She’s charming, beautiful, have sex appeal like no other. But behind those glossy eyes, dimples and innocent smile is a devil in disguise. You’ve heard of her in Brooklyn or Bronx because she run her pum pum red in these parts. She claim she’s on a “money mission”… She only f***k with certain type of men… Scammer niggas and drug dealers who can cash her out with bags and shoes. Her name is Marsha. Only 23 but her pu**y mileage is on a next level. She usually find her clients on social media. She sleep with both men and women. She doesn’t believe in protection and she gets around so if you know you laid up with her, please go get tested. There’s been rumors of her dealing with mostly married men. She love the “no strings attached” relationships so she can just f**k and get whatever she want without the commitment. The biggest part is that, she has a mental illness which she will not address. No matter how much pictures you see her take, how confident she may appear, she suffers from low self esteem. She goes around playing victim and using the sob story that her mother abandoned her but according to the mother, she had the best childhood. Marsha just love sympathy and she can manipulate the best of them. She has a way of making you feel conviction and have you give her the shirt off your back. Don’t be fooled by this… There are countless people who Marsha has f***ked over. People who gave her a place to stay, food to eat and many other things and she use them up and treat them like shit. Once you can no longer give her something or make her feel good in some form, she is finished with you. She is a robot. Can’t feel shit. Can’t love, can’t care and have no idea what loyalty is about. She move from one to the next and it don’t phase her. I don’t know if this behavior was taught to her by the mother, but she picked it up from somewhere. She has no desire to change because her main objective is to find a rich man that can take care of her for life. She has no ambition but you would never be able to tell by just talking to her. She will have you believe she is goal oriented and focused but she can’t focus on nothing but d**k and pu**y. This is not about slandering her. Slander is false information. These are facts about a person crying out for help. People need to be aware that there’s nothing innocent about this young lady. Everything she does is calculated. She fly out to f**k, meet people on twitter and Facebook to f***k same night, without using protection. What female you know that’s so reckless with her p***y? All the ones I know are carrying a disease. Be mindful. I know someone who she tried to make one of her victims but he outsmart her and she fell for the f***kery. Her defeat turned into frustration that then went to anger. This girl need to be STOPPED!!! She chat everybody she come in contact with, all people’s business she don’t know. She have so many enemies which explain why she change number like draws, she always quick to delete her social networks then reappear and she love tell people she don’t live in New York. You may have seen her in a few parties in the Bronx and Brooklyn, she’s a hostess at a new restaurant over Bronx or you could catch her strolling the streets to “ketch mon”
>> Marsha is always on the move. She don’t stick with one man or woman for too long. She toy with them, have her fun and then disappear. She’s one of the easiest hoes you can come across.. As long as you have money or pretty hair, the p**y is yours for that moment. She have a Jezebel spirit and need deliverance. She need a shrink to talk about her issues and work to overcome them. Running away from these problems can’t fix shit. I’m more concerned for her than anything else. She do a lot of dangerous shit that can cause her to get raped, hurt or even killed. You can’t be so reckless and f***k over people. I don’t want to see it come to that. If you know her, reach out and try to get her help before this thing reach too far. I’m sure there’s potential for her to be more than a f***king (Edited) for the rest of her life. It’s not too late to change. This is just an introduction of Marsha. Stay tuned because I have names to drop, screenshots and a phone full of slackness. Can’t keep doing people dirty, living dishonest and think the shit won’t ever catch up to you. Every dog have his day.


  1. in this day n age who walk n sex multiple people without condom walking STD this girl life is so sad

  2. Have mercy fadda!!!! this is serious man. The person sound like he/she really know marsha. Hope she change before somebody cut har throat.

