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  1. Good morning met,
    Lord have mercy on her . Mi hope she nuh go a prison mi pray god help her and release the strong hold the devil aka kartel have on her .
    Gaza slim I hope you remember god is not mocked . Mi hope yu remember say yu can’t worship 2 master . Deuteronomy 6:15. Exodus 34:14. So Vanessa slim gaza slim just know say yu can’t use god

    1. Good morning I do hope she knows who the true and living God is. Mercy is a good thing to ask for when you know you are deserving of punishment so she is going to right way

      1. Same thing mi say too but mi still see the strong hold the evil one have on her , she refuse fi say she did wonder weh from god and church bout she send her offering every Sunday

  2. Such pretty girl got mixed up with the Devil!!… Looking in her eyes and I am seeing regret. I am hoping that she means every word of that song, everyone makes mistake and deserves a second chance once you have acknowledged what you have done and ask the Lord for forgiveness. As English Rose said, I hope she is not taking the Lord God for a mockery. Vanessa Bling, you need to separate your self fully from Karthell now and God back to school to further your education… Good morning Miss Met!

  3. Pretty girl with so much talent. She actually sound better singing acapella than the actual song. To me, she just seems young and naive. Truthfully, I hope she’s given a suspended sentence or probation where she doesn’t face jail time. She’s clearly still enamored with Kartel, undoubtedly because he got a hold of her at such a young age. In time, with enough experiences under her belt she’ll look back on her stupidity with disbelief. I wish her the best.

  4. Such a pretty likkle girl….kartel captivate her mind from a tender age an das y it suh hard fi shi get weh from di mental clutch him have pon har…..hope shi trn her life around fi real.

  5. she need fi make the world know she couldn’t do otherwise bz she and her families life was in danger bout drop down and cry

  6. Ok hmmm….when u find God and you have accepted you have to speak the truth…..and since Lizard rob ar and shi report …shi need fi go report it seh him neva rob ar ….and mek da ting yah done …….shi too smart

  7. Understand that it take for most to reach rock bottom be before they seek out and embrace the desired path of the Most High God. God is just and only He can judge the ones.

    For her sake, I do hope that she is afforded one more chance; and at the end of the day, God giving her one more chance might include going through the prison experience–she is not Jonah but she might have to suffer and tested like Jonah.

    Note that she might have reconciled with the reality that she won’t be able to avoid prison. Hence, by producing these types of music, she is attempting to create some semblance of a legacy…

    1. I like how u put it. Most of the time people think that forgiveness comes without punishment , I hope she knows mercy is leniency and nothing else.

  8. Tell har nuh worry met fi har sentence mek and put dung bout 3 years she ago get she still ago come before fartel (kartel)

  9. Beautiful girl get mixup inna garbage I hope god help her…that’s y wat don’t concern you leave it alone

  10. Why ppl love tek god fi play thing all of a sudden yuh soo holy first you was worshipping Kartel fi yuh gad until yuh si the real GOD at work an prison ah wait pan yuh now yuh ah bawl fi mercy please!!!

  11. @Real… and me a seet di said way. Since dem bring charges pon her she find God, but God neva lost, it are she who lost. How yu fi a beg forgiveness and yu can’t confess yu sin.
    Look ya nuh eeediat gyal, guh siddung one side till yu figure out repentance. Yu heart full a love fi di devil. Yu gwine get a sentance unda yu raas fi dat. GWEH!!

    1. We are humans and such behavior/reaction should not surprising. What’s key is that he now has a wake up call, atone and change her ways.

      Let’s not be hypocrites, though we might not have done some of the things that she’s done, we’ve all had our missteps…

      Fortunately for us, mankind and God are not one in the same…

  12. I will not judge her because when you are young we have people who makes decision s for us. She had an opportunity to work with Kartel who was one of the best in the game and she took it. She was being loyal to what she was apart of. I am sure God sees and knows that she made bad choices but guess what it was about of her journey and I believe that it was already written. She needed to experience this to get to where she is destined to be. If she believe and trust him as she said, he will not forsake her. At least she got the opportunity to repent and ask for his forgiveness.

  13. A singular ‘inspirational’ song does not remove her culpability in her involvement to attempt to pervert the course of justice. Agreeing to conspire with Geishell was an callously egregious act. She committed a serious crime and if found guilty, should be punished as anyone else who would commit a similar crime.

    She doesn’t even appear remorseful for the crime. She appears saddened by the realization of the potential consequence of her action. She needs to come clean, admit her role in the crime and express her sorrow for telling a blatant LIE on a dead man. Short of that, she gets no sympathy from me.

    Shame she allowed herself to be used by a sociopathic Geishell.

    1. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…


      wan thing for sure is dat she has a nice voice

  14. The world is full of craziness and we can’t change that! Christ was betrayed by man and he forgave them so she still has a chance. It does not remove her involvement or association but if she is calling on the Lord in a time of need she is doing the right thing. If God did stay like man, we would not have existed.
    VB, keep praying and confess to the Lord cause only him and judge you and save your soul. You don’t owe the world anything. It’s his world and we are a part of it.

  15. R.I.P to the victim who also paid a price with his life for choosing the wrong company. This is the same thing that VB did. They were loyal to someone whom they believed was a leader of them. The shoe could have been on the other foot. She did one anyone would have done in that situation. Assuming if that was the actual situation.

  16. If nuting neva happen to the devil shi would not remember GOD shi woulda out deh ah hype bout gaza fi life shi love the life shi was living every minute of it but shi neva know sey GOD NAH SLEEP!!!!!

  17. Kmdt when u boss did a buss it up inna u mouth u never did a beg forgiveness. Not even the dogs that piss up on the wall of babylon shall escape the judgement.

  18. Mi na lie, eye wata come a mi eye fi her. everybody mek mistake, such a pretty lil girl with that beautiful voice. u can c Wilfred feel fi her look in him eyes and also in his voice. have mercy on her pupa Jesus.

  19. I dont believe this charade 1 bit, a bet yuh if she never have a court case she would an never a beg mercy from God, or do gospel song, dem love use God fi convenience yuh see. If she was truly sorry and wanted to turn around her life she would have gotten rid of the tatoo Addi on her hand, that in itself shows that she still bears the mark of the beast and is still a devil worshipper; bout har church and Pastor, yuh can fool some not all. A bet unuh seh as soon as she get off a that court case she gone right back to har old dirty ways, Im sorry, but Im not a believer, Im not convinced that she is a changed person, people can change, but I believe that this 1 is wrapped up, tied up tangled up in the devil’s evil ways. A now yuh know God???!!! Oh what a tangled web we weave!!!!!

  20. She is just asking for mercy some a nuh just fool fool n dunce n can’t comprehend a simply interview some a nuh a di devil best friend smh.

  21. mi luv her coz of discovering GOD has mercy,op she didnt sold herself to the devil as choice we wont judge her (GOD IS REAL)

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