Dozens of Fly Jamaica passengers stuck at JFK after airline cancels flight
Posted 11:47 PM, June 27, 2014, by Ayana Harry, Updated at 11:41pm, June 27, 2014
NEW YORK (PIX11) – Dozens of passengers were stuck at J. F. K. Airport Friday for a second day after their Fly Jamaica flight to Kingston was cancelled on Thursday.
Travelers claimed airline staffers disappeared from the terminal and were not answering questions by phone.
“When we talked to them calmly they gave us attitude,” explained passenger Michael Reynolds.
“It’s not Fly Jamaica, It’s lie Jamaica,” Reynolds said.
PIX 11 News spoke by phone Friday evening with the Director of Fly Jamaica, Roxanne Reece in Kingston, Jamaica. Reece responded to the complaints about flight 120 saying, “it is merely delayed, airlines are delayed everyday.”
Lisa Brown booked a ticket to attend her son’s graduation in Kingston. She was angered by the lack of updates from Fly Jamaica, “we were here from yesterday to go on a flight to Jamaica and up to now we can’t hear anything about the flight. Nothing.”
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  1. Fly Jamaica please don’t take up the same antics as Air Jamaica or you will end up bankrupt and out of business just like Air Jamaica. Its a pity though, I flew Fly Jamaica in May and I had a great experience, the flight attendants weren’t rude, the flight was on time and the food was amazing. But this is unacceptable, makes me not wanna fly them again.

  2. flight delay all the while so i guess they are not allowed to delay even under uncontrolled circumstances..

  3. Even the answer by the Reece woman came off with an attitude. She should have apologized firstly, then gave a clear and appropriate statement. Dats why when dem business pap dung and dem cuss sppl how ppl nuh support dem. Is business you doing and you need clients to continue your business, so treat ppl with respect and don’t act like you doing anybody a favour cause competition is fierce in dis industry.

  4. NEVER will i fly with them again. first and foremost dem ticket to dare. secondly they dont fly daily, third they lack communication. I traveled with them round trip before. Going to Jamaica was fine but coming back up we were delayed with no updates. we did however get a $50usd vouchure that we had to call in for. Flight attendants weren’t bad but i still will NEVER travel with them. Not even for free because u never know when u will reach ur destination. kmt

  5. Fly jamaica is the worst airline ever. In January I purchased tickets for me and my mom to attend my grand-father funeral. Soon after we checked in we were told that the flight was delayed and would leave at 8 PM that night, my original flight was 11 AM. We paid the taxi and toll to go home and went back to the airport that night, we kept on asking what was happening with the flight until around 2 AM the following morning we were told that there would be no flight out for the next two days. I had o go to Caribbean airline and purchase tickets on the next flight. My mom who is wheelchair bound had to stay in her wet diaper until we landed in Mo-bay the next day becuase we just got on our original destination was Kgn. I wrote FLY Jamaica many times and I didn’t even get 1 apology or voucher, I had to wait 4 months for my refund. I was out toll, taxi fare (HERE) and fare from mo-bay airport because the person that was picking me up live in Kgn. NEVER AGAIN, THE CHEAPEST BECAME THE DEAREST + 2 DAYS OUT OF MY VACATION

  6. This is a shame…but although I am not Jamaican I hope that this airline can work out its issues. This competion is really needed right not. It helps to regulate prices in the industry, by keeping prices lower when there is competion from other carriers in the industry. Hang in there people…best of luck…

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