9 thoughts on “FOR FREE

  1. Mi dont kno you and theses dresses fr the other day. Helen please put him back in a pants lol. Arvil please help your man yes we kno you and him a fu..k Helen dnt know still.DH ppl a talk shhhhh

    1. Helene u dumb bitch, shut u bloodcloth u n Bobby a Di same neglect unuh kids u afi mine him fi him stay wid u don’t Mek MI tell the ppl dem how him do u

  2. wey mine man ago uno move uno bloodclat uno sound like a bag a haters first and formost mi can put my head pon the block fi foxy cause a one gal that wey love r kids and no matter what she do ever and anything fi make r kids comfortable wen uno no know pwoplw bloodclat business a so uno walk n spread rumors. Miss bitch up top let me address u now if u come fi talk u need to talk cause since u know bout bobby n foxy relationship talk what u know and no hold it back. A which man foxy tek fi u r a wah she eat fi u make u hot fi r so. So see wen uno a argue with people uno like fi bring kids in a it too much and u can bet uno pickney hungry and need some parent attention. The time uno a take a worry bout foxy n r man uno go look a life and come suck out mi friend nice clean fat juicy jewjew pussy and come suck n r man wen him done f**k out r nice ole. Good bye for now until we meet again

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