Hi Met,

Me nuh know how this nuh reach Groupe yet but it stink a road. Dem lock up the fat yute name Biggz fi fake money.mi hear say him a the fake money God an immigration and feds dem whole on pon him and him ago get deport to Ja. Mi see him inna whole heep a party a floss like a big shot with the girl that favor sponge bob.Me think she related Tripe girls.Her daughter or something of the sort. I dont know which country him come from but mi hear him all wanted a some other country. I guess all the hype and big living always comes to an end. Yuh too r** thief!

5 thoughts on “FAKE IT BUT DIDNT MAKE IT

  1. tisha man ,tripe girl daughter, him a make fake money , wanted a Brooklyn too ,the boy dem a watch all a dem ,him ago talk now ,run who can run philidephea to jersey, brooklyn , bronx

  2. Ppl unnu bitter ennu, bout fake money….. Sas Christ hold mi belly, Not true that’s a rumor, get the facts correct b4 ya’ll start talking shit,I fear those who like to spread rumors they are the most evil of all !!

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