1. Mi hear Alafia sister chat her how she uneducated, nah nuh papers and jealous a her. Har sister seh she lazy and nasty and affi wait pan man fi run a money fi can tek care a herself. Har sista seh da way the girl broke if she nuh buy her food and wash her clothes she nuh eat and CAWN do laundry. Har sista seh the way the girl badmind she done wid har!!! Suh how she find time to be saying all these things on facebook??

  2. These two dumb illegal immigrants need fi just stop it and worry about getting them paper, Wendy yah hype bout a married man, why him nuh divorce him wife and help yuh get yuh papers…two a unnu sad like

  3. Wendy drive in her name pay bills in her name work legal in her name have a apartment in her name go to school in her name so do the math bitch Alafia u need to make Mike start give you money.Mike pay all my friend bill from day one we all use to work on Flatbush and Mike stop her from work Alafia wat is your problem Mike pay you for your f**k u are not even a side bitch stop the story end war for a man who want and need you, you can stop now, Wendy you don’t need to answers Alafia shame on you bitch next time Mike buying a F**K form you take a picture of his dick in your mouth lol 50 dollar bitch

  4. look how long this thing been going on aviously thers more to this story no one really knows about.. I never c alafia an and of her sisters in no beef that’s for sure dem always have each other back.. so all these makeup stories about the girl is not true uno go back again and get uno info correct uno too wicked and lie

  5. Alafia a years you a war With Wendy bout this Man and nobody never see you and him Yet every time Me see Wendy out is she and him the way how you walk and F**k me never knw you would still be argue over the old Guyanese Man Still Alafia every day you say you a young 27yrs old girl and it look like you can’t get a Man to call your own Stop Mek you self look Stupid

  6. Alafia you need to be lock up for all your big chat. I don’t know this girl but she need to call the police you need to STOP you F**K twin Paul and you F**K any man you can get just to smoke some weed why are you talking set on this girl f**k box Alafia

  7. Me fren is all these things uno claim but yet still uno get up everyday worrying about mike an alafia.. alafi is living her life minding her own business and building up her self all the lie uno up here a tell shows uno don’t know nothing about the girl.. shes all these things but uno still a worry bout har everyday and every night.. alafia all the talk dem a talk jus give them more things fi talk bout caz ur the topic of discussion no stop gi di pussy dem headache … caz everybody know wat time it is who no know soon will

  8. Wendy yuh f**k john john from spotlight, u breed for ur ex man fren then turn round and mek him catch u a f**k ur ex husband Wendy yuh don’t know nothing about alafia… alafia and twin Paul was together yrs ago old story come with something new .. alafia don’t even smoke like that so stop with all these lies caz it’s not working u don’t know anything about the girl so stop it

  9. Alafia a F**k box from Canaries High days at one time Me think she Gay she Marga and Cranky bad and Love look War with Ppl Alafia yuh fi get when them Beat you a school Leave the Girl alone you always on your page throw Stubs at her We Sick of you and This Now Get a Life you a Big Woman Now why you arguing over the Girl Man

