Canadian Dancehall mix up. This is Kevin aka Coco him love go ah dance wid him crew but a beer ooman him have all ova di city. Him likkle bit about 5’9 140lbs so why him have so many ooman him love p**y but not [email protected]*k it him love eat it and everyone in the dancehall community knows it. Lately he was in JA wid Gail and har babyfadda get mad so him mek collage an put pun instagram calling Coco molester. Too bad Gail not even know seh Coco always deh a Jamaica wid different ooman every few months. Gail be where ah him ah one dangerous man dat word has it him nuh wear condon either. Poor Gail it come in like she jus ah look man fi tek had outta har co op building. Last year he was living wid him long time girl . she finally left him so now him ah run all ova wid Gail. She ah real fool posing up wid him car in JA like she ah di wife. lawddd

0 thoughts on “GAIL DEM SAY YUH FI ”BE WHERE”

  1. Weh yuh seh senda “Be Where”???? :ngakak Next time finish di likkle GED class before yuh run een story pon yah. Wi kaint handle di illiterate dem tideh….not tidaaay. For di records it is ‘BE AWARE’ Tek yuh own advice an be aware of yuh dunceness.

      1. Ah kaint tek it :ngakak Ah really one wud shi struggle wid dem way deh???…an si mi oba yah ah tink oddawise. Suh is ah danger signal shi ah send out, not ah FYI signal……ah weak inna di Wednesday morning yah :ngakak

  2. lol..unnu bad eeh..mi fraid fi send een any story if mi know none, mi fraid mi mek mistake and unnu dun me….GM Ms Met

    1. No Hotstepper…ah only wen mi spend time read di long dry story mi get ignorant an tek it out pon di senda. :ngakak But send een ah story when yuh have one, yuh safe like bulla inna glass case.

  3. Beware I think she meant.
    But sender it sound like u a one a di many woman this man have and it bun u cause “Gail” a get all the knowings

  4. Sender, yuh really ah mek mi likkle hi glasses ah work ova time fe si dem deh tiny pictures…why yuh suh wicked? :nerd

      1. Mi si di microscopic images and jus skip right pass guh str8 to the comment box, the way mi suh vex :hammer

  5. Sender…you wish you could be Gail, don’t? A so you bad mind and can’t spell?
    Sender you should BE AWARE of making spelling mistakes when warning people to BEWARE of things in their lives…especially if you would like to BE WHERE they are!!

  6. mi cyan believe a di one word sender spell wrong an ah so unno ah gwan. di point i think sender is trying to make is some people need fi tek advice an heed warnings. thats ALL.

  7. A dont think dem gi GED a Canada a ongle Merica but me no sure but me see odda words wa no spell good…c dem here condon, be where, n last but not least beer. Here r d corrections, beware, condom n bare . Senda hold out u hand fe a beating especially fe d likkle picha dem wa u sen een: u need a spanking:)

  8. Gail babyfadda a YUH a write dis. yuh a real gal mascot fi send in da man picture to.JMG.MY nigggz been pushing his cock inna yuh babymadda HOLE aint NUTTIN U CAN DO BOUT IT. no wonder she left u she need a MAN not a big gal weh tho word pon facebook and JMG everyday. Here’s your chance to act like man 4166188967 dats my link DONT get at COCO get at me BAD BWOY. my niggaz a baller he aint got time for you but I got lots ANYTIME … ANYWHERE .. NO POLICE

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