Mi have some Cerassee. I mean *cough* SERANI tea fi send in…

The one Kadzi Porter she any man weh have likkle hype or money she run gawn f**k.
Fi a likkkle girl how her p**y have so much mileage??
Anuh me alone say so,
a suh dem a say pon road.

One minute she deh pon Millwood boat.
Next she a par wid Di uptown ute fi try get inna Di circle.
She a f**k fi Di free party ticket dem & the IG hype.

It nuh worth it!!!!

Go find a man fi fix yuh teet’ my girl!
None a dem man cyaa pay fi yuh braces?
You p**y only worth free ticket?!


She all a post picture inna Serani car outside him house.
That’s his door.
Weh Sabrina deh!?
A you Mek 3 inna da relationship deh?

Yuh want the world to know say your P**y have public holiday too?

If you teet nuh fix by next year you it booked say you is a wutless gyal!

See Dr. Meeks contact here 927-5552


  1. Nah lie she still pretty with her teeth no lie, all I want for her to do is go back to school and finish it.

  2. Me feel is a music video fi true. Then she did stop go Utech. I was wondering how me see her a school since the year start enuh. Me did in a group with her once, very very lazy, never contribute a thing to the group work and expected to pass kmt.

    1. I was in a group with her once n I had the same experience, ended up presenting without her.. Doubt she passed the course and felt bad for her but she needs to prioritize. I think that’s for a music video as well.

  3. Music Video & deh at Di man yard?
    Sumtn fishy ooo.. and me nah just talk bout her hole.

    These girls have no ambition
    Then she wah post bout “Haters”
    She have anything fi hate?
    No job, no assets…

    Mi just hate her teeth!
    me just want fight dem into alignment.

  4. Dis a get fram bad to rerse….. 90% of the advice to women posted on JMG from the bloggers is “….guh find a man fi gi yu supm’n”…..”….look uhmuch man yu a f**k and don’t have nothing.”….”…..yu fi stop f**k fi free.” ….”nuttn nuh wrong if she tief, a nuh you she a tief from.”
    Is this the only way 90% of women are able to fend for themselves?
    To the 10% who are here encouraging a job search and some education, BIG UP YUSELF!!!!

  5. Dis likkle wanna be is damn wutliss..I dont knw how she dweet…Yea we knw she cumn fr a poor background, but dat nuh mean she fi a sell har self to every other man..She bad

  6. Dem ya gal ya juse living fe likes . Any gal envy a gal fe some cheap clothes and pics is an idiot. Foundation over hype …because hype always dies especially when it cannot be maintained , who can be grudgeful of these broke bitches tho LOL .

  7. Little Willy change yu name to BIg Willy cause a big argument dat. I made the same comment last week. If a girl f**k and get paid is a problem. If shi f**k an doan get pay is a problem. If smaddy teef, dem cheer on the teef. If smaddy else teef, dem crucify di teef. If a man a batty man him fi dead, yet mi si dem a cheer on the batty man wey dun Robbas. Dem confusing bad. No act is bad inna fi dem eyes, it just depends on who dweet. Dem hate Robbas suh di batty man wey dun har get nuff forward an a di same set a people mi si cuss Shebada an talk di tings bout him. Jamaican people a di bess to rawtid.

    Nuff a dem long time big woman muss guh easy pan di advice dem a gi cause if Met site did dey bout inna di 1990s sum a dem story would a mek dem new breed a ho dem look like angel. Live an let others live. Unno look fi di worse inna everybody an every situation….

  8. Shadz and Shanzi a the same thing. Mi see Sadiki put up an IG story when him a come from barber and who was there with him a grin off her teeth, nuh Shanzi. A only my man I follow to the barber, and that’s rare. Suh Sada and Shanzi, come tell we what really a gwaan. @met no new tea for us? Lol

    1. It’s very obvious they’re together. At his birthday dinner she kept emphasizing “FRIEND” in her speech. Like, okay girl, doth protest too much.

      She’s never posted a single picture with this man or at his home prior to last month, yet they’re best friends. Friendship don’t come overnight so. Shanzi You’re entitled to privacy so if that’s what you want, don’t post things for attention and then lie about it. You look stupid.!

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