  10. Dogshit Ocean pussy SHAKARA STENNET .. weh walk and f**k everyweh she blutclot go.
     Wendy all animal yuh f**k.
    You bright nuh blutclot ah come gwan like seh you get di man geniune suck batty wendy weh walk and lick out man batty fi 5 Grand
    Wendy yah one big blutclot dry up woman ina her f**king 30s and yah behave suh?… over one man weh live wid him blutclot babymada and pickney dem?
     WENDY you know he  only keeps you around because you are f**king retarded. You really should stop putting on a show for the internet.Demon bitch tell these people the truth you befriended your babyfathers (Girl)not sidechick they have been together for years bitch do the maths .. tell these people how you got the man in the first place.. WENDY remember what you put your pussy thru for you to come to america before you got your papers?? WENDY you were living with your daughter babyfather and f**king him & another man at the same time when your babyfather find out him beat out yuh blutclot & leff yuh..
    .You dirty as f**k tell di people dem how yuh usually get money fi survive .you lick out man batty and goggle balls and dem pay yuh rent..you try fi gwan like seh you ah goodaz but yah  dirt yah shittt cause ah bear batty yuh lick out all toe me hear di mon dem seh yuh suck f**king nasty dranco shit move yuh nasty blutclot and go dead.  bout wendy born great f**king delusional ass bitch god never give yuh dah title deh…You are f**king nasty and you breath stink nuh blutclot like you never brush yuh teeth ina yuh  lifee ..wendy yuh f**k wuhleep ah mon ina secret yuh friend dem fi knoww who dem ah defend. wendy you are not pretty you look like a f**king avatar weh ah bleach. You have no f**king confidence in yourself  thats why you run go do breast.. Wendy you soo f**king pussyyy..lmaoo cannot fight to save your lifeee. Everything you run call you madda fi fight fi you..you have soo much strength on the internet but when its time to defend yourself you run gone… DWFLLLLL…wendy you are no badgal so STOP IT  …wendy you are trying so hardd to hold on to a man who tired ah yuh dry up pussy thats why he keeps going out to find new ones. And you still dont get the picture Lmaooooooo ..(Dumb Bitch)
    Wendy di mon slip and  slide and  breed you.dwl… wendy he was soo devestated when he found out you were pregnant him nearly ketch heart attack lmaoo..
     Stop making people  feel like you are wifey or something wendy you are his sidechick you always have been ..wendy you tricked his girl into thinking he was saying bad things about her.just so you could get her upset to say bad things about him and then you recorded her  and sent the voicenote to him …smfhh  is that the levels you have to go to hold a man? Really wendy Man Mascot !.and even after all that he keeps going back to her..lmaooo only thing  left fi yuh do ah just kill yuh blutclot self.and why everytime after you do all yuh f**kery you ah ask god fi cover yuh kids dem..lmaoo bitch go kill your f**king selfffffff .god soon strike you blutclot with lightning f**king crosses thats why crosses ah follow you cause you a big f**king crosses. Psalm 91 pon yuh nasty rass.. you are such a f**king shame to mothers .big woman ina dem 30s ah move like school pickney .
     you claim you work ina hospital and your”educated” is this how smart people move ? Ah run dung mon weh live wid dem babymada anna f**k pon yuh inna yuh face. DWRCLLLLLL Big f**king Mon Clown!!! ….

    1. All this stuff you saying could be true but please stop defend man who purposefully have sex with women raw and the woman end up getting pregnant. You must be married to your kids father(s).

  11. Alafia yuh run in a write this long Paragraph bout Wendy And yuh still intent to F**k after her you Dedicate yuh you life fi F**k after har if the Man want you so Bad why him don’t leave Wendy and Deh with you Good Good Alafia the Hate is Real and Shows in the Long Paragraph My God you sound Desperate Bad all this Chattings the gal f**k all animal and yuh still a war with her over a har Man

  12. The man live with him wife and kids a him yard and alafia is living her life so all of this shaming urself on social media u need to stop.. baby nah hold man again and clearly u still don’t get it .. mike live with his wife and kids so go war the wife Wendy and leave alafia alone bcaz alafia is happy and comfortable

  13. You Girl weh Unu say She Name (Alafia) Me nuh knw Wendy Personal and don’t give a F**k about you nor she But!! That girl is a F**k Good Mother fr what I see Don’t Talk bout ppl Kids Especially if you Don’t have any wah the F**k you knw about been a Mother any way you really Young and Dumb All the Drama over a Man my Girl I been see Wendy posting Pic with that a Man fi Yeaaaaarrrrrrrsssss Wen him find time fi F**k you all Some man a really Ain’t Shit

  14. smh @ 12:05 why the man live with him wife and everyday Alafia get up a throw stubs on Wendy Me on her Page yeah every F**king Day Wendy this Wendy that!!!!!!! If she Living her Life why she don’t ignore Wendy then Why she don’t show with her Man and low Wendy with the Old Guyanese Man then plus yuh say him live with Wife and Kids no sah this too much fi Me “Good Night Met….”

  15. Alafia I don’t knw Wendy personally but that Girl is Great Mother fr What I see (ppl weh nuh have kids nuh fi talk bout ppl Kids) Why yuh so Young and Mek this Man a Give yuh Headache the amount of this weh yuh write in that Paragraph about Wendy me woulda Shame fi Mek ppl see Me a War with dah Gal deh Alafia yuh self Esteem look like it Low yuh fren dem say you a live yuh life But How Everyday yuh on FB Wendy this Wendy that yuh watch the Gal Pussy like a ark obviously cause yuh knw all bout har Sceret F**k dem Lmaoo Little Girl you really need a Life Bloodcoth me Never See this Yet a years yuh a Do this thou Enuh

