The police are confirming that the bodies of four people were found this morning in a shallow grave at Pennants, north Clarendon.

The report follows police confirmation on Thursday of the mysterious disappearance of four St Elizabeth farmers whose rented car was found abandoned on Foga Road, Four Paths in Clarendon more than a week ago.

The missing men have been named as Kevon and Clinton Hutchinson, cousins from Rocky Hill district, just west of Santa Cruz, and Shawn Thompson and Alwyn Griffiths of Schoolfield, Malvern.

More information later.

Garfield Myers


      1. Gm all..Two critical things. .

        Although mi can’t stop laugh n it’s just in the Yardies’ nature to tek bad tings mek joke..Sista PP u never had to be so savage @Dat mi sey.Remember a our lil harmless pardie that help to make our dysfunctional pinkwall fambily function. .somehow!Go read the comment again and blind yuh mind that issa Trump cheerleader yuh a reply to…see the difference now??

        I love that you’ve stood ur grung on the suspicion of 4 farmers in a rental car,it’s unheard of for real cuz I’m from country East n find it odd too.In any event our gut feelins are vindicated as the official news from the police is that the 4 men are a part of a criminal network. I’m aware of two pieces of evidence proving this.Always stick to the strength of your conviction no matter who or why dem cuss u.My most important lesson I’ve learnt on here is that the truth always will come out in the wash.

  1. So what farmers don’t have the right to rent a car? Dem must walk all the day a dem life? Sometimes you people on here are really Damn disgusting.

    They could have rented the car for many reasons…go market, go dance (Maybe dem don’t have the right to enjoying dem money either) or they could be visiting a friend.

    As for why they were killed we don’t know. I could be mistaken identity, revenge for one and others got killed also or could just be badmind fi tief the car

  2. Why couldn’t they be farmers and Inna rental car ??? Maybe they were going somewhere and rented a car the “farmer” come in because that’s their occupation I guess.

  3. Needleye 101, the fact that it was Farmers and 4 at once is the reason for the “Famers?!”. The rental car is a throw off. anybody can rent car that isn’t the point.

    Me born and raised in the rural area of St. Catherine (said it numerous times) and up to today day country see me. I will cut through any bush to go river go bathe said way and go to the tombs of my ole people go lay down read and sleep.

    The FACT that 4 farmers riding in a rental car, abandoned at the side of a road with all FOUR DEAD is abnormal. A farmer renting a car is abnormal. If the farmer can drive he WOULD OWN a car. A son/grandson/nephew of a farmer renting the car and driving the relative and others would be the norm.

    A passenger or DRIVER is missing. FOUR FARMER NAH RIDE IN A RENTAL AND ALL FOUR DEAD A ROADSIDE AND BURY IN A SHALLOW GRAVE. I didn’t elaborate on my first posting because the news report don’t make sense.

  4. Address me…a me alone write what you attempting to defend. YOU equally damn disgusting for reading MY comment and run with it like me say nothing wrong!

    ME IS COUNTRY ALL DAY EVERY DAY! A farming school me, feed me and mek sure me no grow up inna wakkle and daub or board house. ME generations go far back into the soil of Jamaica.

    The news don’t make no damn sense – simple as that. A farmer who know to drive would own his/her own car it establishes one status in the community. Dat a facts.

    Four farmers driving in a rental car, found on the side of the road with all four of them buried in a shallow grave is abnormal. NO FARMER NAH RENT CAR GO MARKET! lolololol how the load ago fit between the 4 a dem?! lolololllllllll

    The driver or passenger is missing. The younger generation of farmers would still follow the norm-with the exception of being mixed up in something of a criminal nature. But 4 FARMER nu get kill simply so.

    BTW, me also have ties to a farmer who lost his life a few months ago and the news had that half ass too.

  5. Same way PP. And these guys educated too. Something smells fishy. I heard they went to sell or deliver ganja. So maybe di receivee/s trick them tek it and kill them. Or it could be that it was an exchange. The missing passenger /driver might be the one who set it up.

  6. They were Farmers, but what type of farming were they engage in? Maybe they were Ganja farmers and it was cheaper to kill them than pay them for their weed.

    The two men (also from St. Elizabeth) that were killed by the Don from Mathews lane (Zeeks) years ago were killed over weed.

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