  3. Monogamy isn’t for everyone. Whoever taught women that the pums is insurance, security a man trap definitely was wrong. It is simple a toy of enjoyment, if you don’t use it you will lose it. This was written with a vengeance , every sentence well thought about. Is either the girl right this to advertise or someone out to get her so badly they wanted this to sound serious and sincere.
    How this person know she is having sex without condom ? What type of mental problem does she have?the desire to live comfortable and get f*cked.
    Classic case of another woman trying to mar another’s character. Women always do this to their competition but it have a reverse effect. At the end of the day men want sex and to go around saying someone is a slut u kinda just opening up opportunities for them.
    Dunno y we have to be hypocrites it would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t want a man with money . There is no shame in the girl game.

  4. This is a real story omg thank you writer I am glad someone came forward . This gyal was in a relationship with me and my husband for a while we thought she was real but was just in it for the money. She is very nasty always have some sort of infection that’s why we stopped messing with her we did use protection but her pussy started to carry a smell and we were like f**k no!! She stalked us like crazy butch wanted my man to f**k her in the ass her freakiness turn up. Don’t get me wrong we loved her and cared for her until we found out she was all over the place.

    1. some a unuh so r*****ssss lie, a pussy veangeance unuh a carry fi di girl, even if that is the case what the hell it have to do with unuh, dem say when u a dig grave dig two, so unuh waan mess up the girl life , ur day shall come……ole wicked unuh

  5. MET!!!!!! ah who dem ppl yah man….the girl was in a relationship with you and your husband….and yet ah she nasty? no sah. NO met mi did ah falla the story but mi nah badda dem people yah dangerous. UNUH WICKED NUH BOMBOCLAAT!

      1. The only way you can say is a LIE met is If you know her personally. The person not telling no lie but as the elders dem always say time is longer than rope. Sender you know your conscience clean and you not lying so gwan through

  6. Yea man
    Gwan “through” wid di FVCKRY.
    Dis ya smaddy yah have a piece a hateeeee inna fi dem heart
    Mi nuh wah di sender hate me mi rass .. How u fi care bout this person and a try slander them at the same time yuh serious or u just sick???? And is a man suppose to write this???? Cuz mi nuh understand how one pum pum a drive unu crazy. Were you a client?? Mi woulda love fi know the relevance to this because yuh siddung and write it out nice and neat like yuh a put it inna u diary. I wouldn’t all surprise if yuh did a bawl when yuh write it … Sounds like a female or a b*tch ass nigga either way unu life sad .. Cuz then after dis wa? Mind unu business and lef ppl alone … Them say jealous is just love and hate at the same time EPITOME of this here book you have written

    1. It’s dirty niggas like you who will catch aids because y’all endorse this behavior…. Get some morals and values….it’s people like you who make hoes believe they’re winning…Sick stomach!!!!!

  7. This girl and my cousin waz good frens one time and is same way she f**k my cousin’s man. Can’t trust that bitch around ur man. She do her dirt real quiet but I knew trouble wud reach her one day

    1. So what does that tell you about your cousin’s man? He is a dirty cheatin assss ni99a too cause if she supposedly f**ked him under the quiet, then how did you and your cousin find out huh?????…maybe your cousin aught to keep a tighter leash on her straying dog…food for thought…

  8. Let her sell her pussy and live loose until she catch something incurable. Nothing can change a hoe that don’t want to be changed. We live in a time where people praise females who give out their pussy for things. Your pussy should be valued. I feel sorry for her because she is a pretty girl. I know Marsha from Mount Vernon. My phone been ringing off about this post. Somebody get her help if you know her.

  9. DWL …
    So Mad Mon u ah one mon? Or Mongrel?
    Cuz it look like yuh distraughtttt mad mon mi feel sorry fi u cuz it look like ah u one get the call …
    Get the right story madeeeks and then circle back cuz dis one don’t cut it IJS

  10. Mad mon tappi nise n go weh nobody nah buy yuh story yuh ah try sooooo hard fi d world come down n cuss the girl bout herself. You so desperate to feel vindicated for whatever you n her have. Bout get her help. Mek yuh never get her help you coming on here pretending like is not u send the post….bout “marsha dem find u out” man f**k off n stop waste the ppl dem time with your bitterness. Nobody nuh bizniz wid u and da story yah. Alllllll u ah try from one website to the other fi tarnish the girl no one cares about your sob story.

