Vybz Kartel bemoans lack of local artiste support
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jailed DJ Vybz Kartel is said to be highly disappointed that not much support was shown by local artistes during his murder trial in the Home Circuit Court.
Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, the mother of Vybz Kartel’s three sons, told the OBSERVER ONLINE that the artiste expressed his disappointment to her during a visit the day after his conviction last Thursday.
During the five-month long trial before Justice Lennox Campbell, the only artistes to sit in on the proceedings were US-based rappers Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star.
In an interview with the OBSERVER ONLINE, Spliff Star bemoaned the fact that no local artistes turned up in court to support the embattled DJ.
Reggae singer Junior Reid, on the last two days of the proceedings, showed up at court.
On Friday Johnson hailed Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star and Junior Reid.
She commented that “there are artistes out there who would like to see Vybz Kartel go down”.
“All who want him behind bars won’t get any support,” Johnson said.
Vybz Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer), Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John and Kahira Jones are to be sentenced on March 27.
They were convicted last week for the August 16, 2011 beating death of friend Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams over the disappearance of two illegal guns. Accused Shane Williams was acquitted.


  1. Why should they though ? you Mr. Palmer act like yuh a di God of Dancehall and best thing that has ever happened to Dancehall. What a way Shorty turn yuh mouth piece, yuh lucky mi nuh wrong dem nuh fi look pon yuh. You burn your bridge before you had finish crossing .

      1. Good morning met, I don’t is that I think is because no one could trust him, he wasn’t a man of his words he go around disrespecting ppl hen other artiste has legal trouble kartel don’t show no support instead he sings about it and moth the people them… kartel love negativity too much.. any way a how much shit pale him empty since morning?

  2. but wen kartel did a duh road him doah luk pon no not wan a de local awtist dem cuz him claim him more than dem not even a dub him wuda cut fi selectors nuh more nor wud he callab wid an outsider a tr8 gaza de man did deh him aun slime,a sharkeba,thunder storm,papcawn grain etc…suh phuck awf wid dis tonx much

  3. but wat shorty mean by “all who want to see him behind bars won’t get any support?”

    oh mi figet seh she cyaah read, so she no know what really a gwaan.

    1. Lundun mi was just about to draw fi mi granny again yu can’t expect nutting from a hog but a grunt . So mi and yu and most of the world know say shorty couldn’t string two words together to mek a 1/2 sentence .cho bring on next week if him get anything under 25 years somebody better hold mi up and give mi a big piece a cloth fi dry up mi tears

    2. if my memory serves me right, when dem first lock him up, a reporter asked her how di kids were taking it, and her response was dat dem “dramatize”. if dem did ever use ‘ar as character witness di judge woulda shut it down n jus send di entire defense go prison.

    3. Time fi she get put pon notice to. Bitch betta have those tax bills in order. I smell a forfeiture coming up after an audit.

    1. I dont know if she knows what that phrase means because it means that u have found a joke out of a real serious situation …it also is a sigh at the reality of ones situation…so if him innocent as dem seh but it is not sadness fi laugh at

  4. The people dem never even support him when he there was a slight chance he might be acquitted. Why dem need support now? Shabba’s reign was bigger than Kartel, it was global and he’s long since been forgotten. Kartel is gonna lose his sanity in prison when he realizes he’s become just a sad has been.

  5. Ms. Met what away the sheep dem bright go sign up petition pon di ppl dem good good white house website, dem just tek it down bright, who is Kartel again ?

  6. Mi wudda really like him call name as to which artis him expect fi support him! Cuz mi know it cudnt be nuh ex gaza member, I remember him did a video a tell fans fi lck dem Ina dem face if dem still a seh gaza, it cudnt be bounty are Beenie, sizzla, assassin,busy,spice, ninja, spragga, kippo,loll bwoy every name mi tink of is a person weh him nuh deal wid….

        1. Him betta satisfy with the support from Shawn Storm..bright, like the artiste them owe him anything. The artiste weh owe him deh right there with him..him betta gwaan hold on pon him hand tight tight

          1. but him neva like dem so why him bex now dat dem nah look? who him and him people dem doe beat dem ignore him lucky all di media a gi him a voice

  7. Met memba him did chop off poppy from early out and endorse tommy, an tommy seh pon onstage seh 20% a him earnings guh to kartel…but afta feem hype dead dung di earnings mussi get meega an di 20% cudnt sen een nuh more suh gaza slim did seh him no longer a gaza member….. she was kartel spoke person a guess loll

    1. :ngakak him did have a nerve because him did have poppy ina di ting and not even a video him did do fi him

  8. The amount of eye water on this fool him better go get right with God. Gaza Kim, get the beating of her life, lisa hype was humiliated to the lowest and this fool think him would escape the wrath of My might God. No Mr. Palmer the worse is yet to ome.

  9. Same so Met…Look like him did have plans fi come do up the artiste them weh nuh support him…afterall nuh him lawyers them say “we buss a case”.