  16. Wendy u coming up here looking pity listen no one is sorry for u. Bitch u have a 14 yr old teenage daughter growing up perfect example ur setting for her great job.. your 32 yrs old talking about posting pics no one gives a f**k about how many pics u post with the man it still no declare shyt caz u still a get diss inna yuh face left and right mon clown Wendy. You get up everyday a watch alafia wat a way alafia a give u headache and problem.. my advise to alafia is continue to do what the fick your doing until Wendy decide to jump off the Brooklyn bridge bcaz this 32 yr old Moscow clearly as some self esteem problem

  17. I dont know u alafia but clearly u giving this Wendy chick a headache over a nigga that live at home with his family.. Wendy u acting like it’s alafia fault why u diss ur husband dread for someone else husband and ur not happy.. karma is a bitch that nigga did nothing but held u down and u diss the man an now u holding on to someone else husband ur not even happy with jus bcaz u shame.. stop painting this fake picture to ppl everyone soon find out the real u caz all u do a walk and pretend and lie like thers no tomorrow. All u do is cuss and cry like a teenager for a big woman with 2 children get ur life

  18. All a Unu a run in and a Talk bout Wendy is 32 ok Alafia is 27 with no kids young and Pretty the man about 50 married and live with him Wife and kids (Do the Bloodcoth Maths) Why Unu don’t Convince Unu Friend fi go look a life day in day out She a Cuss Wendy it Sad pon Har But a Guess a Thats what Goodas Do me never knw say wen you reach 32 yuh Old lmfao Wendy where are you we waiting on your Long Paragraph about Alafia Not So Goodaz

  19. Alafia Why Don’t you Tell your Fanzzzzz “That you’re “Good” at Acting Amazing when you are actually Depress, Sad Very Embarrassed and Emotional do you want Me to Go Onnnnnn” you call off everybody phone and Talk a bag a Things Bout Wendy then you turn round and say you don’t keep Frenz Alafia the Man always a Dog yuh it look like him only f**k you wen him Bored are Wen Wendy Mad at Him yuh run in a write a long Paragraph with all the liezzz about the Girl all a We a Laugh after when it ago Stop Me Personally tell you say a the Girl Babyfather she can do anything she want to do Tell Pink say you Mad cause you call har phone and tell har all you Secrets and she tell him back Me tell yuh Never did fi put har pon Pink wall and you still do Leave the F**king Gal alone everyday is Something New Me tierd a you a Call and Talk Bout Wendy When Will it End And me knw you Reading so you knw exactly who Me is!!!

  20. Wendy u don’t know anything about alafia bcaz if u did it would have been on the internet so stop it … Wendy tell the ppl dem y u really mad at my fren she look way better than u by far an all the lies u go to this man with he’s still not leaving her so what are u gonna do next Wendy a better yuh kill yuh blood cloth self bcaz ur fighting a loosing bottle mon clown Wendy, mon moscot Wendy, mon bout heel Wendy .. u are 32 yrs old crying and cussing for a Man U claim is urs lmfaoooooo … tell the ppl dem how much yrs u waring with this young girl alafia and u still not getting anywhere.. Wendy lets see how many more yrs of disrespect u gonna tek then u use “babyfather” as an excuse f**king clown

  21. Alafia in 2015 yuh did a F**k Twin Paul and Mike at the Same time yuh memba when Mappie did a Look a F**k off a yuh but true you was F**king Paul and him did a spare with dem Me tell yuh it a look a way Alafia Stop the Put in Show thing any Man with 200$ and Car can F**k you Yoy come on Pink wall and say you was with Paul When Where How A better yuh say Paul used to F**k you Alafia Memba wen Paul pick you up carry yuh go F**k a Queens and drop yuh off and give yuh 75$ you Cry and say a Mike wouldn’t do you that Alafia Dwayne F**k out Ole and nuh look pon yuh how a yuh sooo called fren dem Man yuh F**k me Really have to Shake me Head Everyday you on the War over mike thing you nuh tiered fi Mek up Story bout yuh mother nuh like yuh and yuh sister do this and tell Mike so him feel sorry fi you if only mike knw the things you talk about him Me nuh knw Hiw Wendy stomach him after the things you tell har bout him but a fi Unu Triangle that

  22. Lmaoo me Deh yah Read a Wonder if Wendy Hold A Gun to This man Head and Beg him fi Stay with har Alafia yuh Bad pon yuh Fingers dem If the Man nuh want Wendy wah could Mek him Stay round Har yuh Done say baby nah hold Man and man leave woman everyday so what’s the hold up but Alafia if Wendy nuh knw Nothing Bout you How you knw so much bout Har yuh have a GPS pon har Pussy Young Girl you Can Stop Now cause yuh just a Mek yuh Self Look Stupid Wendy this Wendy that BUT you still want har BabyFather Fix it Jesus

