Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ, Fiddy is extremely hurt and upset by the photo his son Marquise Jackson posted on Facebook Sunday crying in his cap and gown while hugging his mother.

Marquise wrote, “Yea I broke down. I was really excited to see my pops at my graduation but he never showed up smh. My sister and mama is always there for me just know that you wasn’t. I did it without you.”

But 50 disagrees … telling friends he was never told when or where the graduation ceremony was, or he would have been there. FYI, the ceremony was at Marquise’s private school in ATL (the same school 50 reportedly foots the bills for).

We’re told 50 spent last weekend in NYC for a charity event.






  1. Just like that Shaniqua, just like dat!!! Congratulations young man; with the love and support of your mom and sister, you’ll continue to go further….nevermind the people that are trying to fight against you, but appreciate the ones that’ll fight for you, your happiness and success….50!!…spell check ( there=their )

  2. He still punishing his babymother.All the money in the world paying for his child’s education and well being but still is an absentee parent, SAD!!!

    1. Anon, and that is all nuffa dem will eva be…SAD!! Sometimes it’s best some ah dem stay out of the children dem lives so they can have a chance at happiness and, happiness and family is everything!!! :heart:

      1. I agree with you, totally right, sometimes they need to stay out of the kids lives because of their own personal life style and influence that they would have on their own kids, I am very proud of this young man, well done to the mom.

        1. I say this about my daughters father all the time! its true sometime the child is better off without them.

          fifty cant blame the mother his child is at the age now where baby mudda is no longer needed for communication! had he had a tight relationship with his son im sure he would have been one of the first to know!

          1. I was thinking the same thing. It’s not as if he was graduating from preschool.

    2. He’s not alone… many out here like him believe that because he does not live with the child, the mother must inform of important dates and events. This speaks of how in contact he is with his Son as well.

  3. NAYGROW puuuuleeeeeeeze!!! Fifty has no excuse, you pay for the school, he is a Senior, you know graduation is approaching in May and June months……SHOULD IT NOT HAVE DAWNED ON YOU TO INQUIRE with the school, your son or baby mother.

  4. Penny gwaan like him a top man ….and cannot make a phone call and find out where your sons graduation is being held ……………that is not a good excuse u baby mada nuh own di school

  5. Is this the same son him did cuss out the time? The same one who instead of letting him mother love in peace, half a dollar did bun dung di house di woman live in? Him a dutty man long time make him gweh!

  6. Wateva…if you had a relationship wid ur child dat couldn’t happen cause him woulda proudly did tell u when was graduation.

    1. morning from what i have been reading the son was rude to him 2 years ago and tell him he doesn’t have a son ..wouldnt open the door for him so from that i guess him cut him off

      1. Kmt…is he a big man or a child? Bout cut off…out of sight out of mind I guess cause if him did all up inna him life like a parent should be it wouldn’t be so easy to say u a cut him off…thanks anyway for paying the school fee but that doesn’t make u a real father!

        1. true…but as mi say no one is willing to compromise here…he should have been checking up on his son how he is doing etc…and as someone said the school gives out invites so the son must have gotten one to give his dad…

    2. How does one cut off their child??? Yes, he was rude as I read prior but he was astill a minor when this took place. I think black people (and I mean this in the best way, really) do not use resources in there favor….get mediation, counseling or whatever.

      1. Actually, minorities…….minorities do not use resources to keep a family strong and then a distructive cycle begins, ruining lives. Fifty is a weak man like so many in the minority community.

        1. And I absolutely agree with you on this comment…too much pride and a shiit load of excuses fe back it

        2. You aint said nothing wrong with that comment. Mediation, therapy and counselling aren’t a “white people ting”. I’ve made good use of all three!

        3. is yuh man weak feh deh wid a woman that every chance she get she try feh dis the program. . idiot gal, if it was ever my family yuh deh wid me personally would done yuh and teach yuh manners long time.

      2. I can se that you came out from under the pebble you were hibernating under, and you came back with the same mindset. How the fu.k colour come into this? yuh have dead beat PUERTO RICAN fathers, you have dead beat whites , and you also have dead beat blacks and other ethnic groups. De last time meh ded read , Puerto Ricans were classified as ” other minorities” as well. Idiot Gal puertoriquana, As long as you deh with a black (Jamaica ) man yuh head a guh continue feh hurt you. Kiss my beautiful black ass, All the time yuh itch up here like a bad cough and yuh still nuh learn nutting bout we yet. don’t fuc yourself and try to disrespect black people under the quiet. We can lick out on each other, we are brothers and sisters, yuh are a long distance cousin ass hole.