    1. dem did deh pan a piece a plan shawn storm put out music ..if him did come a road di music fraternity cudden contain him

      1. shawn strom is so dumb before him tell the police them what happen.. him go in a court with letter that don’t even make sense dwl.. him not even say I carry him because kartel said he wanted to do a video shoot with him.. you just carry the man go see kartel for no reason? like them think people a fool

          1. yes met.. the whole three a dem confess.. when me read the letter them me buss out a big dutty laugh. cause me say look how shawn strom go buss pan kartel and a wha kind a letter them that. me say when kartel ask the judge the question it sweet me u see, cause inna him min him did think him did a convice the judge but a sink him did a sink him self deeper cause that letter never show kartel innocent.. it jut show how stupid self centered and dumb they all are.. all now me cannot get over the dry eye letter no sah what a boy eye dry..

          2. iffffffffffffffffff but im wondering if him lawyer did read it because he she couldnt have and allow him fi seh him follow lizard

  10. Met the lawyers knew they were guilty, This is because their lawyer is aware of their guilt can only defend them by ‘putting the prosecution to proof’. This means that their lawyer can try to force the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, but their lawyers will not be able to tell the court that they are innocent
    Met if them did just plead guilty without wasting so much years them lawyer could a help by Persuading the prosecution to reduce the number charges, pushing for more lenient charges

    1. Kartel gambled because if he had pleaded guilty then his chances of making it international would have been dim …him neva have no other way out dan fi try trix dat wouldnt work….big mistake to do what he did in the first place

  11. @Met, kartel and shaawty did really expect say any a di awtiss dem woulda support him?? REALLY, say it aint so???. Me know fi a fact say not even dub-plate shirley did waan duh fi selector cause him tink fi dem money nuh good enuff..Me know sound man whe make arrangement fi cut dub-plate wid shirley and juss because di man have an affliliation wid ALLIANCE, dutty kartel say, him nah duh none cause him nuh rate nobaddy from alliance..DAT BUMBO-HOLE and say him a business man..LUK PAN HIM TO, STINK LIKE..25 to life di dranko fi get..

  12. MET someone tell me seh kartel still making music behind bars

    is it so – is it even possible

    God forgive me but i really do like his music – it give me a vibe – even since mi hear him guilty – i still find myself singing along

    1. Yes he has been doing music behind bars fi years now…the music and the man r two different things u can love the music and not like the man’s actions…its when people cant separate the two then there is an issue

      1. @ a diff me, why r u asking god to forgive you for liking kartel song dem?

        u don’t need to do dat, next ting di sheep dem cum si dis an tink wi a lynch ppl ova here weh like kartel song dem.

        he has some nice songs, i too, like some of his songs. but as met said, his songs aren’t on trial, atleast not to us, its his actions we are against. some of these same actions you will hear him boasting about in some of these very same songs.

        1. @lundun is true you a talk.. but if me go on you tube and go listen one a kartel gun song.. me cannot finish listen to it.. fi hear the man a sing bout some gruesome killing weh him a sing bout.. me haffie say anybody that sit down and listen to kartel gun song until them finish.. good no sah

  13. @Lunddy, if u know this counteraction tune whe shirely du name “KILL DEM ALL AND DUN”.. Di title alone, gives insight to the mind of this disturbed person name Adija Palmer…U r soo right, a lot of his deeds r portrayed in his music…

    1. @highly, sumtime it hard fi seperate di man from di music, especially when u are privy to some of the things he gets up to, when he is on “adidja” time.

      many of the things he has done, he sings about it, but he felt he was so in control of what was going on, and felt he was so witty with words, that he could sing about it and we wouldn’t be none the wiser.

      i choose, pick and refuse what i listen to, some of his tunes sell right off, while others are just pure filth.

      not because u rate him song dem, it mean seh u fi put up wid di fu-ckery dem weh him do.

      99% a wi don’t know kartel personally, so how wi fi swear fi him? di man, when him did a do road, was a real pu-ssy towards other artistes, so weh some a unno a seh, a conspire di other artiste dem conspire and a tell lie bout kartel personality?

      di sheep dem sick mi stomach bad bad.

  14. i wonder who him really expect to support him after him diss fellow dancehall artistes by saying that “dancehall is in jail”. so only his craft is to be respected…please!!!! well since dancehall inna jail, si him get 2 rap artistes support. him lucky.

      1. Met a de headline yah mek me a dead fi see somebody say:

        ” We as individual artist have our own burdens to bare. It would be career suicide to openly show support in such an high profile case. Granted, that the main, high profile defendant is seen as the head of a movement that isn’t favorable to many people here and abroad” any form of solidarity may not be seen as favorable to the fan base. All I can say is good luck ….and this is just the mild version if I was writing for anyone a dem.

        1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ dedments a dat dem fi se mek him drown likkle further outa order

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