The world’s system is set up, where as, just about everything requires money in exchange for something else. Clothing, homes. Services, even some so call places of worship basically attempt to convince their followers to somehow exchange money for salvation, healing, deliverance breakthrough’s etc.
Today, I want to teach on faith, and the necessity of it. Most folks when they attend church do not fully understanding the importance for their being there. Some go because they are depress, need money, looking for a breakthrough, or even a miracle.
However, even though these things are good and well, there is a requirement to obtaining these things. I mentioned earlier how in our world system money would be the exchange for the things we desire or require. Well with the things of God, faith would be that material of exchange, needed in God’s system to obtain that miracle, breakthrough, healing, money etc.
Please be very attentive, as to what I am about to say next, it could possibly change your way of thinking in regard to your theology of faith. Our bible is unequivocally clear, and it says, “It is impossible to please God without faith”. So far we can determine that, their can be no forward movement, in terms of breakthroughs, miracles, healings unless we sought out this faith thing first.
Considering that without faith it is impossible to please God, it is only logical that we discover the bibles understand of the word faith. Now for the Christians reading this I know that your minds instantly retrieve Hebrews 1:1 which says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, Ok! But what does all of that mean? Evidence, substance is this a code, is this some language that is only privy to Christians? To the average person, it is yet to be defined.
To understand faith one must first understand what it’s not. Faith is not just to believe, the average person when asked what faith is, they will say to you, to have faith you have to believe something. This is partly true. Nevertheless there is more to it than just believing.
Here is the biblical meaning of that scripture. Now the scripture begins by saying, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for”. Now indicates something that is immediate, and substance is defined as a material or source of something, hope is to expect something. Scripture continues it’s
Clarification of faith by stating it is the evidence of things not seen. To have evidence of something is to have proof or something tangible to support its existence.
So far we have to agree, faith is more than just a belief. To understand the full concept, one must eliminate what you know faith to be naturally, because its meaning is entirely spiritually (2Cor 2:14). So faith is the actual material for the things that I am expecting and this same faith is the proof of the things I am expecting that I do not see Wow! Sounds crazy don’t it? Remember I told you the meaning was entire spiritual.
Here is the revelation of the spiritual meaning of faith. Firstly, the bible states that this faith comes only by hearing, and hearing the word of God. If faith comes only by hearing then what I am hearing must be God’s word. So in essence faith must be the word of God, folks. So, yes faith is to believe something, but that something’s substance must be what God’s word says about it.
Ok! Let’s put it all together now that we know the definition of faith. Remember it is impossible to please God without faith or belief in his word. Secondly, faith is the substance, or the word of God is the material of things that I am expecting, and the belief in the word of God is the proof of the things I don’t see. Meaning as a convinced believer of God’s infallible word I am not interested in what I don’t see, but overly concerned about what God’s word say about what I expect to see……… my God I love this revelation!
As a result of this valuable piece of knowledge, isn’t it clear why the bible said it is impossible to please him without faith, because faith is his word- he is the word-the word is faith
Jesus said to the man who wanted to be healed from blindness, According to your faith or the word of God in you be it unto you. The bible goes on to say that the just shall live by what? FAITH.
Again it is rehearsed in our hearing, for we walk by FAITH and not by sight. Folks all things of God as it relates to us will only be achieved, received, accomplished or granted by FAITH, or the word of God which is faith, that is relative to what God has either promised us or what we’re expecting from him.


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