Family and friends expressed shock Wednesday at the gruesome killing of loans officer Kyria Nelson.

Nelson, 22, was stabbed to death by a 58-year-old man when she turned up for work at Torpedo Loan on Brown’s Plaza in Ocho Rios.

Reports are that Nelson, who usually opens the business place, was in the process of doing just that when she was attacked by the man with whom it is alleged she had an intimate relationship. People gathered near Brown’s Plaza on Wednesday expressed shock at the gruesome killing.


“You have to be careful how you choose your partner. When you a leave them you can’t tell them,” one woman said. She expressed shock that such a young promising woman was killed. “Mi a woman so mi feel it,” she continued.

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One man who was in the area said he saw the 58-year-old man seated across from the plaza, but had no idea he was awaiting Nelson. “Him mek up him mind man. Him plan man,” the man said. “The man sit and wait until she come fi open up the place,” he added.
Nelson was described as hardworking and ambitious by persons who knew her. Many took to social media expressing shock that she was killed in such a manner.

Allegations are that the man locked the gate to the plaza to prevent anyone from coming to Nelson’s rescue.

When OBSERVER ONLINE visited the plaza on Wednesday, the small loans company was closed. The blood-stained windows were a sign of the tragedy which happened earlier.

People could be seen scrubbing blood stains from a section of the building where Nelson had run trying to flee her attacker.

She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The man is now in police custody.

The Ocho Rios police are investigating.


  1. May her soul rest in peace. But what is she doing with a man that is 36 years older than her? Could it have been a sugar daddy situation? Sorry she had to meet her death in such a tragic way.

    Young ladies no matter how hard it gets please do not sell your bodies to these men. They are sick!!

    1. I wonder the same thing. Im sorry she lost her life but some girls she understand that these men, especially older men, fall in love with you and give you all their money and you are just using them or you tell them it is over and go back to a younger man.

      This is happening too often in Jamaica. Young women please be independent. MY condolences to her family

  2. Mi hate da man deh! Regardless of his age and regardless if he was a sugar daddy and she was using him, no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to play God with people’s lives. This is sick. He should rot in jail for this. If you don’t agree with a person’s actions, LEAVE THEM! Killing them solves nothing. Now she is dead and her family and friends are grieving and this man is going to prison leaving his family to grieve as well. Nothing gained. Smh

  3. Heard she was pregnant for a next man and moved out sunday gone. This still nuh give the man right to kill her. Ladies if unnu know unnu just a look help stop messing with the man them. Some seriously derange men out here in the world. Mental illness now tek ova Jamaica.

  4. Bust off her bumboclat head yes… Dem too rass thief and nuh everyman can put up with their trickery. It’s not about dating, but you know Jamaican will kill you for betrayal in an instant.

    Let’s be honest here, that old man wouldn’t have done that because she simply left him over an argument etc – even tho Jamaican bitches are notorious for starting problems then bounce when something new arrive. Funniest thing it nuh matter how many a dem a dead out dem naw stop…mi have one bitch right now weh send a bag a nude pics, videos, live video (IMO) wid eye inna har mouth and rub pon nipple etc anytime she want credit …and mi dead serious credit she think she ago get because one time I sent her likkle credit. I asked her how long she can live like that and that somebody is going to f**k har up. Tell her go look a job but she bitch bareface. Mi know how dem galang.. I personally would never get sucked into that but even so I have the composure to move on – maybe because me young and have nuff life ahead of me. But who knows how an old man is feeling ? probably took money outta him grand pickney mouth just to help this one who returned the favour by dumping him. Him shouldn’t dweet but mi naw go ball fi har.

    1. Your a sick F*%k. I hope you are never blessed with girl children.

      It doesn’t matter, no one deserves to die that way. That 58 year old man should have known and have enough common sense to know that this young girl will eventually move on. He should have known it was just a matter of time and gracefully allow the young lady to move on with her life and enjoy her youth. What killing her solved? other than he gets to live out his golden years while he snuffed her young life from her.

      Idiot, ignorant men like you and this sick bastard is mashing up Jamaica.

    2. wha wrong wud yuh? I agree she shudnt use him, but under what circumstance is it okay to stab up somebody? I hope u aren’t a parent because u cant guide anybody.

      shes dead, with stab holes all over, never to be seen again, not even an opportunity to change and u think that’s justified….nope something do u

    3. Sound like a bat7y you come out a. Can’t a woman.

      I can’t condone anybody using another – if is that happen and she never just fall out of love. And I despair when I see some of these younger set, but him never give her life how him must take it?