  7. Yes Met, I remember that incident. It’s obvious they don’t have a good relationship. And when that happened 50 did tell the child some really low down dirty things via social media. No matter what, as the adult him coulda do better.

    1. He is disgusting so now him cant do nothing more dan blame the mother. If he had a good relationship then with the boy, that wouldnt have happened

  8. di pickney cuss him because him did a tell di pickney and di mada all sort of dutty nastiness from him mouth and di little bwoy tell him off because him keep a dash it inna di girl face seh him a celebrity and a him gi dem di life

    1. Not in defense of Fifty but the Mother was living in the house with her man, kind of like Misa Hylton and Puffy’s situation. Fifty and baby mother was in court trying to have her removed from the home.

      1. Now di girlfriend get har dose and she gone….fifty too out of order di woman did fi stay single fi his sake? him look old like :travel

          1. u think? wedda or not she would be f-in and a better di man move in wid she dan she move in wid him…both of them broke up years ago so all a dat emotion nuh necessary…a not that she married

          2. Metty, some ah dem retrobate of ah man will harbor punani feelings til Christ is resurrected again; dem full up ah too much hatred, dat’s why…

          3. That still don’t excuse burning down the very home your child is living in, at least not in my opinion. Every person in the situation was at fault- both 50 and the baby mother. But instead of allowing the court to do his job, he rather burn down the house and leave his child homeless? And then expect that the child wouldn’t look at him as less than a man?

        1. MIssa tek i back …gi di oman dem house and want it back true man in deh……wen u gi sombadi sitten a fi dem ….so if dem nuh wah move out go live wid dem man he shouldnt have a problem ……….

      2. if is feh har house she is allowed to have any one there with her, whether or not a him buy it. meh sure she if yuh so called Jamaican husband left you and leave yuh wid the house yuh a guh bring yuh man deh come live. by the way yuh man nuh meck enough money yet that yuh can leave and guh set up house with one of your Puerto rican amigos? or yuh waa dry him out so dat him nuh have nutting feh gee nobody else? and by the way, are your children black or what? yuh know she me think is a frighten Friday neva see come see Jamaican yuh deh wid, a bet yuh beat him clawt when yuh ready.

  9. Even with money, a cycle of broken black family continues. Statistics may show that his own son will most likely himself have a dysfunctional family. Somehow the adults ( both parents ) should try to break the cycle

    1. Yes pmrm..and it is hard because these men refuse to let go from the past…with this case it may be different because of the environment his son is in via the school..What I hate is the bitterness towards his dad and the parents are also in the same boat…no one is willing to compromise here it seems.

  10. Ok so met it look like they had there own little father son rivalry and was both stubborn in contacting each other so 50 make sure him secure him son education / future but on a psychological level son a tuff it out and don’t want to apologise to dad so dad give him grown folks treament no contact to dad so dad say mi nuh welcome but son had high hope say dad a go come fi show dad say mi nuh waste yuh money but whatever son did dad find it very disrespectful an dad not budging until him apology.

    1. Yes it seems so but him feel it brunt a it now that daddy nuh show up a di graduation ..Fifty shudda keep up sometimes u cant treat dem how dem really deserve because at the end of the day they are kids

    2. Yes it seems so but him feel it brunt a it now that daddy nuh show up a di graduation ..Fifty shudda keep up sometimes u cant treat dem how dem really deserve because at the end of the day they are kids

  11. Him vex cause he say the baby mom turn the child against him. He was blasting her bout she nuh work in 14 years and how a 3 more years she have. The child support ago cut off at 21. Some women and men live off the kids child support and wen the child reach 18 or 21 dem don’t have enough money saved.

        1. Dem really view child support as punny pension :ngakak …imagine the rage and bitterness dem feel when time come fe pay up the likkle “CHILD” support money..mi seh dem really triflin summen turble :hammer

  12. I don’t like that word “minority” being used for black population as far as am concerned the meaning of that word is less than. and Hispanics are becoming the second largest groups in this country so they will no longer be considered “minority”. these white ppl always using these code words for psychological purposes on black ppl hmm

  13. Come on son, what if he showed up and you did not acknowledge that he was there, you take pix with your mother and your friends and leave him out that would make the tabloids. If you did not invite me I would not go either. I have seen it happen a lot of times.

