A me one notice ow kitt n him dutty friend dem well bright up wid him new gyal? From di cross eye one post picha knowing schev a follow him to picha a post pon sandz page? Well people dis a di new gyal weh him a show up and a drive up inna di van wid fi a good wile now she name francine looool well she nuh bad looking but girl a better you go elsewhere cause you a step inna hot fyah mi a beg yuh nuh fall fi deh johncrow yah caaause it nah guh nice…. she ave wah daughter to so i guess before shchev send fi summa di two a dem was play mate just like kelly daughter elle was to summer dwl… kitt a who n u did dunga ochi a celebrate her birthday inna hotel afta sandz “i guess we should call it a night”? 😂😂😂 ey all me a your baby mada mi leff yuh nasty rass… mi story legit! Cah dutty kitt nuh stop post up under di gyal picha n di gal sista nuh stop comment pon fi him own lol unu sick me



0 thoughts on “FAMOUS KITT ON THE MOVE

  1. Edel Edel Edel … U waah wan man fi yuh self. Your plan to put all a Kitt females on blast in an effort to break them up not going to work. Just gwaan kick back n wait till a ur appointment

  2. Unnu wicked and lie sah. Wat van? ppl cant comment pon ppl pics anymore? I dont even see this girl anyweh. So everybody weh sandz page post deh with Kitt? A wah so bout Kitt a mad unnu? Sick johncrow stomach

  3. *yawns* Tired of these tired ass gyals talking about Kitt. Met muss tired a unnu u need fi stop run them slandering story caz the bwoy nah pay them no mind. Why u dont come to terms that him dont want you (whoever you are) and stop use Met site fi try get to the bwoy? last week a Kizzy this week a she and unnu style him pon yah everyday and still a dead fi a chance inna him life. Tiyyuuuuurrrddddd a the Kitt story dem.

  4. Sender get a life or be a tick and go latch on pon Kitt balls so you can watch him and stop use the ppl dem good good site fi stalk Kitt.

  5. Kelly you need to STOP! This is too cray cray….you did the same thing to Ruffi now you driving yourself mad again with Kitt….you can’t keep posting every woman Kitt talk to trying scare them off. If you don’t realize they not leaving…..so just move along.

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