Yes a man is like a dog and if you train him well he will return to his master and Tina I’m guessing that’s you. Tina yuh still a run dun Marcel and him nah do the same. He’s a dog yes and he will continue dogging you out making you look like a fool. And when he return his master try know seh he’s not the only one returning. Him ah return wid him gal inna bundle. The same thing yuh go through wid him it’s gonna continue because he don’t want you as much as you want him. But I guess you’re ok with not being the only one shows your worth. NOTHING!!!

3 thoughts on “FOUR FOOT, A TAIL AND A BARK

  1. Dis girl get a beaten Inna expression from one girl di gal beat ar like a man mek she run up n dung woii mi seh di way she get it all di man weh she come wit run lef ar lololo… Noooo say a cash botherrrrr everywhere she goes somebody treat ar like a stepchild smh…. Shame mus di gal man she a tek

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