Speaking by phone with an NBC reporter, the father of the man who killed 50 and wounded 54 more at a gay nightclub in Orlando said the shooting “had nothing to do with religion.”

Police and FBI have confirmed the shooter who died at the scene after taking hostages was 29-year-old Omar Mateen.

“We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren’t aware of any action he is taking,” Mir Seddique said. “We are in shock like the whole country,”

Mateen’s father also said that his son was angered after seeing two men kissing on the street months ago.

According to ABC, Mateen is a U.S.-born citizen whose parents were born in Afghanistan.

Mateen’s parents were born in Afghanistan, and he was “on the radar” of U.S. officials for some time, but was not the target of a specific investigation, law enforcement officials told ABC News.


  1. Knowing that homosexuality is so prevalent in America, I don’t buy the claims of this boy’s father. Religion shape us whether we like it of not or whether we know it or not. If not for religion, homosexual hatred might be non existent…

    1. There are many people who are homophobic and are not religious. More than likely, this guy was struggling with his own sexuality and decide to act out his frustration in this fashion. Look like he is a steroid user/abuser also.

  2. Well they (gays) should keep it to themselves in private as it is not a natural act…
    They say USA is a Christian country and give Christians the bible, and in the bible it states homo is an abomination to the most high…
    Not judging what happened as I believe this is a issue for the Most Hi to handle… Although the bible do state that homo act is punishable by death, what the BIBLE SAYS…

    1. Gays out in the open is nothing in the USA is nothing new..When Christmas was ban in USA in the for almost 200 years since 17th century to the 19th century.when the pilgrims came, Penn had experienced religious persecution and wanted his colony to be a place where anyone could worship freely they had “ Philadelphia“ the city of brotherly love

    2. You claim to not judge but your statements say otherwise. It is ok not to agree with a homosexual lifestyle but people tend to be very hypocritical when it comes to there’s. Pre-marital sex is also a sin that people just love to ignore. So how about I tell ‘you’ guys to keep your relationship to yourself if you’re having premarital sex. Even better, the kids that are born out of wedlock how about you keep them in private and to yourselves as well? see where i’m going with this? sin is sin. I do believe that some sins are greater than others, but sins of lifestyle choice are the same. people are so quick to condemn gay relationships when they may have the same spot in hell for their heterosexual relationship

  3. Lalibela I agree with u…as a Jamaican I grow up in a country where zero tolerance for gays yet i move to America n have to work n live among them n u know what they don’t give a fcuk about me n I don’t about them…alot of people have gave up on life n will use everything in the world for a blame about y they r mad..I really think a man break his heart that’s y him dweet

  4. Spot on Lali, the parents are grappling to the “lesser of two evils”. Somehow in their minds it would be “better” to associate the crime to hate than an act of terrorism, either way it is a sad day in history. The land of the free home of the brave now seems but an illusion as home grown terror is on the doorsteps of Americans.

    1. This has always been a land of terror. Ask the real black, Jew, Chinese and Japanese citizens. Where else a burning cross is a fabric of the society?

  5. killing innocent people is wrong simple. then u take ur life …coward ! religion is the greatest cancer since day one …..nobody knows what happen when we die …nobody knows what God say is right or wrong ….nobody is even sure if God is real …we all get the information from man , from hear seh. . so we don’t have the right to kill a man for being Gay . i hate it . GAY IS NOT MY THING . My MOM AND DAD MADE ME SO THAT MEANS SOMETHING. MY DAD AND ANOTHER MAN COULD TRY TILL NEXT FOREVER AND I WOULDNT BE HERE STILL. so that says a lot. I HAVE NO RIGHT TO KILL A MAN BECAUSE OF HIS SEXUAL PREFERENCE . that clown make a lot of people cry then him kill himself …….EFFF HIM.

  6. This bwoy is a frustrated battyman. Him deh pon social media a pose up an di battyman dem a ignore him. Jilted much? Fella…yu shoulda call Dougie, JohnJohn, Daffisha, Jue.

