1. I don’t understand Sollo because him and him woman deh for many years. Over 10 yrs mi get fi understand, so how Sollo name even a call pon children under 10 years old. And di wife doe seem fi have any plans to walk away. Am I in the dark as to what it takes to make a marriage last for many years????? Cause it look like one of the requirements for a lasting marriage is acceptance of constant disrespect. Smh. If a so den mi doe want a husband. Kaye dem say a jacket Sollo get fi real real.

  2. Oh lord, unu really carry di people dem well kept secret cum dash out pon di walls ina big chilly new york Monday??Unu tek time talk, [email protected], whe u get dis a SUSSMENT FRAM(even doe it stink a road say a jacket kay giv sollo). But just because a child DOES NOT have features of his father or relatives of his paternal side does NOT mean the child is jacket or wescot to be fair/impartial. DNA CAN PUT ALL THAT TO REST NUH TRUE?.

  3. Kay, u so call frenz Gilly n Sashi carry u business go rd. It look sticky pan u. U knw wen Dbay ppl tlk tings a so it go

  4. Sollo why u never take caution and use a condom. Well now u can use $200 out of ur many party and prove u are the solly (lol) father.

  5. woooiieee hype man sollo bling get jacket???? yah yuh nah seh?? Where is Mauary?? Sollo YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! Kay if yuh friend carry d secret come road dem is not good drop dem!

  6. So hold on deh Universal Cocky Sollo get jacket???? a yah so nice!! Is it the son or the daughter?? look here sollo nuh tiad a get jacket yute yuh need fi wear a shirt dwl

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