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Faith is the substance!
The word substance is understood to be the material of which something is made up of or created from. For example, the substance of the clothing that you’re wearing would be its treads. It can also be defined as the center, core, base, foundation or gist of something.
In the world of economics currency or money would be the substance or the bases of how things function. There would be no economy without money. In fact it is the blood that keeps the body of economics going. Another example would be our physical bodies; the substance of our physical bodies would be our blood. Without this blood we cannot live.
At this point you’re probably wondering where am I headed with this elaborate definition of the word substance. Well, based on the above definition let’s look at a frequently quoted scripture but never fully understood. As a matter of fact after discovering the revelation that is embedded in this passage of scripture not only will your prayer change but you will experience quicker results.
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1. The revelation of this scripture hinges on two words and they are faith and substance. We’ve already defined the word substance. However, according to scripture in essence it indirectly suggests to us that faith is indeed the word of God according to Romans 10:17. Romans 10:17 says the following, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. So then, if faith comes to us by hearing, but not just hearing anything but he spifically said by hearing the word of God. Then, I think it is safe to say that faith is the word of God. In simple terms when we quote scriptures such as “no weapon for against us shall prosper” or “I am the head and not the tail” this is indeed faith! So the word of God is faith!
Let’s go back to the scripture and begin replacing the key words such as faith and substance with their definitions. “Now the word of God is the material, core, base or center of the things that we base our expectation upon. This same word of God is now considered the proof or evidence of those same things that we don’t see or have in my possession as yet.
When we pray we usually place our focus on our expectation such as our healing, a new car, home etc. Instead, the core or substance of our expectation must be planted in the word of God (faith) for whatever we are hoping for or expecting. So from this day forward when you pray give God his word which is faith, as it relates to your situation. If it’s a healing you’re believing God for, then the substance of your hope (healing) should be the following scriptures, Lord your word says, “Because of your son Jesus Christ stripes I am heal” Lord your word says, “You have sent your word to heal us”. So as you can see, the word of God (faith) would be considered your currency to God in exchange for whatever you’re expecting from him.
Let’s us confirm the above revelation with two scriptures and they are, firstly, God said to remind him of his word which we now know to be faith not that he forgot his word but the following will make it clear as to why. “Without faith which is the word of God, it is impossible to please God” Hebrews 11:6 Wow! In other words, do not approach God about anything unless you’re coming with his word or faith to accompany your desire. If you decide to continue praying without his word or faith, then you are not pleasing him.
Friends, it gets no clearer than this, I admonish you to study the scriptures and let your prayers be based on the word of God as it relates to your expectation from God. Praying the word will certainly give you quicker results. The key to your success is your confidence in the word of God and not the thing you’re praying for.
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
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