    1. Same so. If him did marry him would have killed his wife. Him in all likelihood socially awkward as well, and couldn’t lock dung a gay friendship or relationship so him go bizerk pon di group that he longed to be a part of, but was rejected by.

  7. Personally, my religious views aside, I believe that everyone should be free to love who they want without being discriminated against. Forgive me but a lot of Jamaicans are quick to talk about homosexuality being a sin but so too is fornication. And in a country where unmarried parents are common,he who is without sin please cast the first stone.

    1. So they deserve to die? What is your hidden sin? Lie, fornication, adultery, etc? all sins except theirs out in the open, SMDH.

  8. Another way of pushing gay agenda on us! We don’t know what happened therefore all we can do is speculate why he did it. Hmm It does make a strong case for more gun control and gay rights laws, right in time for elections… I’m just saying let’s look at the bigger picture! Just watch what happens next as far as laws that get passed in the Us…My People wake up ooo

  9. I’m gonna go buy as many guns as I can tomorrow because they are gonna pass a nasty gun control law. As for the gay thing, I just don’t know what to say. Gays are more valuable than the little school kids in Connecticut

  10. Dat bwoy have some mental issues. Religion nuh hab nuttn fi do wid dis. As much as mi nuh endorse di gay choice…is only a psycho woulda do weh him duh.

  11. I agree Yawdy. Yes I’m a hypocritical sinner. I’ve had premarital sex, I do have a child out of wedlock & I do believe that homosexuality is a greater sin but I would NEVER, as much as I don’t agree with their choice, try to impose MY choice on them or kill them for their choice!

    That is definitely a form of mental illness. You HAVE to be crazy to be THAT disconnected wherein you can go up to complete strangers that have literally done nothing to you & just kill them.

  12. Condolences to all the family of those killed. Whether we like gays or not, no one has the right to take another person’s live especially because of their sexual preference

  13. We are quick to label individuals who massacre people as mentally ill, but the facts are, there are millions of people in the USA and outside the USA that have severe mental illness and do not murder people. There are thousands of terrorists that kill innocent people every day, yet they have no signs of mental illness. If fact, a lot of the people in your workplace have serious mental illness (your boss, your co-worker, family members, your doctors, etc.).

    What the homosexual community would like to ignore is that homosexuality is actually a form of mental illness. Up to the early 1970’s, homosexuals were classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychological Society and the gay community lobbied to have it officially remove that classification. Like it or not, homosexuality is a deviant behavior and hence, a mental disorder. Look at their behavior pattern and you can see that it is steep in deviation from the norm.

    The sad reality is homosexuals have a history of lashing out on their own. The former head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover (not Herbert Hoover!!!), was a psychotic/vocal opponent of homosexuality, yet he was one of the biggest homosexuals himself.

  14. Morning Met, they are short of blood in Orlando Florida because gays and bisexuals cannot give blood if they had male to male sex within a year of donating. Out of all the victims thus far, a black girl name Deonka Drayton touched my soul. I hope she found the love and happiness she sought. All her Google play list is depressing

    1. good morning, i guess something is scientifically wrong about male sexing male then if not even blood they can give ..so sorry to hear

  15. There’s some type of contamination that the government is aware of but won’t tell the masses. All the strong black man Eddie Justice, the way how him love shit and love play in, ah di women’s restroom him nuh hide and get killed. Him did see the exit but because him meck the stench of feces lead the way him dead. At least he was comforted by the aroma he loved so much

    1. I feel they are using something to make the men gay as population control…because if they cannot give blood its serious

  16. To mr/mrs anon @6:25am, HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A MENTAL DISEASE, SO PLEASE STOP IT….STOP IT RIGHT NOW…You and no scientist have any scientific evidence that this is true so please DO NOT DO IT..IT BURN ME FI U…

    1. Same suh HC :thumbup Cause mi nuh understand weh Anon ah gather data from suh das why mi neva even badda…

      Yawdy de ah wuk and ah peep

    2. As a practicing deviant yourself, it is hard to accept the fact that you are suffering from a mental illness. I have very little time to address the issue with someone that is clueless and a moron. Go and grown a brain for a change!

