The Marine police seized just over 230 pounds of ganja during an operation at Pelican Cay yesterday.

Reports from the police’s Corporate Communications Unit are that about 11:00 am, police, acting on information, proceeded six miles offshore to Pelican Cay, where they found the 230.9 pounds of ganja wrapped in brown masking tape.

The police estimate the street value of the drugs to be just over J$1.4 million.

No one was arrested in connection with the seizure, according to the police.

This seizure comes on the heels of another drug seizure that occurred last Saturday at the same location.

3 thoughts on “GANJA SEIZED

  1. If the picked up more days before at the same location, what posses the people to attempt to think they will pull it off the 2nd time, there’s some informer in the mist of your group… But as the other two folks commented I wonder what they did and or doing with the stash too…

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