These two young girl bright face bright future pretty sure them can get any man them want behaving n acting like two big idiots over a man that clearly don’t want nor respects them! Cause first of all every girl this man sleep with gets the same treatments!!! Sucking of p**y, f**k raw, drive up inna him car, f**k and sleep pon this man bed!!! And every girl can post pic but idk why these two out of nuff a unno wanna make y’all self looks like clown on social network a that unno worth? Unno feel y’all can’t get nobody else? So unno settle for the disrespect and try to justify this man actions? Why? Fi hype?

Unno fava idiot •popcaan voice• met so one post a so the next one post similar pic 🙄 me think this a two much fi one cocky wey nah settle with nobody this man as 16 kids fi show u every gal a get f**k raw!!!!! Unno nasty me nuh kno how aids nuh reach unno yet from this man f**g around like a him one god put pon earth fi f**k every p**y smh….. Johanna ok him engage to u but from how long now? Almost 2yrs now wise up girl hype is not all the man not gonna marry you!!! And him not leaving meesha nuh matter how much him tell every girl he’s not with her she a this she a that him nah lef her them still gonna be f**g cause at the end of the day him know it nuh matter wey him do r she his clown forever whole a unno sad like cause this yah boy nuh give gal money so me nuh understand wey the bag a excitement for on the gram whole a dancehall a laugh at unno kmt lady’s know unno worth man cho


  1. Is me alone see how him look draw and mawga, him look sick to me from the other day Scalwa looks sick bout mi nuh know why some gyal love play hero so.

  2. He as sugar, that’s why him look so… them life very sad thou n funny thing is a nuh one or two gal this yah man have so why fight over somebody wey unno a share?

  3. Meesha is a delusional man royal looking bitch di man nuh want har.. Why she can’t get over the man no sah this bitch be digging up some old picture like she and di man a deal.. Di man only a use har fi bring down stuff fi him.. All she does a thief har bredda drugs money and go jamaica fi months..Look like she stop mine man now.. Di gal life sad life funeral wah she cah find a man a foreign lmaooo no sah she needs to check into a psych ward… Meesha get a life already … All u do a get up everyday go inna di people dem store and thief and a bate cheap clothes u a thief u never stay good yet fi a gal wah a thief inna stores.. u need to go see a dentist wid yuh black gum dem face hard like horse

  4. None a dem nah get a dollar him mean like just wah gal wid big batty fi par wid.. Meesha nuh seh eating a him specialty lmaooo no sah.. 3 poppyshow dem.. Meesha him nuh wah u my girl him chat yuh to everybody seh u a STALKER… Meesha is really a stalker fi tru wah she cah find no man.. Man dun pon har??? she pops up to his events although him nuh chat to har who does that.. She is such a sad likkle young gal.. Stop thief and go jamaica and lowe di girl wid har man cause him nuh wah she neither di Johanna girl lmaoo.. everyday him inna gal dm a look dem kmt.. I don’t see the hype every gal him bring a him yard.. y’all some low self esteem bitches…. poor things

  5. It really look bad fo real them fighting over a man hore just for hype n nothing behind it. This guy is so mean even the loyal soldiers he had behind him leave cause they were suffering n he wouldn’t help them he rather spend thousands in d dance on liquor to get a hype than to give a girl or his soldiers a dime. It is said that country gyal johanna n her mother tie d wild man to marry her but it just naa happen same way u come u going leave wit nothin. meesha self esteem low badd that she come off as psychotic now she sick stomach full time woman wise up strong up n take care of themselves

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