1. Mettttttttt!!! Your diversity is what makes me enjoy coming on your site. You are an allrounder! I admire your genuine love for our people because not many of us do. Great feed back and insights are left here. Those from Obara, Foxy, Simply, Phantom and of course Real (we need to write another song/poem lol) just to name a few. I really enjoyed this piece… keep em coming Met.

    1. :kiss thank you
      This video almost brought me to tears..our music is all we have…so many people enjoy it and we do ot appreciate or treasure it

  2. The video was very entertaining and full of vibes. This is why these musicians need to do a betta job representing the music

    1. u know i love my african peopless bod bod..I wish we could push more of our music over there dem love we badddddddd

      1. Met being a Jamaican is a passport to good treatment ova yah! Dem nuh stop blast we music, mi all here dem wid U Roy…..WAKE DE SOUND AND TELL DE, CAWS DIS MUSICAL DISC IS COMING YOUR WAY!!! If ah so it go, lol, big up Africa de mother land!

      2. truss mi nuff jamaicans and jamaican admirer deh inna accra…… i feel the same whey rather in tema or rema. ghana just like jamaica fe true

  3. The original rhythm people. Obara a dem wi get the rhythm from, well not me cos you would never know I’m Jamaican. Mi still a duh the bogle!

  4. It’s only fitting that we take the time out to recognize their music and culture as well. I’m Jamaican, and I appreciate the fact that others love our culture..but let’s reciprocate..shall we?

    1. For real! Maybe it’s because I live in Britain and have seen what us few black people splitting off into groups (Afro Caribbean, African, Mixed race) has done for our representation – (nothing?) that I am black first and Jamaican descendant second . And I well know that I am not Jamaican via cruise ship, but slave ship. And those ships surely came from Africa.
      Big up to all the other ethnicities running through my bloodline, but when “others” see me, they don’t see that.

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