Holy Father, thank You for bringing us safely to the mid-year of 2016, thank You for all You have done in our lives since the Year 2016 began. Thank You for provision and protection, thank You for our healings and health in Jesus name.
O my High Priest, I confess and repent of all my sins and renounce them, forgive me, let me find grace and obtain mercy at Your Throne of Grace, Help me and meet me at the points of my needs at this mid-year season, in Jesus name.
Every glorious goal I set for my life in 2016 but are still elusive till now, I summon you now by fire! I soak you in the blood of Jesus, arise now and usher me to dream fulfillment in the name of Jesus.
Foundational powers sitting on my destiny dreams for this year, I overthrow you by the power in the blood of Jesus.
I yank away every idol in my heart and life that is blocking me from serving and loving God with all my heart, and all my soul, I cast you out of my heart and life in Jesus name.
Every stronghold, shrine or altar of lust, immorality and carnality that the enemy erected in my life, I PULL you down by the power of the Holy Ghost, be utterly destroyed in the name of Jesus.
Holy Spirit, OPEN my ears to hear the voice of my destiny, and OPEN my eyes to behold and read the handwriting of my Star, OPEN my heart to understand the language of my glory in the name of Jesus.


  1. Gm Bloggers,
    Met u know me a tek een Rev.Al Miller pon tv just now n is a real sample man that! Rev AL sey GOD never lie yet so HE will always keep his promise.Rev AL sey look how Abraham Did dead dead,VIAGRA couldn’t help him but GOD promised him,HE was gonna make him father of the nation!No sah!

    So the point being GOD will always keep his wud.Im on my path to what he has in store for me Amen n bless up everyone!

  2. Bless up Yardie, lol Al Miller noh easy fi true but a tru wud him a talk still. Al Miller seh not even Viagra couldn’t help him, a dah part deh sweet mi :ngakak

  3. More Blessings sweetest Chancey,mi seyyyyyyy…VIAGRA wasn’t even aroun dem time there so how Rev AL kno it couldn’t work??

    Every hurricane headed for Jamaica,Rev AL sey a him pray to GOD n beg mercy on our behalf n mek GOD turn them back!

    Yawdy mi link where art thou??Hope u good!

  4. Good Evening Metty & JMG family. Yes Lord Jesus, open my eyes and ears to Divine Word. Amen.

    Big up yuhself Yardie, Rev. Al nuh easy :ngakak Mi did ah fight traffic pon ah certain highway earlier tideh.

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