  11. Mad mon keep talkin di tings!!! Nuh mek nobody hold yuh mout…Mussi har client dem who a protect har lol

  12. Based on the text messages this is a love story between a girl who got caught cheating on her man and end up hurting him. From what it seems like she don’t have any remorse for what she did so he put her out there. Not saying its right or wrong but everything in the dark must come to light. I believe this story because I know how that girl Marsha really stay but its not my business

  13. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Unnu really waan defend a pussy yuh know nu’n bout? Some mon really a gyal clown! PROOF soon come..unnu hold tight..

  14. Mad mon, seem like u write the post. The story is not far fetched but give Met more information to confirm these things. Bring all the details to light.

    1. HAHAHAHA….you forgot to change the comment area….HAHHAHAHAHA… are madmon talking to madmon….muhhahah….i can’t….you are such a f**ktard!!!

  15. Am i the only one who find this strange? Like the story doesn’t add up. I believe the part about having many enemies because this blog was obviously written by an enemy, What i am trying to understand is if you are a woman whose man got stolen or somebody picked “Marsha” over you or if you are a man who wanted more from this said “Marsha” but all she did was tell you she don’t like you like that after you spent your last dime on her. For your sake I hope you are a girl because this is petty and downright immature. As for the picture you put up, I hope the girl in it know you used her picture an sue you or something.
    To me it is just weird that you knew so much detail about her sleeping around and all that, no girl would tell that to a guy unless you are gay. So either you are a weirdo who be stalking this chic or you try to talk to her and she shut you down. As for that comment up there about her sleeping with you and your husband, seems to me it isn’t too hard for you to make multiple comments. I feel like this is just a man/woman scorned.
    I feel bad for that girl if she really exist, you need to chose wiser friends. This person claim you need help but obviously if they can sit down and try to cause you this much pain they are the one who need the help.
    Just bizarre!!!….

  16. I’m outraged at the fact that people really condoning her behavior. I’m sure whoever wrote this is hurt from something she did them but the bigger issue is why must these young and beautiful girls sell their bodies as a way to get by in life? Instead of defending the nonsense some of you need to evaluating your own self. If you agree with one this young woman a doing you either sell your pussy or you buy pussy

    1. we have all done wrong in some form or another. everybody isn’t gonna like you whether you do right or wrong so just live your life. if this young lady want to sell per punash then she can sell her punash. if someone want to buy her punash then buy her punash. you seem extremely angry over this girl and what she chooses to do with her cheat meat. if i were you i would seek serious counseling to help you grieve and get over this beautiful young lady. who ever you are the girl mash up yuh bloodclaat head til yuh tun foo fool. pray on it son and best of luck

    2. Honestly though…there is no proof that she sell anything….i have said worst to people to hurt them…how wi know seh a nuh just someting shi tell diss retard fi get him fi low had??….mi nuh know man mi need more proof….
      dem seh who nuh have sin fi throw di fuss stone….

  17. Mi haffi agree. How unnu really defending a person who sleep roun unprotected and live suh? Shame

  18. So how much time Mad Mon gonna comment? I’m confused now it’s the same person commenting over and over saying the same things in a different way trying to convince people this well thought about essay and people are really talkin bout who’s condoning who’s behavior lol like clearly YOUUUUUUU SIR MADDAM FOWL OR COCK AH U SAME ONE A COMMENT stop it ..
    Mi fraid a ppl evil ppl a walk d earth