  23. Alafia you look so Good and It a Mad Wendy but the Man Nah left Wendy you look sooo Good and a young and Pretty why him nuh left Wendy fi you if a years a this why him never Breed you and left Wendy this just confusing me nah Read no More Kmft young and Pretty and war over 50yr old Man

  24. Dwrl Wendy u good wid yuh lie dem no lie… Wendy makeup all the stories u want to make up about my fren caz the way how u shame u delete ur fb page go kill yuh self put a gun to yuh head man moscot wendy… tell the ppl dem how u was f**king rohnie, dread and mike at the same time nasty bitch Wendy.. and Rohnie come and catch u wid dread and beat out yuh rass and move out left yuh dirty gal Wendy.. tell dem how u f**k john john from spotlight secretly while f**king Mike on the side wen u was still with ur husband dread.. tell them how u use to go Philly and whore out Philly back in 2012 u cannot even show ur face back down ther … Wendy ur a whore .. u know so much about alafia but yet still ur so call baby father still not going no wher .. all the lies u telling up here he’s still not gonna stop talking to alafia so Wendy what are u trying to accomplish here it’s not working lmafaooooo all everybody doing is laughing at ur dumb stupid ass

  25. Wendy me fren cudda breed if she wanted to but she’s not a clown like u Wendy .. how u want a family with a man who already as a family how does that work .. u think he will ever leave his kids to move in and start any type a life with u Wendy he’s not and you’ll never get what ur running down so u can keep fooling ur frenzy bcaz at night all u do is cry and stress for something you’ll never have and that’s a family.. u claim alafia is a whore and all these things a who’re is someone who as a lot a options so how alafia is worrying about u Wendy.. u talk till u talk pure f**kery dwrcl bitch go and seek help caz ur menatally unstable

  26. It’s Look like Mike a One Nasty Big ole Man weh love when gal F**k pon him a wonder if a that turn in on Mike fr Royal B Alafia F**k left and right nobody Body nuh own but she here say you nah left har Some a deh big ole Man fi understand dem self if Wendy a Yuh baby mother and you don’t want har Leave har but why yuh have Alafia a Talk these things Bout har Me Rather Stay by Myself than tek nuff a Dem Ole Man Yah And Wen yuh see him with Wendy him act like him Decent F**k piece Shit me Hate Man like Him

  27. Babyfather and babymother break up everyday u keep talking about babymother no one gives a f**k Wendy caz ur not the only babymother he as so stop looking pity caz no one gives a f**k how u feel.. u made ur bed so lay the f**k down in it… you love man more than how u love ur self… Wendy ur a clown go find some self esteem and some self esteem caz u need serious help.. alafia is all these things u claim but yet still she’s giving u sleepless nights dwrl no sah

  28. But why this Young girl a War over this old Man with so much babymother and Wife a wah Alafia man dun pon yuh Me nah lie this Entertaining Bad but Alafia everything bout Wendy pussy yuh Knw you fi go work wid Secert Service

  29. Alafia you have a Lot time pon you hand no lie Me nuh Wrong Wendy Cause me Shame and a nuh Me this Just sound Sick the two a Unu a war over a big ole Man especially you weh State Over and Over you Young and Pretty the Man a 5o him could be you father Unu little Gal Stomach Strong