  5. That damn 58 year old man was damn strong to kill this woman the way he did, she couldn’t even escape the bastard… This is crazy for real, real crazy can’t even summarize what she was feeling at time… It doesn’t matter if you tell the sorry bastard you leaving or not leaving him he will figure it out and if he has issues and want to punish you for it, he will find a way… If it wasn’t at her job, could of been at her house or she just walking down the street, but he choose exactly when and where… I hope they through away the damn key…

    1. Him fi dead fi real Breeze. But Jamaica have an epidemic of mad men and women. But if onnu read enough, this shit happens all over the world.

      Stop tek di man dem money and lef dem feeling like fools. More a dem gonna die if they keep promoting and living the dhutty lifestyle.

  6. @LOL – real talk. Sympathies to the lady and her family.

    Some Jamaican women dem love the ‘depend pan man’ thing too much, and dont realize that when a man take him hard earned money and giving you regularly, in his mind he OWNS you partially.

    BUT, sometimes these women cause it on themselves. I remember a story about 2 years ago, when the man killed a lady after returning from overseas, and realized all the money he sent to build his house was used by her to do her own thing.

    Not everyone can hold them chill after something like that, especially if all dem savings gone up in smoke.

    1. The next thing is that she was working. No matter how small the wages, she was in a position to make a life without using a sugar daddy. This story is sad but if it discourages some women from using some men as a meal ticket then her death will not be in vain. Sad that she had to be the sacrificial lamb. The next thing is that these old men need to stop chasing poom poom young enough to be their granddaughter.

      1. Women using men (especially older men) as a meal ticket are common in Jamaica and has been the case for probably a century. Most young females in Jamaica are jobless, so they use their body to survive. What pisses off these men is when they use the man money to take care of their young lovers.

        My older brother was a ladies man and when he was about 18/19 he was messing around with a married woman who was constantly buying him clothes. The husband found out and surprise him when he least expected it. The guy gave him a beating he would would never forget. The husband was tinkering on the edge of a mental breakdown as a result of the affair the wife was having with my brother.

        1. Some a unnu go foreign & gwaan like unnu don’t see the same crap all around unnu. Smh. iG fulla InstaThots just waiting for a sponsor – baller, rapper, etc.

  7. No, she did not deserve to die but I hope her death was not in vain. I mean that I hope it sends a stern warning out to these young girls who use men for financial gain. I was in Falmouth earlier this year. I was outside a store waiting for my aunt. I saw a middle aged man go up to a woman of about the same age. Voices got louder, I moved closer to eavesdrop. I heard the woman say to the man, ‘ As far as my darta concern, you and she done. Tap ring har phone’. He said that she only finish with him now that she finish and pass out in nursing but him a go mek har fart. Kar it no done yet. He walked off boiling in temper. I always wondered if he really did mek har fart but what worried me more is that by all accounts the mother was in on the foolishness also.

  8. @anon 2:02pm,

    I never said he should have done it as I clearly stated in my last sentence. But I just empathize a lot with his anger and anger of many Jamaican men. Movado did say “Jamaican woman tek all a mi money and still left me lonely”. Well this overarching problem is pushing guys who have nothing left to unleash on these women. The fact is if you’re not into an old man don’t sleep with and take his money then dump him for no reason. If a man f**k him he will likely spend his time trying his hardest to give you the world to win you back. On the other hand, feeling betrayed can lead to a totally different reaction and using people always always create anger. Those sweet words, I love you, blah blah then bam you’re gone and used up all my resources?. This is Jamaica, bredda kill bredda over nothing all the time so the bar for being killed is very very low. As a result you have to evaluate things within this context. Old people in Jamaica cannot get work to make back money etc so maybe the guy was investing his his retirement – thinking she would support him as he aged etc. So as a woman you have to be sure about what you’re doing and find out what’s expected of you. Maybe it’s better to find a guy who is taken because many Jamaican guys do it and don’t care because they have wives and baby mothers etc already to focus on. SO getting robbed etc is okay as long as she keep her mouth shut. Any decent Jamaican man will also support helping any young woman get education so finding a guy like that and dumping him won’t lead to much. He’s happy to see you moving on with life and making the best of it. This happens every day and it’s probably a practice that needs to end but in the context of limited financial support through grants, aids, welfare etc to survive turning to a partner who can support you is the only option.

