1. Sender stfu! you chat too god damn much and love ppl business too much! she’s not Kranium bby mother uno mix and nuff till uno chat fart..

  2. Sender it’s Masicka’s baby mom. Clymaxx vex tru Masicka her baby fada not helping her with her career and him go work with Vanessa Bling . Masicka was in a relationship when him breed Clymaxx.

    1. :hoax2 she nah no career but fi go tun a boxspring.

      dancehall nah go survive another decade wid all the criminal,killing, sex and sodomy it a deal wid now a days.

      De climax, whore angels and cum guzzlers are no longer relevant, so she fi go find something else do.

  3. See me personally no want hear dem type a dutty gal music again! Saw start it and retire so this genre a music dead.

    Nasty, dutty gal go hol a tight rope round you neck cause you nah no value! Stay from under de gal crotches! Yah wah maxi pad?!

  4. Shia sing bout wah Kranium soon du har wen him finish wide out har mouth some more wid him kocky dis bitch talentless!!

  5. Met yu have Masika at the title. Har voice annoying e. Who would a really listen to her. Bout Kranium f*k it an sey har hole deep like a bucket. Annn sooooo inna mi D’Angel voice. Who gave her studio time. People out there playing way too much!

  6. Kranium baby mother? That MIB creature looking thing is Masikca’s baby mother…. she need fi leave Slim alone… Slim did tell her say she want attention

  7. Gaza Slim wins. ..flawless victory. Better Cleanexx did talk about Kranium leaving Vanessa bling at the altar or those disgusting bbm convos leaked with her n Kartel re the nastiness vybz a tell Slim that him a go do her n she responded.. OKAY

    point being plenty material fi draw for rather than baseless hogwash bout underneath smh.Slim wins purely on talent n chart bangers…talentless Cleanexx don’t sound n she would drag dung Masquita lil buzz ya now!

  8. But a Gaza Slim me see at Sangster’s Int. few weeks ago a wait on Kranium. Anyway, I guess Climax is following in her baby daddy’s footsteps because nuh same way him always a do diss song for other artistes?

  9. Met, off topic but did you hear about the accident involving a policeman and a young woman in Jamaica recently? Apparently they were both partially naked and people are saying they were engaging in sexual activity which led to the fatal crash. The police are refuting those claims but I saw a photo on another website with the woman slumped over in the front seat and it appeared that her lower body is unclothed. I don’t know how one could be “knocked out of their clothes” like that because that’s what the police are trying to claim. Something is fishy about it and I’m not buying what the police are trying to sell at all

    1. Yes me see it but people said they were coming from the beach suh mi nuh know how dem conclude sex from the pics whether naked or not. Mi nuh see where anyone from the scene confirmed that

      1. You know I didn’t hear about the beach thing but that is one of the thoughts that came to my mind. Now that you tell me that, it makes more sense than the bullshit explanation the police gave in the newspaper article that I saw. If they were coming from the beach, the police should say that because making a statement that people are knocked out of their clothes and all that nonsense, leaves more questions than answers and will cause people to really think that something fishy was going on because I never see an accident where somebody is knocked out of their clothes like that. Tear up and maybe tear off yes but not “knocked out” of clothing on the lower body while still being seated and in pretty much the same position as before the accident. The police need to keep quiet if they have nothing sensible to say

        1. But the girl was in the front seat and the man round the steering wheel so maybe it was mind sex dem did a have. Even one of her legs look like it get a bad break n still somehow under the seat. Suh who did a sex who n wha kinda sex they were having that they were both in their seats all when di car crash. I think I even see the story on a guyanese page saying the same sex thing .

          1. Yes Met, I was looking at that too because she was still in her seat and I did see the leg that looked broken as well. People nuh easy. I saw someone post the story after the police were saying the sex story is not true. Anony, I think the article was from the observer and they did quote the policeman talking about knocked out of clothes and whatever and gave his name. It was a legit article, not one of those wannabe websites. I don’t follow sources that are not credible. I only know of the accident and the sex argument because of the newspaper article and what the person who posted it said. It’s afterwards I saw the photo from the accident elsewhere

          2. :nohope I saw it in my news feed but I never follow up the sex talk because both died so the sex part even if it did go so it trivialize dem death fi even mention it

        2. Is not all the time reporters
          write what is said word for word.

          Did they cite who dem quoting?

          Me experience them and me we which part all pinkwall dem thiefT phrases 😀

          If a no head in a driver lap up on impact then i damn lie se bitch dem a tell.

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