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  1. Aye sa…sometimes people have underlying issues that cannot be seen with the naked eyes…u teeth dem no affi look like bugs bunny fi get braces

  2. Jamaicans tek anything mek style…braces aren’t cheap suh I guess some people want show seh dem have money cause dem ah wear braces but it does straighten your teeth though..

  3. the reason might not be obvious to u but a i promise u it cant b for just style as getting braces is a procedure that forces alignment and correction of bit,speech and other oral disfigurement.. No orthodontist would ever do the procedure if it wasnt warranted.that would just be crazy

    1. No they aren’t. This is not plastic surgery dentistry is no simple thing for cosmetics. I have a friend who visible you can’t see he had dental issues he was in pain everyday because of it.

  4. People love talk weh dem nuh know…Konshens did really need braces. Him teeth dem did really stay bad before plus it affected his speech

  5. No Met he really needed it, Konshen bottom teeth dem di really chakka chakka Met yuh neva know he really needed it trust mi go search some just buss interview videos and you will see.

  6. Braces are expensive as F*ck in America.. I can only imagine the cost in JA. As much as we love follow style and trend… Dem naw get braces if dem nuh need it… Dat ah too much money.. and all who need it nuh have it yet cause it dear yuh frig!

  7. He does have some teeth that seem to lay up on each other, watch his interviews and you see the double rows fi true. I was most surprise when me se AJ Nicholson inna braces about a year ago, I’m like “damn dem start put on braces pon false teeth” wid me brite self

  8. Decades now braces seen as some kind of uppercrust mout ornament. It was a statement to ones wealth. Too bad eyeglasses have never been in the same

  9. Him woulda really mental fi put on braces if him grill neva need alignment. Dem deh wire deh cost ah few USD grand and it come wid nuff pain initially….ah me fi tell yuh :travel

  10. Some of you people are bitter smh. I met Konshens back in 2011 and his teeth was HORRIBLE. His bottom teeth was very chaka chakka and have different lengths. His top teeth was ok but for some reason one of his tooth was smaller than the rest. Handsome man but his teeth was dreadful. Look at his old music videos. You can tell he takes care of them because they are pearly and white but he was in need for braces and his speech sometimes was a bit off.
    Anyway, I’m from the states. No dentist will give someone braces for style. Secondly, braces are not that expensive to Americans. If you have good health insurance, they will cover it for you if it’s a speech problem (like in Konshens case). I’m glad he fix them because his smile looks more beautiful and he seems more confident now.

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