1. What unholy hell crap is this?! Unu too proper! Unu mek stranger take ova unu mumma? :hammer :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. :hoax2 Just when you thought you had seen all di various Tekkas Dem…here comes a new breed/generation of Tekkas taking ova ppl mothers enuh PP!! :malu2

  2. Good question, it sound like dem don’t even know the name of the “yardie girl” who was most probably the one looking after their mother before she passed and the one who arranged an 8th night to honour their mother’s memory, while they were “too busy”, trying to prevent yardie girl from registering the death, to arrange a wake which she wouldn’t have been invited to by the looks of it. It sound like their mother, bless her soul, was good to the girl and she just wants to pay her respect and these ungrateful people who propbably never look on their mother while she was alive trying to project their anger that they had for their mother on the girl, go and grieve in peace for fuck sake!

  3. FEMA you and your kids are a disgrace. You thief the woman bank card and draw out her money from the account and beat her. Police get involve and put a restraining order on you. You still do not satisfy. Also you go and get death certificate and go back to bank to get more money all the lady clothes tht is to bury her in you thief and sell. It’s good tht yardie girl take over everything
    Coke head Fema stop spreading rumours

  4. Regarding the message above that states a yardie illegal immigrant take over her mother funeral first the young lady that stood by miss Scott Inn her final days on this earth is not an illegal immigrant,Miss scott state in writing she do not want her daughter nto play no part in her life neither in death.This is a lady a 54 year old woman no neglected her mother beat her stole her money we talking her 24 thousands that her mother save for her funeral this lady stole every penny and told her mother she cannot look after money and have a neverve to be posting up message on social media.She cause her mother to run from her her home into the care of social media she was not allowed to go there on security was put on her mother house due to the fear of her mother due to the treatment she gave to her mother.

    The girl did and excellent job looking after Daisy she female and her son stole every cent for the woman funeral they should be ashame to even turn up at the funeral that stranger now putting money together.we are talking about a convicted fraudster here a professional liar.
    The first money she stole her mother almost have a heart attract this is wickhess at the highest level and now she looking sympathy.please female do you have a concience orbit is smear with a hot Iron what you said about the young lady your are just remising what you have done to your poor mother you are Daisy daughter but you not welcome to the funeral.

  5. FEMA get a life they are waiting on the the money and the funeral dress u mother Mel fi burying in datnu thief.the the people the truth convicted fraudster coke head FEMA.

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