11 thoughts on “FANTAN TIGHT JAH

  1. Met, mi ah guh waahn yuh lhow out mi mada admirerrrrr! Him tell mi mada seh “mi NAAH stop wear TIGHT clothes, caws ah Bob Marley first bring een tight clothes, plus mi haffi SWAG mi penis fi di gal dem see, caws mi HAVE di SWAG!”

    Met AVOID mi probable stepdad, please and tonx!

  2. Come to think of it, mind ah one ah Bob sweats him have on, nuh! Met, Bob neva have one blue one and one red one like dat????

  3. Mama dead fi hungry now and by the look a this man ya all the pickney them dead fi hungry or him eat the poor pickney them .deep sigh jah know

  4. But luk how him hamstring and calf muscle well print out!! And luk how him kimbo like ‘ooman!!!! :request

  5. A wah teck a pair a scissors and buss the two side a him pants, di shirt me woulda buss the middle from di back

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