    1. Im on the case …u know how I am with the name change instead of saying anything to him mi a do mi rerk lol

          1. yeh man a di same suhmaddy…mi did know da story yah nuh add up….DEMON cum outta here!!!
            miseh wicked people…mi nuh know how unnuh sleep a night…nuh worry Marsha. mi neva really tink yuh did a real suhmaddy but obviously some of dese people know yuh…juss memba God nuh sleep. Mi nuh know how much a dis a true …but jus use dis as a lesson and lay low….do something productive wid yuh life and cut some of these demons off…mi feel like a more dan one suhmaddy a do yuh wrong…some of dese ppl claim seh den know yuh and a really true di idiot web rite this a tell…suh obviously u need better frens….if dat a really yuh pechuu u really pretty…yuh always ah guh have haters….juss use dis as a lesson…an move forward….
            GOD huh sleep ole dranco unnuh!!

    2. It appears that its the same “MadMon” person commenting and not realising that dem name nah change…its actually pathetic or sickening the lengths people will go thru in an attempt to ruin someone’s reputation. The girl the diatribe was written about, needs to sleep with her eyes wide open…#herfrendemwicked

  19. So mad mon you over here talking to yourself or nah bruh. Yuh nuh si seh you forget to switch ur name. You’re addressing yourself not the other dake name youve been commenting under. Get it together boo. Trivet yuh did see the girl ah sell her front or did she try to sell it to you. Or mad mon change him name? Man this sooooo lame.

  20. I admit that mad mon is a real mad mon lol… But how are we defending a young girl selling herself? She is beautiful girl and I’m sure she can offer more to the community than her body

    1. Show di evidence seh she sell har self…den wi will talk bout dat….no use wasting breath pah sumting weh a jackass name weh nuh know how fi change him usa name write….cum now…how yuh know weh a true from wah a lie…..FOOLISHNESS!!!

  21. Annoy 7:15 WAH Mek yuh nuh gwan guh offer soemthing to the community but ah WAH do ppl man ? Mi just a read and laugh because this is one messed up situation this girl put herself inna haffi careful who yuh mix n mingle Wid regardless of what she a do with har life no matter what it might be the person who wrote this HATESSSS this girl and it’s straight up being vengeful and conniving and I agree met I think it’s a woman .. No man would do this it’s either it’s a girl or a gay man but a REAL man would never do this and talk about they want to help the person …
    Word of advice lil girl just PRAY ! And be mindful I the friends you keep
    No one is perfect guh see di mucky life dem jancro deh Weh send dis in a live
    Happy 4th met & all mi gone nam jerk pork now lol


  23. Metty, mi guh back guh re-read the autobiography of Marsha, and it definitely screams “woman scorned”…reads like a female fell in love with her or is attracted to her and is now stalking her because she naah pay dem nuh mine…author, ya writing skills ain’t bad though, i’ll give you that much credit..

  24. Whether it’s a guy or girl who wrote this blog, this young woman should be ashamed of herself if she really out here sleeping around with no protection. I don’t expect nasty, worthless people to see where this is wrong. I believe the sender is scorned but it doesn’t change the fact that the girl need help. Who knows her in real life?

    1. I am starting to think you might be one of madmon alternate ego….yuh suh full a shit….a weh shi do yuh…a ketch hype some weh else….yuh nuh know seh nutting in a da likkle story ya true…

      1. Samantha, Glammity876 and the rest of you posers are all Marsha trying to cover herself…You can fool the readers but I know better. Facts are facts and I would never put out false information on her. I made sure I had evidence and people with concrete shit before I brought this up. Was it the right thing to do? NO. Is this true statements tho? YES. Not gonna argue with people bout it. As I said before, who know her, know these are facts but for everyone else that she outsmart, this is unbelievable. I don’t blame yall, I never thought she was capable of these things either until a month ago so it is what it is. Not putting out anything further so don’t be nervous, Marsha. I’m done.

  25. Kacey hype u know the person ? You know what scorned means???
    You know the word “Mek up” mi nuh understand youuuuuuu u acting like you know anyone on this blog personally .. Please no one will ever know so shut u shit and stop gwan like yuh know anything ah so ppl dead with ppl like you confirming things that could’ve been as little as FATAL ATTRACTION!!!! Stupidity I tell you !

