I realize nobody has small breast anymore , big belly or lil butt .. The drive off getting an education has reversed to being beautified … An Instagram along with Facebook is the new WORLD-STAR OR AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL .. Ladies why degrade your self for attention … Young girls with babies forget about being a mother .. Older woman with children are in competition to be young again .. WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG .. Ok u work hard for a living an u deserve to pamper yourself but why lower your self esteem in doing so …. No education no ambition an no pride .. What are your values what is it that u stand for in life .. Parties an social media is all that seems to make sense these days .. Because people love for others… Ladies when u show it all an leave nothing for the imagination what respect do u really desire .. Ok you’ll run into a man with money .. But he doesn’t want to settle down or wife you .. He can afford to maintain you until he’s done then on to the next one .. This is what we know an see everyday but my point is WAKE UP LADIES … Take a look outside the big picture … Growing up the older folks would say not everything glitter is gold .. Wise up … BE STRONG MOTIVATED WOMAN .. POWERFUL INDEPENDENT WOMAN WITH A DRIVE …. It will all fade away the beauty the body the clothes cars an money .. Take a look at your self in the mirror .. WE ARE ALL WORTH IT … We need better examples of females in this world …

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  1. I think we tend to magnify the Dancehall females when speaaking of enhanced bodies. I am an educated Woman who do not party much any more, I am well established and yes I have enhanced a little here and there. Not because my self esteem was low but because I felt I would look better and I could afford to do them. It did not detract from the person I am, the goals I’ve set or the life that I live.
    I agree with your take on leaving somethings for the imagination however I don’t believe that for a lot of us (enhanced ladies) that self esteem is an issue.

  2. Good Morning MET, This is exactly how I feel from the other day, everything change and not change for the better it has gotten so bad that u have to consciously remind yourself daily that you are worth it. Social Media is the epitome of everything right now everything revolves around FB & INSTA, the media and the entertainers diminishes our value and sense of worth letting us be complacent with mediocre achievement – Its hard to even grow your children now and not be concerned about their future as the schools itself are nothing but a pass time. Ppl be on social media spending more than tehy can afford and worshipping vanity is the order of the day. The other day I saw something saying Beyonce and other celebrities degrading and want to stop use the word BOSSY, I was shock as hell being that this lady and her husband makes millions calling other females BITCH and the men NIGGAS !!!! NIGGA ???? that our forefather fought so hard for. Met me no waan tek up too much a u space cause I am convince ppl like me n the sender are minority and me no believe say a change can come not in a society like this…Have a good day mums :nohope

    1. In total agreement. The more this is carrying on it seems that the respect for females has gone backwards. Then you get people screaming “sex negative” and “slut shaming” when certain behaviour is called out.
      I’m celibate right now, but I am considering it as a permanent calling. It’s hard, but when you even have working class men thinking that they are entitled to have an “enhanced” stunner on their arm, the surgery of which they never financially contributed to, what can one do? I can’t align my body or spirit with these entitled neanderthals and the sensible men seem to do as I..keep themselves to themselves.

  3. There are more black women graduating from college than any other race, but unless you viewed the statistics, you would never know that. The media never highlight black women in a positive light, rather, they are depicted as cheap, easy, loud mouth, superficial gold-diggers and the sad part, some of bought into this image.
    You don’t see the Michele Obama’s of the world on reality tv, instead, it’s cosmetically enhanced, low IQ females whose only claim to fame is the men they have bedded.
    The women you see on ig and fb are only reflective of their kind. It use to be a time when being a stripper was the worst thing for a woman, now it’s glorified.

    There are many black women who are beautiful, educated and in the court houses, hospitals and place of business and ig and fb exhibition is beneath them. So my advice is, these people should not concern you. The women you see half naked on ig and fb living for pocket books and shoes have nothing else going on but that. They are the Nicki Minaj loving type, the Nicki Minaj looking type.

    If you yourself are career minded and driven, these people shouldn’t even be in your world. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with looking good and feeling good about oneself but for so many of these women, it comes with too high a cost.

    So, to the women who are concerned, it’s too far gone to change them. TV and videos have a higher impact on their lives than any words of wisdom ever will. There’s no telling what the long term of effects of the bleaching and butt injections will be. And so long as you know you can look yourselves in the mirror and feel good about what you see when no one else is around and you are not tormented about the decisions you have made, then take pride in that.

  4. I like this so friggin tru. Instagram and facebook ago mek nuff gyal sell dem soul enuh.

  5. Well hunu sign up to be on there so what Yuh expect ,I’m not on face or insta Yuh name it Yuh can’t find me so easy ,the only thing I come on and read is jmg, I don’t see nothing in posting something fi hear lovely nice fabulous, I have my mirrors at home to tell me all those things ,people thats on there have low self-esteem fi true ,is the comment keep them going ,and them stay bad!

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