    Some a unuh waan support and cheer on these young girls to con man etc and unuh done know the man dem head hot. Sitting down cheering them on while they die won’t help. Remember you can’t talk a man out of anger and certainly can’t prepare them how to act when they get angry. But the decision to con is very much rational so if you’re going to con do it wisely with the right guys. I can say stop killing woman and be careful of scammers but they all know this but once that feeling of betrayal chips him not even if you’re there with the him trying to stop him it won’t work.

    1. You are defending the wrong thing. empathize with his anger after he took her life? no words for some of unoo. There is nothing to cheer about her alleged behaviour, but he never beat her, him stab her up…and unoo want to find a way to justify that….unooo sick. and I hope none of unoo family ever get accused of ‘using’ somebody and died a gruesome death because of it. Zero justification

  9. Yow the professional young thief dem all threaten to kill you when they run the pussy and realize you won’t be spending big cash on them.

    Mi have a family member weh send him wife through her PhD..she get it and tell him him nuh inna har league again..She left him from 06 and inna 2015 the pussy a tell me how him just divorce him wife lol. Devastating impact now people a seh him mad lol..but he’s in good health just neva get ova him wife.


  11. Sad…their needs to be a campaign fi tru..tbh..I can only see this situation getting worse as we will embark upon harder times.

    What a waste of life 22 years old..a lay down with 58 year old..oh gosh..sometime it’s just greed not even poverty a mek dem a gwan suh.

    May her soul RIP

  12. Anonymous @ 2:05 pm – You are right this happens all around the world more often than none… I hope they lock him away and throw away the key old age and guilt is going to kill him, if no one else does… But we as woman truly have to be careful on who we get involved with and what we do while we are in the relationship… That’s why I say honest is the best policy tell the man or woman what you are looking for and if he/she is willing then go for it but do not give anyone false hope because you don’t know how dem going to react, that’s why I don’t but nothing pass no one now a days because the world is going from bad to worse. mi fi tell! smdh

  13. My friend has been back in Jamaica for six months after being deported and right now for him it is a struggle so to imagine anyone loosing a likkle bit a money over deceit will drive a already mad man insane… You can’t play with people emotions because you don’t know what they are capable of doing and they damn sure not going to have any rational thinking… So I asked my ex if he has found him a little lady friend and him she that no woman down there will not talk to you if you is not a money man, or have money they don’t want to be bothered with you… Right now he is struggling day by day and that is driving him mad… And all I can say to him is to keep his head up and pray and have faith, get on your knees and pray… I used to help him but I’m in a bind that I can not anymore assist him… I told him you need to find some type of hustle because all he can talk about it coming back but in order to do so you need money and you can not depend on no one else’s money… He has all these people he has helped and none of them is helping him, one of his baby mother stop talk and see him when he was locked up, just crazy now who him have… so with that being said you don’t know the mind set of a person, so tread like when you trying to deceive someone… real talk… RIP to this young lady still…

  14. Last post on this one for today, and is a message to Man-and-Man.

    #1 When di relationship GONNE BAD, and the woman pushing you off, TEK WEH YUHSELF FASSS!!!

    #2 STOP MIND DI WOMAN DEM. The weekend money and hair money thing, just a fatten fowl fi mongoose. MIND you kids or those you consider yours even if a jacket (although mi couldn’t do tha one deh still)

    Only a real idiot man gi woman money thinking that this is your ROLE as a MAN. Times change. REAL women don’t need your money, cuz they usually employed and have ambition.

  15. Listen me:

    a Life is a Life

    thou shalt not Kill

    dat man have mental kill over money or relations gone bad

    man, lick u cuts & wounds run wth it: be smarter nxt time, dats life more over, dem Jamaican woman fulla tricks like treestrix

    but please: no take a life over disagreement

    dats Jamaica’s #1 problem killing Oneanother

  16. And fi see the frigga probably never a mind him pickney them like how him a mind young gal. Just fi bragging rights wid him bredren, sey him can hol a young gal. Me not sympathizing or understanding nutn bout what him do. Man frig wid woman meds daily – gi we some breeda bun we affi wonder. And we cuss, maybe fight but hol it fi the most part. As unnu get bun unnu a draw fi weapon and all dese tings.

    Relationship is like Cashpot – no guarantee. You may win lose or draw, jus enjoy it fi di time

  17. No matter what him neva have to kill di girl. some ppl are so far from God so dem mek dem own desicion. Dem nuffi deal wid him nice. I hope all 50 man f**k him first before dem hang him I hope he can’t close his eyes cause every time he does he sees her an she haunts him. Big ole man go look somebody your age Dutty man. It’s all about control dem wah control to di point all if you make a change dem wah kill yuh like a dem bring yuh come yah

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