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  1. Met is not filter roun the eyes ooo, a highlight she say she a highlight and the camera flash expose the raw edges dwl

  2. Why dos gal nuh stop phuck wid de fliter wi know you black why you mad at yuh color wi knw cockyawna nuh white suh stop it man de orginal pic nuh stay suh…..stay bad like inna yuh fada man bredda clothes kmft

  3. Uhmmm…excuse me….these girls don’t look good? Wow! They look good to ME! Misguided? Maybe. Bur ugly? Never!

  4. Dem look cute but fashionenira shouldn’t wear the boots with that it would look cute with a simple black shoes like the one on the left have on & somebody need fi tell her seh short hair don’t fit har n the makeup gotta go! Fi somebody weh love critisize ppl she need fi mek sure seh anytime she leave har house she don’t have nuttin fi ppl critisize pon she

  5. MET is where Fashionera come from
    cause prior to this i never hear bout har at all at all
    i think i see she come from linstead or miami and just boops has become a topic on the scene
    but who she be ? who know har ? who she f**k ? who is her man ? lol
    cause i dont see the big deal about this girl
    she seem too hype to me and its not warranted cause i cant find nothing bout her

    1. Fashionenira/Edel she’s from Clarendon live in Florida with her sister but she act very uptown and not to mention hype with a stink attitude..I think everyone is seeing how Ugly she is because of her attitude she need fe humble harself she a run down the fass life notice all her frenz a just come new frenz she shit pon all her old frenz just for the hype life that’s why she love JA cause a Florida she is nobody…as far as man none nah own har she herself confused both har sexuallity cause she love woman an man….what else you wah know lol???

  6. This morning she posting stuff that about being ugly so obviously she read this site day in day out,edel you are very ugly ishawna is Cute and michaelenna but u no mam filter can’t help u to fit in with them

  7. my biggest pet peeve…when someone criticize someone looks…people have no say so in how they look, so therefore I refuse to call out someone on their looks….i think all 3 young ladies are beautiful

  8. OMG these 2 again?????? If dis black crow ya no like her complexion whe she no bleach n dun n dem filter out d ole a d Leprechaun green hair so now it a glisten me caan badda wid dem ya now attention seeking whores me tell dem alrady say it na fetch at all cause dem no wear nutten look right

  9. Im not going to say she is ugly because we were all equally made, however note to miss fashion or whatever u want call yourself. why You love bash ppl and can’t take bashing? you in no position to bash nobody bcz u are not a 10 9 8 7 6 u are a 5. Stop bash people if you don’t want people class u rass. Hot gyal don’t wear synthetic wig. you run gone jamaica in the wig and the one black hat and same eye glass that u wear everyday like them a uniform. I’m sure your natural hair would look better than that wig with the dry edges them a peep out. Fix it or beg god to fix it for you. Hypeness no FIT u. Stop IT

  10. A who seh “di mask of Zorro”. Met, please to teach u ppls mannaz, cause I donts know weh u get dis crew

  11. She ugly nuh bomboclaat me nuh style ppl as ugly bt wen u digustin like dis bitch u deserve it. She is NOT pretty inside and out

  12. Let her enjoy her 15 mins of fame. It won’t last. Her behavior is too disgusting. Her looks really have nothing to do with anything. It’s her character. She and her friends use their business pages and imaginary status to class people. They are always cussing somebody and trying to be seen but insecurity has always been and will always be loud. If you’re a business woman, conduct yourself accordingly and stop trying to hype and friend everybody. Your business will not prosper with your nasty disposition. Humble yourself or life will do it for you. It’s simple. Not everybody is hating on you. Some people are simply telling you the truth that you don’t want to hear. You don’t have any real friends as far as I can see because nobody has checked you and told you that you embarrass yourself on a daily basis. They all condone the f**krey. Eat a slice of humble pie and take a step back hun. You have drawn a bunch of negative attention to yourself.

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