You know you never have to say anything but seeing that you come on Met page and ask the question let me give you the answer. 17 weeks ago you posted this picture and a few others at your friend/brother from school days when he just got the Benz. You have now removed some of the pictures such as the group picture with all your former school mates. Demetri is not your man. So until yuh can post a picture not just him hand and foot have several seats..or better yet a picture like mi friend Kitt…Abayyyyyy cardiac arrest fi yuh…yuh could not answer that one Sunday yuh get tag….lol



  1. Lool omg I’m not fashionenira lol I just ask that question because I was on her page and she said she had to beg bae to let her drive his car so that’s why I ask that question….

  2. well to be honest I sense a lot of hostility and BAD MIND from Met and others when it comes on to Fashionenira. I don’t know her, just to make things clear….just from insta and to be honest as a black young lady she is doing her thing, branding herself well and making good money while she at it so why the bashing?? It is just absolute BAD DUTTY MIND!! So what if she wants to boast?? Talk about her life and shit!! It’s hers!! She earned it so let the woman be….you people are just like the crabs in the barrel… what if she sits in her friend’s Benz??? So what if sht man hand, foot, ears or nose???onnu need fi tek several seats……gosh

    1. Hello crab…welcome to the barrel…when she tracing people on instagram who a try contact her bout dem purchases, we badmind? When she bashing people on instagram, we badmind? When she a phuck di people man, we badmind? This is no woman…this is a gyal and she behaves as such so she will be talked about as such.

    2. Anybody badmind she want two rawtid lick. How ppl fi grudge gal weh a throw cocky partner and nah get nuh draw!

  3. @no intro needed, firstly i don’t think not myself, nor Met, nor any of the other Metters “bad mind” Fashion never. To enlighten you a really wealthy person never brags about ones wealth. Secondly an extremely busy person making real money has no time to be sitting around posting on IG. Thirdly what does she have that people should bad mind her for??? She dresses like a crazy person, she is ugly, she never finish school, she is not wealthy…so exactly what may I ask? The reason I laughed at her was the mere fact she knew Kitt had his baby mother and when she realized he was not leaving the shade she threw was not necessary…you ever think to tell her if she lend him money she don’t need to speak about borrowing every minute…you ever think to tell her leave the man baby mother alone…finally why bother start with the man with road rage then because he is not leaving his family you launch Kick out….she messy and salty….

  4. Please draw one of those seats and let me tell u something…this site is a gossip blog…u kno..kinda like Gossip Girl. Anybody who come here, on the same thing, including yourself madam. Anywho, there will come a time when we will all sympathise with one of the socialites, so nothing don’t wrong with how you feel, but when you generalise us all and say crab inna barrel and ray tay tay, the same goes to you, as you right here as well. This particular socialite will get bashed and the reason is the man tecking she deh pon! She mean wid it! I see her tag the man girl in a post bout how she never eat good meal and all sorts, so anything she get she deserve because she pick fight with people and it seems she can hold her own so please don’t behave as if it’s because she is successful, don’t do that. I feel she has good qualities yes, but they don’t redeem her attitude and the fact that she perpetuates the ‘side chick’ era we are living in, where they walk into a relationship, take one of those seats you are handing out and sit down and refuse to leave the ppl man. I only feel sorry for the babymother because that girl is a mean girl and proud.

    1. Just to add, I personally don’t think she is ugly, I like her look, I like her swag, very bold and edgy. However, like I said, it doesn’t make up for the nasty way she behave towards the woman she and the man done wrong.

  5. Kmt, nobody can bad mind edel? Yes she is hustling and making money and I respect that as a woman, independence is a good thing to have but edel has a nasty attitude and some dirty ways that cannot be ignored. I had to unfollow this girl she is so disgusting and sickening on IG. She put up the other day that nothing from her clothing line is under $50 USD so no one should even bother wasting her time asking about cost. Is that even necessary though? Another time she put up bout how her parents rich and how ppl who weren’t as fortunate in the community would come down to the ‘big house’ to eat and get help. Edel do it wid a willing heart and stop do it for the gram. All when u a tell everyone on IG say u take out new clothes outta your closet send go JA to your old neighbors u don’t have to do that. God sees and know and if u do it for the right reasons he will bless u. U there talking bout big house and forget say ppl know where u coming from. Nothing is wrong with coming from humble beginnings just work hard and push and go through. Done awf wid the hype because it only a make ppl hate u more. Sometimes ppl say other ppl hype when them just a try uplift themselves but u genuinely hype and it nuh fit yuh. Fyi the ppl them weh u a par wid they would never have hung out with u if u never a spend money when u a go out wid dem. U a them cash cow. Them naah eat dumpling and butter wid u cause dem nuh rate u. Look into yourself before u drop pon ur face cause trust me dem friend here not gonna pick u up and brush u awf.