    1. Do YOU know anybody on this blog personally? @Glammity876
      Funny how you respond to every mumaclaat comment but claim people have too much time on their hands LMAO
      Marsha, quit playing with me

  26. Mi read di blog couple time and review the comments and it’s plain to see that mad mon is the sender and glammity876 haffi be the Marsha girl ca yuh jus a guh TOO HARD fi defend di post. Big 4th of July and yuh spend it responding to every comment… Yuh give way yuhself glammity876. Dat jus tell mi she yuh guilty and waan clear up yuh name. Two a unnu mus a did deh inna waa relationship and it ended terribly. Best ting I can say is two a unnu mus seek help, apologize to unnu one another, learn to forgive and let dis shit go… Stop retaliating pon each other. Jus Lego each Otha from unnu heart and be free. Wish unnu di best

    1. Yuh a good observer…Exactly what’s goin on. But these people too fool fool and love di hype to realize waa really gwaan. I’m done wid it still…Mi cyaa lose mi blessings inna life by keepin it up wid these games wid Marsha…Im living my life and want her to live hers…we both can move forward as if we never had any dealings. Mek har gwaan to di next victim…mi done with what mi used to do but she naa stop lol

    1. nu’n fi confuse bout…di story real but Marsha and har people dem use dem head fi mek it seem like a lie by writing repetitive comments usin di name Mad Mon…lmaoooo. What yuh expect from a manipulator?

  27. Readers, I didn’t comment on the post several times. I made two comments but people use their heads and post more comments using the name “Mad Mon” to make it look like it’s me writing everything. Now it seems like I was trying to post as different ppl lol… Very smart. I don’t have to convince people that the post is true. If you know her, then you know what’s up. Who don’t know will just never know. Truthfully, Marsha and I both deceived each other and the situation got ugly. We were once cool. At this point, I’m not looking to ruin her life the way she wanna ruin mine. I was just letting the people know how cunning and dangerous she is but now I don’t care. Met, you can delete the posts and all the evidence that was emailed to you. None of this is lies but the bigger person ins just want to done it. Two wrongs don’t make shit right. Instead of seeking revenge on people, the best thing is to pray for them and help myself in the process. Marsha, I will deal with you one away in a mature fashion. I should’ve never let you draw me out to post this. See what anger can do? People will always fall for your sob stories but eventually they will all come back to haunt you. Change your ways, Marshmellow. Don’t end up like “you know who”
    God bless.

    1. Madmon “Marsha sumting got a hold on uuuuuuuuuuuuu” :kr :kr
      No sah check out if u n Vegas related u hear smh no matter wat happened with u n this girl to try n publicly disgrace her showed wat a weak ass person u r short of her killing the pope n eating a baby nothing will ever b a good excuse for your actions so now u my dear is not only heartbroken but also desperate n ashamed no sahhhhhhhhh mi shame fi u too

      1. Marsha you need security detail…no lie…i thought this person was crazy from the time i read the post but he just proved it. Honestly i was hoping it was a girl that wrote it…I can’t believe this was a guy. As soon as you got found out that you were playing multiple people you change your story.
        Honestly mi nuh know yuh and mi fraid a yuh…Marsha gyal…yuh betta run and run fast… fi any otha oma weh end up wid dis bwoy…..God watch ova yuh….cause dis yah one DANGEROUS!!!

  28. Senda is very bitter and needs a life. U know what it is to sit and right an epistle about somebody u don’t like? It’s crazy,mif u nuh like the girl move the fcuk on

  29. Mi yute, di best ting yuh do is done it. If dis is true about di girl den bad blessing already ah tek har up. Yuh jus move on from it and leff dat cah yuh nuh need fi be wid a ooman who tink har hole is a prize to life. Some gal nuh aff noooo shame to rass

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