Happy Sunday! not an happy Sunday for general b dancehall artist. He lost his mom the other day he crying like a baby but that’s the norm like any guy that lost their mom. But he not crying cause he miss her he crying for how he use to treat her like sh*t and now she gone and maybe he is sorry, him rob up him mother money weh she send from foreign for him to save, she come from foreign with nothing when she ask him for it him cuss r bad. She have to live with him cause him rob up r money him don’t even tell her good morning when he is there him treat her like sh*t. Boy may her soul rest in peace but when u can get another woman u can’t get a next mother general b why u so wicked to u mother and now u a cry.


  1. Sender something is fishy with your story when people want to save they put their money in a bank account you would not send your money to your son and tell him to save it for you of course he would spend some of the money this dont make sense.

  2. I do not see nothing fishy with the story, people from foreign always send money for a family member to deal with it right, just like they send money so they people down there can build up dem house, and since they in foreign they don’t know what the people doing with the money, that happens to everybody, family members more time is their worst enemies… So I believe that it can happen because I hear too much stories… She trusted her son to open up one bank account for her and he choose to take his mother money and live off of it, and if he truly did that he will suffer for it, KARMA is going to hit him soon, the only reason his crying is because of all the evil he did to his mother, the woman that gave him birth and his wickedness is going to come back on him ten folds… You suppose to honor thy mother, read the bible, no matter what your mother has done honor your mother, she can fuss and cuss with you but you only have one mother…

  3. There’s no words to describe the way Dave treat merl on her dying bed!!! Not even doctor him would carry him mother to. Him treat him mother bad and god going to beat him for it! The worst part he was her favorite child!! Merl have three other kids an she put him first in everything she do! But god nah sleep

  4. Anonymous @ 10:57 I am not 100% sure if the story is true or not.At this time the only thing we can do is read the story and then state our opinions.I just have one question for you.What the hell do you mean when you made your comment and asked why would someone send money to a relative to save in Jamaica? Weh yuh mean? Every Caribbean person does that..You do save in a account but you send money back home..Now when you file taxes they ask if you have money overseas to tax any interest.A fimmi generation a bank fimmi…Mek dem use it without asking..Yes they can use when I approve..A mi a wuk fah

  5. Him have two sister in England one sadamite and one just have twin them in foreign a waste time INA real life general b treat his mom like shit

  6. Dave tell me personal say him hate him family them. Him gwan like him better than them him have a aunt him say him nuh go round r cause she beg like she blind. Him two sister them waste out them days a foreign then Tanesha she come on vacation spend this bag a money then go bk a England hungry
    She set up r cousin pan a gal from England and think him could a get papers lol the gal bow out the cousin and not even a phone call when she reach England.

  7. Shelly and Tanesha just as wicked as Dave them take of a them father. And Dave a raper like his father too Tanesha and Shelly hype a Jamaica no hype in England. Tanesha a talk like r baby father use to do a lot for her a lie she a tell
    Tanesha a tell lie bout state freeze account lie she a tell
    Bay duppy story she a call a tell Jamaica nuff a them fi cone home bk and stop live off a government a England true them have pickney deh Tanesha go look a work u hype done

  8. The best one is Pam r pickney them come out not so bad but the one way nuh stop bleach out r old face picney them I don’t I don’t even know some of them she give weh some only know the small son the big daughter and the good looking son that sell a town. Sonia that’s Merl sister stop batta up u face like that with the bleaching cream when ever I pass u in town me feel sorry for u face so u daughter nah give u a bus look how long she in foreign seems a the son that sell a town ago come buss u cause him find money gal all car me hear him a drive now
    How Tanesha feel when she set him up pan woman and him never even get a phone call when the gal reach bk England
    One sad set a family

  9. General b u wicked man u mother must be crying in her grave. Boy unuh wicked to unuh. Mother tanwsha, Shelly, general b all a unuh wicked unuh fada left unuh mother and a she alone raise unuh she try with Tanesha how much time till she finally reach England Dave try to nah lie with her but what she go foreign go made of herself f**k down England and u muma afi a sell a town. Unuh wicked

  10. God knowe feel it to my heart
    When me hear Merl dead she was a nice person but she was very sick rather god take her than she a suffer more time I saw her in town she look very sick selling her kids r wicked

  11. Me see the sister way day for real her face not looking well the bleaching let she look ugly then she full it a make up like power duppy stop doing u face like that u a big woman sop compete with young people

  12. Stop talking like pam is the best she have r flaws too Caz her big stay bad daughter afi a mind the boy fi stay wit r every day them war a town

  13. Pam is the ambitious one
    Devon nuh stop give Pam bun with bay young gal so nobody life perfect all a the family sad but it sad pan Sonia more a young boy she go take a Merl tell me that the same age like r daughter dirty set of family
    But every body family of faults

  14. Regardless of what wickedness they committed. Rip mither Merl. You fight a good fight.
    Celebrate Merl life & deal with the family later

  15. I saw this circulate the internal yea! Well general b is hype but a very jovial person
    Lol Tanesha hype done for tru yea
    By the way Tanesha never have no hype from start Tanesha not wearing any good clothes in England and she must glad for the kids Caz life would be bad with her more
    And as for the cousin smh get some wear and left clothes to sell and think that’s life when a nigga,not use to things boy that nigga got played like any other guy
    Should be shamed of his self bow him out and want sex while seeing period tru u get some clothes that already been wear lol youth u make Jamaican guy shame

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