    It’s not over you still need him for college so call daddy and make up. Your mother have your back but you still need daddy.

    1. Damn right Opera. That shit would crush the most humble of the humble. No sah!!! In high school you get invitations made by the school to invite your friends and family. Dem never even have to call they could have mailed him an invitation. Congrats to him on his accomplishment. Now go call dad and talk it out Damn it!

  14. not true about 21mark. I have a friend that her father had to pay child support until she was 26 yrs old as long as she stayed in school and this was about 6 yrs ago

    1. That might be true if it was part of the divorce settlement. College students typically leave college at age 22 (use to). In most cases, Child Support stops at age 18.

  15. Pickney ah pickney and MUST stay inna dem lane!!! Mother seem to support the child’s disrespect towards his father. This is long in the making. Now all this entitlement that this baby mother feels that she can move man in the house that fifty buy is pure nonsense and libatty. Any independent woman wey have sense will ensure that moving on with a man of her desire means new beginnings. Have a come to Jesus meeting as a family and talk bout it BUT yuh si when di man still ah get the nookie which I feel that they were still intimate these meetings cannot take place so it opens up for a whole heap of disrespect. She shouldn’t guh shak up inna di house wey yuh know sey really exist because of the child. She is dead wrong for doing that. whatever disagreement or fued has happened there is no compromise. That mother should be reasoning with this child saying son “relationships can be mended. Sometimes we fall short and respond with our emotions, and as you mature and grow up I would like to see you and your father mend the broken pieces of your relationship”. No instead dem waah blast it pan social media. Now fifty you can also do the same. Memba is yuh granny and grandpa grow yuh and yuh do things wey den never approve of from a very early age. Unnu need fi mend it and stop the Damn bashing and disgrace.

  16. Is true met I’ve seen situation like this and met nuh care how the man try to be in him child life the girl give him a hard time and he was there from the start so him even get fustrauted a lot of time an leave dem alone an say grow she a grow suh she will find him so depends on how severe an to what extend dem family feud is cause we all know when women ready fi get bitter dem can get really bitter and the main targets is to use kids as a revenge and brain wash them and u know multiple times kids always chooses there mum and no matter how much a man attempt to be in his child life when a woman determine fi make up dem kmind from a no is just no and it’s really sad cause is the kids who suffer I don’t know if is dad try to make contact with him but all contact lock but that’s a big boy as well him could reach out too cause if him nuh try contact u none at all why were his hopes high for him to come to his graduation un less him promise him that he was coming.sound to me like shades were throwing say him money nuh go in vain and mum is using ignorance encouraging it instead both mum & dad compromise and balance it.

    1. Anon, that’s what the court systems are there for. If this is an ongoing battle between mother and father and the father really wants to play a role in the child’s life, he must first start by legitimizing the child. If he doesn’t do that, then that proves that he has no interest in being a part of the child’s life and unfortunately…he has no legal rights to see the child ( any judge will tell you that ), especially if there is a previous history of domestic violence and lack of support for the child. Everything should be done for the best interest of the child and nine out of 10 times, the new woman always interferes and clouds his judgement and wants him to mine her fatherless children and not his own biological children…very sad, but true…

    2. I have seen judges chew and throw out new wife, new baby madda and/or girlfriend out of the courtroom ca dem wa come in den come nuff up demself bout dem ah wife and bare raye taye, and the judge jus politely tell the ooman seh she mus mine ar rawse business ca this is one thing that don’t concern her…alot of times Datsrite, it’s the new woman that’s causing a lot of problems and very rarely is it the mother’s new man that is cockk blocking or causing any grief for the child not to see their father because even though he is now a part of the child’s life or acting as a role model, no man naan guh jus git up suh and tek on full daddy responsibilities fe ah child weh ano feem, zimi….suh when yuh really check the levels, is usually the father ah carry punny feelings or the new ooman ah grudge the baby mother and ah mis-manage the funds and doe want to pay any child support towards the man’s biological children…as I’ve stated before..when the adults can’t get it right, the judge will…and that’s FACTS!!

  17. Child please if she and fifty nuh deh nuh more and she wah move man inna di house so what, dem nuh deh…Wah it betta fi guh a di man yawd wid har yute fi live weh probably not as secure…What she should have done was to sell the house but who to tell she couldnt becaz house inna fifty name alone.I guess suppose she did all married and marry someone from the military weh some a dem station all ova dat would b better for his child…A better di man live deh

    1. Why should a woman bring another man into a house that he provided by the father of her child? If I was 50-Cent, I would burn that shit down. Why should I have to support both the woman and the man……nuts. No man would go for that shit. Has nothing to do with pu**yC feelings and more to do with doing the right thing.

