Four Men Charged With Clarendon Double Murder

Four men have been charged with the double murder of Jermaine Jones and Allen Cameron three weeks ago in Clarendon.

The men were killed on the Johns Hall main road in the central parish on June 26.

Their four accused killers were charged yesterday with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. They are:

Forty year-old Charles McCleary, a bus driver
Nineteen year-old Shawn Gilzene, labourer
Twenty-one year-old Conroy Cadogan, a call centre agent
Thirty-five year-old Kemar Francis
Francis is from a Clarendon address, while the others are from St Catherine.

The police allege that about 4:40 p.m. on June 26, the four men, who were travelling in two separate motorcars, ambushed Jones and Cameron who were travelling in a Toyota Hiace motor vehicle and shot them. Both injured men were pronounced dead at hospital.

They say quick action by the police led to the interception of the vehicles in which the accused men were travelling.

A search was conducted by the Caribbean Search Centre and one Smith and Wesson 40 millimetre pistol, with six .40 cartridges, and a Beretta nine millimetre pistol were found hidden inside compartments of the vehicle.

Ballistic comparisons confirmed that the firearms seized were used to kill James and Cameron.

The four accused are to appear in the Clarendon Parish Court on Thursday, July 16.


  1. The issue has never really been about perpetrators being charged but rather convicted…several months ago I predicted on here that the King Valley Gang would waltz free cuz of the mismanagement of the DPP!

    The greatest weak links in Jamaica’s fight against crime have been the informer fi dead culture (selectively practiced depending on who did the crime and informing)…and of course the ineptitude and wutlissness of DPP Paula Llewellyn,truly a National disgrace!!!She couldn’t secure a conviction against Peter who chopped off di yute’s ear even when Jesus Christ himself provided the eye witness testimonty!!

    1. If u had a case and the dpp ruled in your favor u would not say she was wukless. Do we really knows how evidence plays out in these cases, do we know the laws n how sometimes when the dpp would love to prison their ass but lack of evidence and people afraid to come forward. If that guy never testify again tesha Miller he would walk free too. A lot of times while the system has flaws, as Jamaicans we need to play our part but everyone is afraid and want to be safe n protect their loved ones. Sometimes our arrogance and ignorant utterances are only a reflection of our our Damm selves. You styling up the dpp is not helping anything smh.

    2. I had a sibling who was a crown council (I think that was the title way back then) and the major challenge was witnesses changing their testimony at the very last minute, which resulted in cases falling apart or the cases being thrown out. He/She would confirm hours before the trial that everything was set to go, only to have the witness do a 180 on the stand. He/She got so frustrated with the process that he/she quit and migrated.

      These are crown councils were inexperienced, overworked and severely underpaid. The major problem with the justice system is that the attorneys for the criminals would leak the name of the witnesses to their clients, who would either intimate the witnesses or murder them. That is how these attorneys win their cases in Jamaica.

      Another issue is evidence mysteriously disappearing before the trial or police officers who becoming unavailable for trial for one reason or another. Yes, the DPP, to some extent is incompetent, but that is only a small part of a much larger problem. The bottom line is, the justice system is very corrupt and until the witnesses’ identities are kept from the lawyers/defendants, the result will be cases lost by the Office of the DPP.

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