  30. Hey sadamite gal SHAKARA STENNET member when you leff you HUSBAND DREAD
    (who you married for your papers) ..member when you leff him fi deh wid mike cause yah run down hype life .. old crosses gal yuh nuh loyal to nobody. me woulda love fi know if ah you ah alafia pussy watcher how you know seh she f**k soo much people.you sound dumb as f**k stop carry news informa gal come wid some facts nuh. me know seh ah you and you idiot dry out pussy fren dem mek di pinkwall ..me nah lie unuh life sad nuh f**k..wendy dont you got a baby to take care of when do you find time to write anousmously pretending to be other people making up lies about my fren..nobody cares about you that much to come on pinkwall defending your dirty pussy..so stop it! writing pretending to be other people lmfaoo nah son you are f**king delusional….you are a messy ass bitch and your time ah come..std pussy wendy you live ina di docters office .man mascot wendy…. cemetery pussy wendy …Mek me tell yuh dis all you do is walk and put on show fi people because you is a f**king mon clown….big pussy wendy di mon only keep  you around because you dunce nuh f**k and when him seh jump you say how high….Di mon keep you around cause him accidently breed you and him haffi mind him pickney….you run go do breast and him still ah f**k pon you.
    You run go do belly and him still ah f**k pon yuh….yah bleach fi look like me fren and him still ah f**k pon yu… jesus christ bitch when are you going to get the picture…you f**king idiot fren dem wicked to you baddd .cause if i was your friend i woulda gave you better advice. You worried about my friend she quite ok.. she not stressed about you. Shes playing her part fine your the one who cant seem to keep up..wendy my fren knew mike way b4 you .i was there when they first met..idk when you f**k your way in.
    You were an alternative babymada you figet? (His second option) dwl Wendy if ah your mon why him cah stop f**k me friend?. Oh cause her pussy gooooood and your own dry up and stink like skunk.all skunk smell better dan you..dumpster pussy gal.Tired pussy wendy… you pussy dont have no f**king mileage it done out and coming like pencil top when di eraser rub out . lick out batty wendy how di girl fi hate pon you when she have no kids and is living her life happily with di mann weh she know fi years. You ah talk bout di girl nuh have no papers look how yah go look stupid inna minute .. .idiot gal mi fren coulda been breed fi di man but she know seh him still did ah f**k nasty crawny body you suh she move wid sense.You on the the other hand know seh di man ah f**k dung di place and still mek him breed you den wah come play like yah wife cause yuh get baby..dwl woii i cant .. Everygirl kow seh yuh cannot stop ah mon from f**k yah big oman and  nuh kno dat yet?… bitch collect yuh baby pampers .continue licking out di man batty ole and hold yuh f**king corner. . Why you never have so much strength b4 him breed you? ..oh because
    you know seh di man have him wife weh him ah live wid and she will beat out yuh blutclot…..matter ah fact why you cant call him wife weh him live wid and torment she ? Lol talk up nuh liyad.. tell your frenz the truth. Cause you are a SIDECHICK dont forget your postion true you get baby now remember weh yah come from ..done out pussy wendy..but ah my friend you have strength fah big pussy wendy yuh bright nuh blutclot but you nuh smart. ..you mad cause you have two kids and still noone wants you..big pussy gal blame you stink pussy weh you dont like wash.yess garbage dump pussy wendy .. Di tings dem you write pon facebook alone show seh you retarded and have not one f**king sense….stop mek people feel like seh you is somebody to di mon bitch you was an alternative ..me hope di ooman weh him live wid find you and beat out yuh blutclot.mike and mi fren will never ever ever ever lefffff BITCH …everything you do nah work yuh nuh see?…yuh run guh do breast ..see if you can change yuh pussy to maybe di mon will stop f**k pon you …DWRCLLLLLLLL I F**KING CANT SON …

  31. All that work and still a war over man… u have no self love this is sad I think u need help… my best advice to u is focus on ur kids and stop embarrassing urself it don’t look good as a mother

  32. Im here Reading and a Laughing Alafia and Fren you’ll made My Day you’ll knw a lot about this girl and then State Alafia a Give her Haadace Lol Wow paragraph behind Paragraph about her Pussy active Lord God Alafia plezzz Put your Energy somewhere else if you are as Pretty as you say you’re Go get your a Man of your Age Group why you here making a Ass of your Self over this Old Man Wendy!!!!!! Please get your life together she say a you baby father but ppl Walk away and get better Cause him Can’t be a Good Man and Have the Girl a Call up you name So I Love a Big Man that Respect them Self and Them Kids

  33. F**k out Wendy weh f**k john John from spotlight, Biggs and him Fren Jermaine, mike, shatta mice and the man innah 49’s. Wendy not so good. True you do your batty, hips and breast Yuh think u a somebody. Wendy weh need a next gal fi tell her what to wear, bleach out wendy. Stay bad ugly wendy, illegal married man gal Wendy…. Yuh ugly nuh blood clot. Big long time f*ky f**ky hire wendy

  34. Me not Lying After Reading 42 Comments Alafia You Lose The Man Do Wendy Body Buy her Car Breed her and Always out with her All now Me nuh hear what him do for you Cause we all now you live on Rockaway with your Extended Family Wear Nothing But Cheap Clothes All me See over and Over is Young and Pretty it look like you Never ago Reach 32 Little Girl your Life So Sad The Man is Big Man and Him Must Knw Comdom so How him Slip and breed the girl It look like a you Ina Denial All a This When We look a him and Wendy We all Going to See again Stop Shame you Self And Say you Shaming Wendy Go Find a man fi Wifr You all if him live a House with Wife Nobody Never See she Yet a What she is Duppy

