Six high-risk inmates housed at Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre on South Camp Road in Kingston have been relocated to the Horizon Adult Remand Centre on Spanish Town Road.

This is part of the additional security measures which have been instituted in light of the recent unrest at Fort Augusta.

Following the stabbing of an inmate at the prison last week, other inmates took to social media in a live Facebook video raising several concerns including allegations that those in authority were violating their rights.

In a statement Wednesday morning, providing details of the security measures, Rudyard Spencer, State Minister in the Ministry of National Security, said, following a health assessment by the institutions’ medical team, three inmates were diagnosed as mentally ill and placed in single cells.

Mr Spencer said frequent random searches will also be conducted and gate procedures enhanced. In addition, more staff will be deployed shortly to reinforce the inmate to officer ratio, he said.

Regarding the use of mobile phones by inmates, Mr Spencer said all electrical outlets will be removed from cell blocks.

He also sought to contradict the claims of ill-treatment, asserting that inmates are fed three nutritious meals daily, and their living conditions are sanitary.

The enhanced measures were announced following a tour of Fort Augusta on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Carla Gullotta, Executive Director of human-rights advocacy group Stand Up for Jamaica, has urged the Ministry of National Security to take action following its probe into allegations by inmates at Fort Augusta.

The police and INDECOM are investigating the alleged assault of the inmate at the facility.

However, following reports that the inmates recorded their concerns in Facebook Live post, Stand Up For Jamaica has called for inmates to use legal means to voice their grouses.


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