Shantal you need to do better for a baby mother and you is a foreigner the money you take fly down to see you babt father whey nuh stop f**k like dog take it fix up u self you need to leave mix up and go sort out u self man Trevor nah let you go cause them say from 2014 you a trick him bout foreign and all now the man can’t reach fi a 22 year old you life stay bad never see u fly dung and look good yet every body whey u dunn look better than you lol you walk and friend ever body mate how you don’t know bout moya chenelle and sammy three look good gyal u just a breed a go whey so young and careless



  1. Wiiiiiieeeee dwl me say me always wonder where she live never look good yet want clothes man the boy don’t wear the ring where is her mother she need beating to have sense always in mix up pan Facebook dwl

  2. No to bloodclaatt a must prisan write this suh y have problem with shantol when yu batty man wey breed yu breed another gal too 3 fren a them coy look hungry prisan man a batty man n the nx fren look like him disabled n yes prisan stay bad too suh a bloodclaatt wah happen everybody have fault shantol mind fi her pickney prisan dey Jamaica n run fi her own off the phone when she call her sey she hungry shantol mother live a foreign n prisan muma dey Jamaica a dead fi hungry prisan a pack barrel fi the batty man n him family them a wah no sah unu don’t mek me talk the world a celebrity life

  3. Big pussy prisan ask batty man pebbs bout the baby wey soon born yu pickney n muma dey a jamaica hungry talk to me n leave

  4. A wah do some a thinking gyal .dem need Fi guh suk dem mumma….some gyal have bloodclaat problem dem need Fi leave the gyal n gweh.prisan have man problem prisan affi a mind di boy all when she a breed the bwoy say a every two week she affi send him money…..di bwoy say you always a wear di cheap clothes n buy him di expensive one.. gyal yuh deh a foriegn dead Fi hungry…. yuh need Fi go buy yuh daughter some clothes. .prisan yuh tongue heavy like the boy hood lef pon yuh mouth….fret fuk yuh n lef yuh n yuh did a mad ..now u n di bwoy deh Fi two years n yuh cah show weh di boy buy yuh …but everything pon him back a you buy him…..mascot gyal yuh mouth stink like dog batty….gweh prisan cause yuh did put up one gyal up a Arnold road pon pink wall n di gyal dun yuh pon it n yuh cum on a write bout anuh u….n when di gyal see yuh yuh cah tlk……idiot. …

  5. Shantol anuh 22 suh unu go do a new research big hole prisan yu batty ago get big cus pebbs nuh stop f**k yu inna yu batty dutty gal the next baby mother sey the money wey yu send fi dash wey the belly she nah dash it wey cus she sure a fi her baby father n if u sure a urs?

  6. Dutty f**k out Prisan Ewart nuh u block all a her frens them and delete them? Nuh u block even the gal them wey did a try give yu a hype on fb y yu Never cuss them mek them deal with yu? Answer me unblock them nuh send the request them back cus everybody wanna see what u hiding

  7. Lie dem a tell shantal mine her child the gal fly if she wah uno too bad mine Tata big pussy baby mada all she wi ago hold uno leave shantal cause prisan a worry bout ppl who better dan her kmt the gal look good and anybody wah do this need a work prisan u no see batty man pebbs breed gal and ur pussy full a shit

  8. A must prisan or trecia do this but wah Trecia no know prisan a wicked and she full a mouth and cah do nth prisan a no bad gal she see shantal a Jamaica and walk pass cause she fraid rassclatt all mi f**k pebbs to wah prisan him no respect u and him suckpussy cause him say prisan teach him hello prisan leave ppl alone a full time now u no see chancey need fi get tak up kmt poor child hungry no bloodclatt a shantal she hot fa and the gal look better than her mi iggy prisan ppl need fi hold u and beat u a swear I have too much mouth stop bad up ur self pon fb cause a pay lie u tell u all not even a breed cause a nuff time u breed fi pebbs no bby u careless like she not even try to tak up her one before breed bk wicked bitch

  9. She nuh want fi know bout moya chanelle and sammy them afi knw bout r which gal a wlk a look fi mate mate afi knw bout wife ….SENDER wah ur mate them name or wah the ppl them man woman name ? Mi say yuh see some beat out ole gal them love wlk a watch gal b 4 them go walk and try tek back some a the free f**k them weh them gi weh… a caa tek some a unu bad mind and ppl business a beat unu like a slave

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