  17. Another false flag event in order to garner more anti-Muslim sentiment globally so when the US or any other western power wants to do something nefarious in the Middle East , the whole world will turn a blind eye. The fools will think it’s some archaic thinking Muslim extremist who is behind the attack, but a sophisticated mind will see all the propoganda directly connected to this attack. It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy was an FBI or CIA plant. The people are too smart to fall for a Gulf of Tonkin type incident nowadays so real incidents that sacrifice “undesirables” are the new thing they use to garner up support for phuckry. Don’t be fooled people, there’s more behind this then meets the eye.

  18. The entire situation is tragic. The motive and logic behind this mass murder is still to be decided as the investigation has barely begun (hate crime versus terrorism) but more pressing at this point should be the focus on gun control. It is our constitutionally protected right (for citizens in good standing) to bear arms but at what cost? Why should we allow citizens to obtain riffles and semi-automatics? Even a hand gun at this point is too much!! Some people have argued that in addition to background checks, a psychiatric assessment should be a part of the process, but come on people!!! How many times have we faked something for the doctors? When you go in for your annual physical and the questionnaire asks you to identify how often do you consume liquor or coffee, we sometimes lie and reduce the frequency. People are busy purchasing guns to protect themselves from gun men which in turn only creates more gun men. Atlanta, GA… a woman had her head blown off because she knocked on a man’s door at 2am in the morning. The woman was in distress because her car broke down and that was the closest residence. Scared people have guns, angry people have guns, insane people have guns. That combination is a ripe recipe for a trigger-happy disaster.
    People will disagree with me, but I really do think the right to bear arms should be revoked and restricted ONLY to law enforcement. Now, even that’s a tricky situation in light of the recent publications of law enforcement agents blatantly abusing their authority.
    As a nation, as human beings inhabiting the same planet, are we not tired of the RIP’s that result from senseless violence? Are we not yet fed up of watching people suffer unnecessarily? From the West to the Middle East, are we not sympathetic to the images of tear stained cheeks and the piercing look of despair in the eyes of the broken??
    I’m praying for us man, i’m praying really hard. They say prayer can make the difference so I hope mine does.

  19. God is beyond good and I know he has special plans for me. I came across a young womans pictures on JMG and something told me to E-mail her, but after I sent the Email I began experiencing strange yet familiar emotions. Unwilling to take heed from my inner voice, all instructions were ignored, and hommosexual thoughts could not escape me.The individual isn’t someone along the lines of my once lesbian preference, but I found myself in a compromising mental state. A final email check was conducted and she did not respond. As I prepared myself for bed, extreme fear and emptiness took deep root therein. Suddenly, a strong authoritative voice said ” you have been delivered so why are you looking back?” Frightened beyond measures, contact was made with my mother until those inner feelings stabilized, however during REM 4 I was awakened by a nightmare. A glass of water was obtained from the kitchen along with some grapes, during the process of masticating something came over me and said ” I’ll show you why you shouldn’t go back.” Plans were being made by a group of individuals to travel to Europe for Gay pride and that was the main reason for reaching out to the individual. It would have been so easy for me to get sucked back into the “life” but God had is hands on me. After monitoring the Orlando massacre I’m NOT going anywhere and thank God the lady didn’t reply. I’m done with all the gay events because I’ve always feared dying at a gay club or parade. I wouldn’t know what to tell God if he asked me what I was doing at a gay event after being delivered. Been burning some midnight oil so I’m off to bed

    1. God speed..I used to do regular fasting here and have not done it in over a year..I will start again this month

      1. Yes Metty fasting have to be on my agenda again. We’re living in some perilous times.


  20. Highly Concerned, if not for politics, homosexuality would still to this day be regarded as a defect/deviation. Politics trumped science and you need to know that.

    “Until 1973 homosexuality was listed as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association. Originally listed as a “sociopathic personality disturbance” in the first edition of DSM in 1953, homosexuality was “upgraded” to a mere “sexual deviation” in 1968 with the release of DSM-II.”

    Please do your research, capitulate and then retract your statement…

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