Met!!!!! Big fight last night wid dem man clown yah but mi nah lie! Rico side gal beat up Di baby mother last night look around ppl the video is going…but a weh Mek U NEVA rush Lisa last night FI dem beat out yuh dutty blootclaat gal U WAH dead bout yah f**k do batty man pony SUPPY KNOW WHO FI FRIGHTEN CAYSE U CAAH FUGHT BUT U A RUN UP INA PPL FACE AN A GE F** UP


  1. Tashy get a piece a beating doll give had sum lick I was there none har fren dem was not there fi defend har mi si dem go out n she Neva dere yet mi hear se do gal den a cut she off one by one cause all she do a chat den with each other.tashy u get beaten fi Rico cocky u start FCK batty man pony hype even if u n Rico left Rico Neva want u a bare FCK him FCK pon u u colda cock up ten time if u pussy nuh good it jus nuh good u need fi junk up u pussy n not u ass

  2. it look to me like Tashine rush har and dem was fighting its hard to say who won but it look like tashine lick har wid one bottle lmaoooo

  3. Tashine Pony Hype nuh have no money lmao all him do a beg d boss dem buy bottles fi guh show off pon woman poor yuh lmfaooooooooooooooooooo two nice girls stop war over waste mon cho

  4. tasni dnt win no fight doll throw ole heap a blow all tash do a hold out har hand, u r nothing without u crew ,mi see har a expression d gyal dem not even look pon har she stand up out a expression like she a bad girl tru she kno d gal them was there.n yes pony dnt have a dalla tashi u is jus a fck pony depend pon bag white fi mine him

  5. big dutty cayliss tashine a dis u come to????? my my my u gone to the dawgs my girl bout u a fight over man weh nuh respect you. child go back to school and become somebody like you fren Diane weh a step up inna life u low and disgraceful bad, wid u stubborn fake batty

  6. If you look carefully at the video tashine get beat up by doll..she rush doll & doll luck her up..she ain’t no bad girl..she just & Rico not together so why u mad..SMFh

  7. Lies mi see di video and it look like tashine can defend harself….. She nuh need nuh crew….its funny how tashine n har good up fren dem was so gud until f**k box Stacey cum inna it!!!!

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