1. Sender nothing no match at all in this shower . This woman is in delusion think this little boy will stay with her . Come on that’s a damn disgrace she must have adopted him. This a big time thief Ina America donkey years now .

  2. ok ppl the old infomer and the young man. he better a do the right thing . work work walk right young man . you live in a white house . ok lol do the right thing r the big house lol . to late to run . ok to the rest a the family stay for . INFOMER .YOUNG MAN WHAT YOU GET YOUR SELF IN A . NO MAN IN B.K LOOK AT THIS OLD GAL.

  3. No dis ooman shower all over the news weh the kids got shot up a flatbush?? Sender you well miserable if the lil boy legt you and gone breed him mother anno feh har pussy fault get over it, if you want something to do go help the police find the shooters

  4. falladee you is a sad case long time big women really you is about 50++ and a this your life gone to, your daughter is about the same age as this youth age, but I tell you about red eye and this little boy beaning lickeylickey your life sad falladee and you look sad also .

  5. know real man know want falla so a kid she gone to smf, when I see her shower pic I was like really and all the long time old foot them come out, she even tell the little bwoy to kiss her poor falla it is sad god know and me shame fi you .

  6. Yea he been gay from Jamaica days. He goes both way. Paula dean said that he f**k her in her butt the first time they f**k.

  7. This must be a joke!!!!!! This cannot be real. This is a little boy where his parents at !!!! This case needs us marshals to deal with it. This is child abuse. Poor kid.

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