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  1. Good morn entrepreneur MET,and all my independent BLOGGERS! Him too big, but cute at the same time lovvvvve him he can hold a good conversation.

  2. He is adorable, you are so right met at that age they just think them fi have the last word. He reminds me of my 2year old, everything I say to him he have to respond.

  3. Him need discipline not funny ‘ too small to be a con man already listen his charming ways bout his little papi & sweetheart .

      1. u can tell him get the “linda listen u not listening to me” from his dad but he is such a sweetheart

  4. U know I call my mother by her first name till she tell me stop n I was bout 7 I think I call her wat I hear everyone else in da house call her by her name but da lil kid is too much cute

    1. My niece called my sister by her first name until she started going to school 3 years old. She use to call my mother Mummy. …until she learn the difference

  5. He is gifted in the word dept …he can be a linguist ..if them steer him the right way he will be super at picking up languages and words

  6. its clear as day, h is acting like his dad looool

    all di facial expression, di hand movements, veryting diss likkle boy copy from him daddy.

    it was funny to watch no doubt, but she is smart, so the parents need to watch him, so it doesn’t get out of hand and becomes a problem, cuz u notice he knows the exact time to say “linda, linda listen”? he will not let her finish talking, him know weh him a do dwl.

  7. Not trying to be racist but is he white or Mexican it’s hard for me to tell, in any case nuh baby cann quick talk mi

  8. This sounds like him a tek een the father hard….. him say nothing in this house belongs to u lol a so the father deal wid har and him a falla

  9. Him prime though. I love when kids are intelligent and know how to stand up for themselves without being rude. Obviously copying daddy’s every move, I see his dad in him, apparently daddy is his role model, so daddy needs to be mindful of his actions and words around him, because him a gi mommy some serious talk, but in a cute and loveable way thou no doubt about that, very articulate for his age though. Mi love when him seh, listen, linda listen, lol he’s so adorable. Remind me of my 4 yr old, who love to toe to toe with her daddy but in a very respectable way though, he calls her his second mother (and she is the splitting image of his mom too) if him dare come in late, she nuh ramp fi interrogate him, and ask him why he was out so late, what was he doing? if him nuh see how much people a go missing, and she lose har sleep waiting up for him, because she cant sleep if daddy is not in by a certain time. I dont know how some people hurt kids, they have a way of brightening your day and lightening your heart, they somehow let you forget all the worries you have. Im sure this put a smile on his mommy face(if not in the moment) certainly when she looks back or his playing back this recording. For now he is within his limit, but she has to be careful that he doesnt over step his bounds, with age and time.

  10. Linda means pretty in spanish a term of endearment just like he said sweethear foloowing in his daddy’s footstep…3 year old girls better watch in about 10-12 years him on top of the charm game already !! too cute

  11. One drop… U summed it up!!!!! They do have a way of brightening your life!

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