  6. if the story about the ‘man’s is true well it’s evident the man ain’t leaving his woman so hooorayyyy for that…..but I know for a fact that some of these same ppl on Met…..yes….and imma include myself is just jealous….yes anonymous, you can be making mad money and post on IG and have a blast still….it’s called free advertising and she’s doing a damn fine job at it…..not trying to tell anybody that they are wrong….maybe some of you know her personally buttttttt….I know that badmind is very active as well….

    1. talk fi urself dont speak fi not a body round here because i dont know this girl nor what she do fi go bad mine har so talk di yourselffff

  7. No one badmind FashionNeva. I don’t like to say a person has an ugly appearance but her attitude is ugly and she is very disrespectful.

    She knows that she is not the most attractive person so she hides her face in pictures while she glady shows her body in swimwear.

    You cant be unattractive and unkind.

  8. @No Intro needed u do need a rass intro cause u sound dumb no fuq! How dare u come pon ya n a come gwaan wid u undercover sadamite self bout ppl bad mind dis bloodcloth gremblings looking leprechaun? and when ppl criticize her based on d fukery dem she a do pon IG u a come call ppl crab in a barrel . It look like u mumma never tell u d true meaning a crab in barrel cause clearly if d ppl dem did waan see she fail dem wouldnt a buy fr her d idiot dem is cause she nave no approach n tink herself highly dan d same ppl dem whe a support her, so Miss Bitter Debbie u should have several bloodcloth seats n go tell u LEPRECHAUN fi go practise decorum, fuq outta here :marah :marah

  9. The guy is not her man she just posing with him they are all friends his girl is a doctor pretty little girl and he studies med at uwi … Fashioneira will go to all means to act like a man wants her .. The guy is my friend he does the skylife thing in Jamaica ,, how desperate can u be smh thirsty ass bitch

  10. @no intro necessary seet it deh, these the things we don’t like now you know Demetri is your friend and him have him woman as SMH said why you posting him as “bae” you want to make mischief….she fi stop dem things that’s why she keep being put on blast until she learn…

  11. Goals? Goal fi breed TWICE fi a big ole wutless bwoy weh a almost 30 and still live wid him madda, no cyar , no job ? Why the gyal muss mek THAT har goal ? Di babymada is just as wutless caz if me breed once and dutty kitt nah change n still a f**k pon har me NAH breed a second time.

  12. No intro needed try speak fe yuh self like who the hell jealous so Devarine?????? You alone, and fyi a she mek ppl can talk about her kmt try siddung pon one a dem several seat deh damn fool I bet you are one of the ones who comment on her post and she skips past your comment and only answer ppl of importance clearly ain’t u!!!! Stop chat weh u nuh knw based on instagram

  13. @Met, first of all i dont knows any of these birds, BUT ME DID A WONDA BOUT DI POSTING OR TAGS aimed @Fashoneria..Dat part bout goals have me a way..Me coulda deh wid one dutty cheating wukliss man whe breed me once and mek him breed me again,knowing him deh wid dis gal yah, wha bout dat fi brag bout?? SMADDY PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME..caliss

  14. Who is this bwoy fi hype over ??? Keep 100 party and still BRUK like dawg. She alone a guh mine dem 2 pickney deh caz deh goals tag deh a puzzle me tu @highlyconcerned . Goal ? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO . 2 pickne wid a bruk babyfadda weh still live wid him mumma , nuh own a cat n I doubt him have a 300 inna di bank a “GOALS” ?!? Deh tag deh nuh mek no sense . Shev HOW yuh mek Kitt breee u again and him gi u bun INNA YUH FACE with 10000000 gyal?!?!?!?!!!

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