rap songs wha go out and gi dem an income so what’s the difference.

  17. Haha Why bujn name call yah so him lock up a farrin – him can’t mek music from in a de if him was in Jamaica him would – Kartel a no the first fi mek music from behind the bars people so stop it – Them have a recording studio fi the use so them fi either stop with the rehabilitation all together then if that’s the case – Me grow a Jamaica and use to hear the man next to wi a fu*k him woman in a har ass and yes that female come back n chat it kartel was a kid them days so how him influence that – mi know school girls/boys star in a porn before kartel days how him influence that, you know why we a blame dancehall its because a the easiest escape goat – social media a mash up society that them fi blame n left dancehall – dancehall is a reflection of society how many of y’all watch EMPIRE- what them really a teach the young adults them- mi know Kim K have sex tape out a suck H**d cause a so you get fame weh dancehall artist a DJ bout is real lifestyle- where is start fi do up body? And if you check Jamaica how much females have done the same – we are being influenced by TV, social media and all these outlets – yes dancehall have changed mi na say everything the artist them do I agree but It not only coming from dancehall n banning Kartel not going to change our society- tell them fi find the man weh kill the little youth in a the taxi, weh the gun de – it just done so no one ago pay fi that them thing de we fi a pree and say that could be one a fi wi pickney –

  18. Let me put my little two cents. I share the same opinion as ms Lisa Hanna, however I sincerely believe her public utterances were made to gain some political clout. As stated before jah cure was allowed to create music whilst incarcerated. Where is the precedence every individual who commits a crime has to do the time. They too have lost there opportunity to financially provide for themselves and their family while in prison, is a convicted doctor lawyer tailor teacher etc allowed to continue practicing no hence every effort should be made to ensure Mr Kartel isn’t recording.
    Where were these politicians when Kartel was incarcerated from 2011 until 2017 they have been speculating that he was recording 6 whole years.
    If they plan on banning his music they should ban every single artists who sing degrading music this should not be one sided.

  19. Lyrics: love dem tender touch dem.. different gyal everydayyyyy. A bag a gyal a run dung di gaza yute wey you expek mi fi do.

    Lesson: tek bun. Don’t say shit. You’re not special and not worth a decent relationship. Settle for less. Look at DH Uncle in there with Stacy n his woman. Mappy same thing and the list goes on. Name one man in DH wey decent???? And the females just settle. It’s sad af. Not just in DH but all ova. We have to do better. Everybody a jiggle dem body for attention. Sad nuh bombo claaaattttt

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