The Gleaner seh a because a blocked drains but garbage nuh pick up regular in Jamaica anymore so whey di people dem supposed to dump dem household waste?


  1. I’ve found that National solid waste agency(nswma) is by far the worst manageD/run entity in jamaica’s history. Worse than Jutc,water comission n tax office combined. It simply doesn’t matter whether is pnp or jlp in power,nswma sucks major ass!

  2. I don’t believe this has anything to do with National Solid Waste Management Authority and more to do with proper town planning, coupled with poor drainage system. Most towns in Jamaica have little or no drainage system, buildings built to close to the roadways or improper building construction, with no land/green space to accept runoffs. All recipe for disasters like this one.

  3. It is a direct n primary relationship n has everything to do with nswma. Remember the flooding is being cause by garbage clogging up the Drains.Whose job it is to collect the garbage? No matter how ill-concieved n built the Drainage are,it must follow that if there is little or no garbage then the drains won’t block up!

    I hope u realize when jlp was in power they put in Joan Gordon webley a former jlp mp to heaD it up,then when pnp was in power Portia put een her cousin n pnp women prez Jennife Edwards to head it up.Did any of these appointments had the slightest clue or qualification in waste management???i rest my case,have a good one.

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