Popular selector Foota Hype has recorded a song aimed at Skatta Burrell and his ex-lover, Ishawna, called 99 Problems. The song was produced by Markus Records and will be released next week.
Foota Hype was unavailable for comment yesterday, however, co-writer and producer of the song, Markus Myrie, confirmed that the single was aimed at Foota Hype’s former Downsound Record’s label mates.
“The concept is about having 99 problems but a girl is not one. Foota Hype just come to the studio and hear the rhythm and began to speak his mind. The song come out good and it a guh run bout yah. suh mi nuh know wey Skatta and Ishawna a guh duh, because as yu hear the song, yu know where it is directing to,” Markus said.
The intro of the song sees Foota Hype throwing jabs at Burrell and Ishawna. “Some dutty gyal gone dung a Riverton bin and some rasta fi guh trim. Dem a lick dung di gyal dem like ice cream from Crazy Jim,” he chants.
Despite being directly involved in the wording and production of the song, Markus says he is not taking any sides in the feud.
“Mi nah tek nuh side, if Ishawna wah respond, she can link mi for the rhythm. For the first time doing a song, Foota Hype did very well and sound better than nuff man first effort,” he said.
99 Problems is featured on Markus Records Syndicate rhythm compilation, which will be released next week. The compilation will also feature songs from Assassin, I-Octane, Bounty Killer, Jahazeil Myrie, Bryka, Markus Myrie, Elephant Man and D’East.


  1. yes foota along time the two a dem a shell you,,mi no want you crush the sketall too much still because a you youth madah,,but the clown dread fi get slap whey,,,done the dread,from you see him you see badmind,,,same thing kargo dis a seh…

  2. After all she say and do…never hear Ishawna say him do oral yet. After 9 years wouldn’t that be her 1st diss song?

  3. Tiad a dem. Guh rass teck up underwater basket weaving or some rass ting else and apply unno self to summen constructive.

  4. mi naah lie him sound good! di song sound catchy plus the ridim sound good to..yes foota sound like a real artiste lmaoooooo woieee a yah so nice. Entertainment in full effect up up 2015!!!!

    1. Fi real! I love the bass line and de man say dem nu nahm ChoCho nor pum pum yam! lolol MET!!!!! I no :maho ” Foota That is A Lie!” cause

  5. I love it, well overdue now, Sketelshawna and Scattahead dread a gwan too much from wed day, str888 dunment fi the two a dem, Foota give it to them, the song up up up. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :lapar

  6. Stop hype wit d comments. D song is trashy, tacky. Common and cheap. Foota AH look hype offa gully bop . Perhaps he too can buss in a month? Not. Only he big toe he can buss
    . Two of dem fi stop. Big man ting foota, what u did in d bedroom fi nine years was private.
    Ishwana wide hole still hurting him. When two people break up they don’t need all this public humiliation of d ex. Need love to mi nah eat is too different Couneraction.
    Actually, I enjoyed stylish clash singing dissing ishwana and foota more than this crap of a song. Sorry foota. Yuh nuh make. Jumpin up and down like wild ape. U have no star quality!
    Foota yuh nex song should b called ” every man wah beat gyal, fi get BUN!

  7. “Foota yuh nex song should b called ” every man wah beat gyal, fi get BUN!” — a grung mi den!!!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________

  8. I font think its the loss if Ishawna is the problem, she done upfront wid Skatta so Foota must accept it by now. I think it’s the constant stage shows and interviews that she does where she constantly refers to him and their relationship that gets to him. So in this she can blame herself….

  9. eeediat shoulda just put out di tune bout preview. now nuff counteraction a bill b4 it si road. him kill him own tune

    1. Producers, song writers, selectors and engineers knows everything about the music skills. They are silent musicians so I wouldn’t refer to him as a first timer. He is more than experience to be a dj. That is why I was not surprised about Mattie. Dem understand how to flow on studio riddims or with live bands. If you sing in a choir you would have a little music knowledge, too. It is timing and breathing!

  10. dun dem footerrrr now u respond & dem get heartattack. afterall dem was killing yu all over town, dem a worry sey yu flop & di big tune nuh drop yet woieeeeee

  11. Even though it doesn’t look good, fair is fair. Dem disrespect him so he has a right to respond with his song. I still don’t support the abuse, Foota. Done dem lyrically!

  12. He moves on from nothing . Sorry leave this kinda prolonging to bit$chtes, he sure stays stuck on her on Skatta. I cares for none of them but which big nan prolong this kinda ish,,,,, most men that eat not ganging dem head in shame so who is he trying to clown? Sorry dis dude gets no ratings move on, she left you, Now get over it

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