1. home in her pillow crying ,why did I leave my good man, my man ,for this , met when see tis old gal u can tell , she sad , sad , only when u can u obeah girl ,u se

  2. He claims this one… These men are a trip.. Only to be hitched up tomm night in a sleasy old party with upscale. So sad. And women settling for this type of shit. I know it’s hard in the dating field but damn!

  3. He left that trini bitch! She use to war everybody fi him. That bitch swore he would be with her forever. Bitch lie how he open daycare for her dang . Uncle don’t want a sole

    1. My girl stop talk what u don’t know she is not Trini an this is not the girl who owns the daycare an yes uncle help the girl to start a business which is a smart move so stfu u sound mad stupid go an check ur facts before u come right an for ur info uncle is still with cash the one in the pic an she is Guyanese!!!!!!

  4. That’s his day one his Guyanese woman that’s who uncle love. Stacy upscale and the hair dresser gal Marie a just cocky coolers

  5. Something delete all of she n uncle pics off her page lol dung to him flyers dwl uncle another one bite the dust hush Something a so it go yah Neva leave ur good good man for a dog u will an I repeat you WILL get hurt cause at the end of the day u can’t bring nothing to the table u are a dependent an uncle ain’t having that you gotta know how to make that mula lol

  6. You ladies talking bout he love the Guyanese girl… He loves no one but himself. If you love someone you fi not disrespect them like that. Him walk and talk how him a guck Stacy, Marie, Nyoka. He ain’t shit!

  7. Him use to put pure hicky pon her neck..and she walk up and down and show it off like a prize look deh now …Stacy u don’t get nuh claim boo. Hush now u feel a way say you a cash matey you thought you would a turn Wifey..woooiieeeee goodie look like Yuh hole nuh good again .. The only thing you hype bout in a America Cuz you don’t have dry shit…you haffi f**k fi nyam in a this bloodclacct …fi a big woman Yuh fi shame fi show Yuh long face!!!

  8. The Trini gal a dead, even if uncle open day care for her every time him want money him go beat her up and she have to give him, him and the Trini gal still a f**k , uncle know who him want and who him can beat and take them money

  9. That’s a lie uncle beat woman , met what happen to the baby mother that have 2 kids for him , he use to beat her thats why she lef him , she even at one point lock him up ,uncle no want no body , pretty educated girl and all him do a disrespect her and all kind if things , uncle must memba say a she did deh deh when him was in rickers a she was the one there for him , she put money pon yim books all the time but god nah sleep he’s gonna get whats coming to him

  10. Wooooiiiiiieeee ah cah tell it… Cash run dung… So if uncle pick har up ano nuttin 2 ah dem wotless…cash need fi go tek care ah Har pickney…and he said it righy she is a #wifey, not his queen or his love his #wifey…she a promote him and him ah promote Har and 2 ah dem don’t make one….cash like man weh beat Har so…more power to them #powercouple.. Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy… MI happy fi unu Ya happy indeed mi love

  11. Poor thing he jump back on Cash saddle, next week he’s gonna be on the next saddle, then the other saddle and it continues.

    Cash really don’t have no self esteem, the way how Uncle chat you, fight, embarrassed and bring gal around which you can’t do nothing
    this only shows your a female dog that don’t have no pride or shame…smh

    Uncle literally don’t want nobody,he only want is hood cool whenever then you get pick

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