JCF announces additional security for returning residents

Florence and Halford Anderson, who were murdered in Mount Pleasant district, Portland recently.

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has announced that additional security systems are to be put in place to protect returning residents to the island.

The JCF in a release from its Corporate Communications Unit assured returning residents that their safety and security remains a high priority of the organisation, adding that strategies and support systems are currently being bolstered for their protection.

This comes against the background of recent attacks on returning residents and the concerns expressed by the Diaspora to the commissioner of police during recent meetings in the United Kingdom.

The most recent attack is the brazen murder of a British couple which sent shockwaves throughout the quiet farming community of Mount Pleasant in Portland.

Two suspects have since been arrested as part of investigations into the defrauding of the British couple who were shot, their bodies burnt and their house fire-bombed.

The JCF said that some of the measures being pursued are the establishment of a point of contact for the Diaspora to address specific concerns about cases; it is also being considered to establish a service to do background checks, on request, of people who returning residents wish to employ.

A liaison officer will also be appointed in each police division to monitor and provide returning residents with timely feedback on policing matters.

Meetings will also be held regularly at the divisional level to enhance the sharing of important information.

The police said this will be augmented with a number of investigative strategies that will pay particular attention to cases involving returning residents.

“Our focus on the safety and protection of our returning residents is unequivocal. We take all reported incidents of crimes against them seriously and will further our work with our partners in Government and Non-Government Organisations to ensure communities are safe spaces for all who live, work or visit,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Selvin Hay.


  1. Of course my heart goes out to the couple but returnees have been robbed and murdered for years. They are targeted from the moment they arrive. Go to any returnee community in Jamaica and you will hear. My uncle has been robbed twice in his house at gunpoint, the last time was in broad daylight. I can’t help but notice that its only when something heinous happens to white people in Jamaica, that it makes international news. Just a thought but if it brings about change, that will be great and overdue.

  2. I’ve heard stories of black people being killed in Jamaica in the UK news before. One was sent to me by my sister only about 2 months ago. My Mother, a widow was mugged once when leaving her home and neighbours have been held up at gunpoint in Jamaica more than once. I’ve heard stories of murders from my own family and friends, whilst sharing a taxi in Jamaica, on a flight and even in a hospital lift in London when two nurses were talking. I hear far more murder stories in general conversation than I do in the press although some will hit the international media and I’m pleased when they do otherwise not enough will be done. I personally would like to see more murder stories in the press to truly show how chronic the situation in Jamaica is.
    It’s still beyond my comprehension why there isn’t widespread use of security cameras in streets, roads, residential and areas of high people traffic. CCTV is a cheap / reliable means of crime detection and evidence gathering, it’s an inexcusable national security lapse; when I pointed this out in a forum of a very popular Jamaican newspaper a few days ago the moderator didn’t allow my posting.

  3. These people were not targeted because they were returning residents per se, they were targeted for the same reasons that pensioners are targeted in every other country. 1. They are elderly and vulnerable, 2. They have a bit of money. They could have become victims right here in England for those 2 reasons alone, many elderly locals with money are robbed and killed all the time in Jamaica for those two reasons alone. we need special protection for elderly and vulnerable people in Jamaica period.

  4. I give them A for making an attempt at some resolution, but I don’t see how this will work in the long run.

  5. John..crime is big business in Jamaica. The very reason why criminals are so embolden is because of the connection to the government. Follow the money…big business. They will never willingly support a data base for any ciminal activity or CCTV cameras.

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