So this girl Tameka from mobay who is marvinpxxxybeast big sister, she use to deh with movado. The girl married how long and love carry gal in her marital bed, now Keisha that work at customs at the same airport she work take away her husband from her.


7 thoughts on “FROM SWITCH TO NEW B*TCH

  1. Marvin sister looks fairly decent and she setup just nice and you mean to tell me sender that someone that works at the same location as her to her husband away from here… Well a man can’t be taken unless he allows it… But I say this girl go and find you another more worthier than your husband because he is easily to be lead by a woman… But bet believe after you leave the no good bastard and it don’t work out with the girl, he will be knocking on your door for forgiveness bet my dollar on that one… I wouldn’t even fuss too much with the girl or him let him leave bout him business, you have a job and it looks like you take care of yourself go find a decent man that will appreciate what he has… That’s the thing with these bastards they don’t appreciate the woman that they have right in front of them they always was to dip and dapple with something else they have no business messing with but let the girl burn him eyes out, that will be his KARMA, he will soon see the grass is not greener on the other side…

  2. If yuh show yuh man say pussy is a substitute to him good good cocky wah a feed yuh.. him naw tek yuh serious an if Yuh did married b4 and tink dat ago spice it up an him maybe naw go a road….. WRONG!! Lol a wah dis on us today..

  3. Smh people nuh have nt fi talk sah hmmm.. Kmbt man lo the f**ng woman day sender here badmind and maybe not nuh blood cloth go so move you bombo cloth mix up pussy ole unuh

  4. So many low life people out there. Why would you put up this woman’s business like that. How much money are y’all getting out this smh.

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