  35. Wendy u still talking … Wendy how Alafia fi loose a man weh clearly still dealing with her … Wendy yuh do up yuh body fi hold a man weh nah go Eva stop f**k in a yuh face. Yuh talking about if him have a wife no one seen her with him that’s why u Cuda fool the ppl dem bcaz its a lot they don’t know that they know now .. Wendy a weh extended family ago get yuh info updated .. Wendy u live on Brooklyn ave in the projects wher government a help u pay ur rent bitch talk again… alafia can put on anything and still a beat u bad in all the expensive shyt u swear u look good in a.. alafia Neva dirty yet Wendy no matter weh u do u still can’t walk next to alafia bitch… alafia save her money caz she as plans Wendy .. all the clothes shoes, surgery and bleaching an u still a get diss come again man moscot Wendy … how alafia loose again and who cares if a u an him again caz him still ago f**k in a u fave again and again and again f**king delousional clown dwrcl

  36. Wendy u bleach, do surgery after surgery and u still competing with a girl that was born naturally lmfaoooo no sah self hate is a hell of a thing.. Wendy ur a clown caz no gal couldn’t f**k my man in my face and turn round diss me on top of it and I can’t defend it dwrcl

  37. Me Need See a Pic With Wendy cause this One bag talking and You soooo Pretty and Body Natural how Yuh Here a War over a Old Man cho Bloodcoth met…. me want to see the Man Pic and Wendy Pic


  39. Wendy say there is a spot in the ass that give orgasmn so I do believe the batty f**king argument,mike old and ugly noh bc him name called pon battyman and him act like one.Wendy is a wonna be and always hyping about the lease of things,years now she said he was renting house in Canarsie for her i am surprised she still in the project.Wendy fantasize over Apple Ven and them girls she is always a follower and get excited over simple things,she very bad mind and evil she live in a one bedroom over 14yrs with two children and claim mike is a drug dealer.Wendy brag over everything like she mad and worry over people success

  40. Wendy yuh mouth stink fi true, mi naah lie.The modda tie Mike lik she did to her husband.How yuh fi hype when yuh Lage remain the same over the yrs.Material things doesn’t make life better improving and elevating yourself makes life spectacular.She and alafia waan shoot wid shit is yrs dem fighting over dis old retire battyman dem body supposed to full with baby germs caz his dick small and him tongue not that great so it got to be the batty f**k for some cash ….Wendy family in ja is crying out for help all she do is hype on them let Stacy tell you .Mr Trump will know what to do with the 2 of them

  41. Alafia did put Wendy all over social media claiming she has AIDS yet still they sharing the same battyman f**k so in my head these two is a load of dog shit.She even made a fake fb page with Wendy name discriminating her to the ground and the old man didn’t do shit and Wendy couldn’t do anything because she wasn’t giving up her batty washing job.Wendy sign the modda f**king contract with alafia so you bout could share the job because it’s obvious he ain’t leaving her you 2 are essential in his life,the things you guys do for a $ ain’t funny and as for you Wendy when will you stop fantasizing you live a life which never existed your daughter need a room to take in her men just like the life she see you live.ohhhh gosh you didn’t get the papers yet? Why tho? Do you know who our president is?. The old battyman has a wife so what’s wrong with you two vultures.Your son looks like you tho which is a sin before God and mansorry for the discomfort.Met dem two need to settle dung and talk things over because they are exposed to sexual transmitted disease .Guys pic wid them all will sick you to death

  42. Tight pussy gal noh fight ova man,woman ah fight ova man dem deh dayz ✅.Wendy hold on and naah let goooooo mi noh wrong yuh muma Alafia just mek di two ah unoo shared sugar daddy caz mike lik ur Battam but him love Wendy own more.Wendy mouth stink fi real tho,did she kill a puss in her throat? Or too much cum stagnant dung in har throat

  43. Alafia ask Wendy what she can do for herself find out why he did all those things for her and she still can move out the project from she come to this country almost twenty years that’s where she and her low life mother live the don’t pay utilities Wendy and her mother compete with each other and Wendy hype pon her family and chat them like dog and remember me tell you she nasty bad so you two fighting over bs continue do what you doing f**king him and sending him to her she works that ass ole better than you hun

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