1. Glad for you lot, Linda was Shabba’s FIRST LADY. She was the one he was planning to marry,if he never pass away he was going to Janaica this Christmas to marry her. Linda was his heat beat so don’t worry about her, she is quite ok in Jamaica living a much better life than most of you she’ll well happy and content. Chin f**k out like dog, Krystal was putting on a show cause she see him with his tings and fall at his feet and he played the game with her. Shabba dead and gone let the man rest in PEACE. May his soul rest in perfect peace and remember sickness can knock on anyone door.

    1. Lies are NOT good. I could say a lot but I’ll hold it. I have text plus long calls between Shabba and I. His words where ” he lived in England and not Jamaica” meaning he wasn’t taking blonde serious now Mr or miss that’s a big lie you just told. After everything that went down Shabba wanted to work things out with chin and settle with her when he got better as she one stood by him. Now Krissy shabba did love her for real and he had said she is the one for him (before him get really ill) its when she never show support Shabba turn to chin and chin did the right thing and stood by him till the last. the one in Ja he was on a play play ting so where did wedding come from?. I could be dark and send mate all the conversations BUT I will respect and let Shabba rest in peace. If Krissy was after hype or didn’t love Shabba back I cant comment on that as only she knows what she felt for him. Only thing I have against her is she could have stood by him. The way she protest her love for him one day and within two weeks of him taking sick she took down all photos of him. So that’s why people are going hard on her. Yes people argue in all relationships but you can’t unlove your true love in a space of weeks. That’s what Krissy did. Yes chin aint no saint but bottom line is she looked after the man even after shabba pose up n protest his love for Krissy. That’s why men need to stop this up and down thing with women because when shit gets real these arm fly batty gyal will run left uno. Respect women at all times as you never know who will stand with you tmrw

  2. N y him feel d need fi broadcast dis?? u see dem maama man ya – n d worst ting is dat herpes is a disease whe ppl carry fi years b4 dem know dem have it so how him know a she gi him damn baboon, fuqqa fi her cause me no know a who tell her fi tek up dis y agoat looking mammal ya

  3. Really some people ignorant bad. Herpes can be carried.with no symptoms pr breakouts. She probably only find out after she pregnant. Bashing babymother mek you look small. The way some a dem f** work sender you have it to.

  4. mi kanfused to cuz me swear we a talk bout di woman weh gi di man herpes den next thing me a read bout Shabba…smaddy pls enlighten me as to wah gwaan

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