      I wonder what she is going to do when child support runs out?

      1. we are now in the twenty first century luv. just to give an analogy, yuh think when them millionaire celebrities divorce and get house dem nuh move them man or woman in deh ? its not yours no more, move on

  18. I see two massive ego’s . Both pretending that they don’t need each other, that they are fine without each other, when they are hurting inside. Most likely they will make up in the future and have some sort of getting along. But they will never get back the years they lost because of foolishness and the inability to communicate with each other.

  19. Fiddy, is a grown ass man, him should have swallowed his pride and attended the graduation. There are many many parents, who would give anything to see their son graduate. But violence or accident has prematurely cut that young life short. Pride come the before fall. That is a kid and they make mistakes, no take the mother fat and fry the child. Especially since Fiddy mother dead when he was a child.

  20. Very sad dynamics between a son and father. Congratulations on his graduation and I hope that he will be a better man than his father. I hope that as he matures into a young man he will make the first move to put an end to this madness. Break di cycle youngster cah “ONE FOOL MAKES MANY”

  21. Fifty and his son have arguments like any other family, even fights like Solange…..but my issue is wen a parent is in the wrong to a child, why do they find it hard to apologize to the son/daughter and them quick fi quote Bible verse fi honor u parents…You give respect whether family, friends or stranger to earn respect.The child was only reacting im sure because he was tired of his dad speaking poorly about his mom and in return he defended her

  22. This also reminds me of DMX oldest son that was on Iyanla..He was very strong but had a lot of emotional anger towards his dad for not being there for him.

  23. Yep! U have point luv my dad was there thru nurturing stage found a rich woman drop in now an then now an then start deteriorate an stop brap no more contact.last saw him when I was 8 & now am 36 but ask if my mum never did step to the paste is like I didn’t even remember i had a dad and I knew where he was but wasn’t interested either..yuh now when reality hit when I get a phone call and I had to bury him.every thing start coming back tore me apart and I add to do the honor which that man never deserve.

    1. and if u never bury him u wudda hear how wicked u is smh..but it was the right thing to do because many blessings will come your have a tendency to think that they will live forever and be young all the way through

      1. Fe real Metty, but The Almighty God see and know EVERYTING suh more time it nuh mek sense fe even deal wid some ah dem ca dem is dealing with them own inner demons…just leave them to time and their own demise..

    2. Datsrite..and I am almost certain that you’ve turned out just fine cause you’ve put your painful memories of your father behind you and have since moved on to living a beautiful and happy life…everything happens for a reason, and I’m starting to realize that more and more as each day passes…

  24. Thanks Met much appreciated this site is my little peace of mind I don’t comment a lot but always browsing thru it just give me comfort when I read most of the comments the topics ,logics, inspirational ones,different views,disagreement, armsouse provoke each other i laugh sometimes in my house my neighbour probably think I have guest over this site is very entertaining keep up the good work.god bless u

    1. Same suh Datsrite!!! When Metty di ah put up dis site mi nuh sure ef shi realize seh ah suh it woulda LARGE. Dis site provide genuine knowledge, laughter, tears and therapy fi most ah wi. When stress lick mi ah yasso mi run. Di bloggers dem outta JMG stables ah nuttin but di BEST!! Big up yuhself Moderator Metty and di JMG Crew!!! :maafaganwati

  25. W—–O—-fukkn—-W @Puertoriquena’s 10:16 am comment!!!!!
    This mentality is why some man nuh have no respect for women. Find a man fi USE. Not tek yu raas outta di house and make your own way…..NOooooo…..Find a man fi tek on your responsibility. GTFOH with this shit.

    1. But if he gave her the house why him waa tek it back? If she move out a di house go live wid di next man a bet him say she abandon it and still try tek it back..Anyway it go he needed to let go

  26. from him find out seh de pickeny a graduate him suda deh deh pon him bloodclaat yeye lid end a tory all if a sed day him find him suda up inna dat..pride get de best a wi i tell yuh

  27. Met….was ONLY addressing the “….find a man fi …..” mentality. Nothing else.
    Half Dalla wrong. Mi nah try defen wrong.

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