Lol these want a be hot gal go dance in the night and a walk go home in the town. They couldn’t even afford to take a 100 dollar taxi and come off at the stop light a Waltham when them leave from wappings but which Henessay in a your head u can afford even a one bottle of smrioff ice dwl. And u all a video this and post it on FB. Smh so how u reach a the party.


  1. Camcam in a the green skirt no ambition stop tell lie bout u love mumzel cause u a one mother that send your daughter go f**k from she a ten and breed when she twelve baby born and come home and dead.. U breed when u a twelve and gii wey u big son suh stop talk bout good mother. Camcam u f** your sister blackie man boom and Unuh never talk so easy u self. The two a unuh live in a the same yaad and f**k the same man. Camcam your pussy is like garbage truck every stop it mek.. Camcam a suh u f**k a suh u breed a suh u dash it wey.. Borrow clothes camcam. Camcam u hide and f** all a your sister dem man who u nuh f**k a who nuh born yet… Maxine your life sad bad u still a play raffle… Shauna atleast u have a little ambition u can gwaan….

    1. Well everybody can agree even if it’s true sey she borrow clothes,she nah borrow it from that tranny looking slim one.Dont they have false titties cup that can stuff een fi mek ur Breasts them push up??If a was even to use two stale grapefruits Cho mi nuh like see all tha space. The one inna the Blue maybe,jus maybe can get IT!

  2. Good morning Met and Metters, and a happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all. I’m thankful for many things, the Pink Wall being one of them.

    As for these ladies, sender, how do you know they couldn’t afford a $100 dollar taxi? Perhaps they live close to the venue and are just trying to walk off Mr. Henny so that he doesn’t go in the house with them?

    I don’t really go out anymore, but I know that when I used to go out near to my home, you couldn’t pay me to get in a car. I don’t like Henny, but when Wrey and him dutty Nephew are frolicking around in my head, I need to WALK THEM OFFFFF before I reach home. :ngacir:

  3. girl in the teal you seems like a lady ppls hating on, one advice for you keep killing shit careless what they y’all think of you. I don’t know you but your reaction seems pretty cool.

  4. Met I would like to donate a tin of mackerel(dutty gal) a bully beef(one without the hassle to open with the key because I don’t think she will have the strength) and a loaf of bread(carbohydrate) to this girl in white.
    If all else fails please contact 1800feeddimawga.

  5. Camcam u cant hurt nobody head stop throw word pon u niece cause unuh live in a the same yaad and hate unuh one another..nardie seh she tired a unuh a borrow are clothes dem to give are a break…camcam blackie say she hate u fi sleep wid are baby father which is your brother_in_ law.. Charmaine Daughter a run unuh foot hot stop hate pon the girl…

  6. I know what the sender talking about about is two different community and after they take the $100 taxi then and come off a Waltham them still have some more walking to do before them reach them road. Them cheap badddd and will stand up in a party and don’t even buy a bottle of water at the bar. Them a space filler in party. Maxine a run down man that don’t even hail her in a party that she a go to see him. She and her friend them plan up all the time to make the girls him a talk to feel say him want her. She hunt down every girl him talk to and make them feel say she a the one. Chamcham f&&k f**k any and any body who can give her give bills.

  7. Well a mumzel dis weh unuh she breed when she a 12 lol bitch unuh get it wrong yere mi get pregnant whn mi a 14 now mi a 16 suck cocky gyal n mi madda Neva sen mi fi guh breed n mi madda love mi badd suh any big pussy gyal weh deh pon dis n chat f**y n can’t show unuh self nuh mek sense a tall a sware all mi can seh unuh cum lick out me n mi mother batty cause unuh nuh qualified fi suck wi pussy n mi done chat now cause unuh naah show unuh self miss unknown

  8. Sender u sound really hurt better walk than hap a ride DI gyal dem live near the venue unu need a life Maxine , cam cam , shawna unu big up ya f**k y’all f**g haterz unu ca stop dem only Ya SUH alone unu can come chat cause unu kno unu ca walk pon waltam inna real life sender f**k uuuuuuuuuu

  9. But real hot gal nuh walk a road…all if di party a keep next door… :siul

    Dem nowadays interpretation of hot gal a suptn else….if u deh way up u fi a drive guh a u yard, or man a drop u home or u tek charter car!

    Big up di old type hot gal dem who’s ting deh way up, unnuh need fi come teach dem girl yah!

  10. lol who can’t walk pon Waltham a dem we live. Why u think we know how far it is to Waltham. And them no look that good to get a ride. All when them go Pilly block plaza then take short cut and walk go home. And u when breed at a young age 12 or 14 still don’t make a different it still look bad special when u no Mek no change to better your life. Maxine breed young too and still a wrong man name her two children have. You Maxine post on your FB page about you have years with the man and others have days. All a the years you have you still can’t post his name and post a picture with him on FB girl oh please. Shawna you need food you want me give you some. Check me later girl.

  11. Lol dwl unuh fool enuh god know unuh seh mi madda a f**k fi bills suh weh she fi duh f**k n nuh collect nuh money nooo free f**k a rape hunnae a sware all mi can seh unuh cum suck out me n mi mother batty n mi family dem nice clean pussy n mi breed anytime mi wah breed 14 r 20 a di same breed bitches suh mi nuh si unuh sense a sware mommy camcam a fans dem suh wi naah mek dem get di best a we ok mommy

    1. Yu soun illerate no bloodcl$$t. De time yu tek and skin out yu p$$y fe get fukc go skin out ah book and acquire a good education. How can u praise being pregnant at 14 years old? Yu mumma want a box cross har face. But de apple don’t fall too far from the tree still.

  12. OMG. 14 or 20 a the same breed is so u look on it. Wow u bitches r really that dumb and fool smh. For real hot gal these days mean nothing again hot and don’t make your own money. mumzel you will real f**k for just a 100 dollar girl. Wow girl that is a high time low you hit the bottle gal. U gals need to go back to school and get some education. Get up and a party all day and night will not make it in the long run. Look a job girls. Walk and a high on the people them where u live not working cause you all liife duty badddd.

  13. clearly she was just making a point, however I guess that young girl didn’t wanted a baby intentionally at that tender age, but if she did abort it there would still be a rumor. numerous of you judge ppls have skeleton in your closet hiding, but ready to illuminate ppls about qualifications Independecy etc.

    girl back your mom in any situation other would do the same as you basically, worst if it’on social media don’t make words tare y’all down.

    @waltham check your

    “facts” i av learn & wittness ZERO Grades ppls ready to discuss about education “LMAF” well if you say there life dirty stop it! I Gaurantee y’all live in the same surrounding & environment.

  14. Come on now you all need to stop this is not about Blingas. Maxine why you and your family a walk and a tell people that it is about him. Girl please who cares r give a f??k about him. It is about you guys and your careless living. Stop hype on people when u no better off then them. You people think that party is all stop walk and beg girl.. A u a Mek Waltham people them a chat the man cause when u a talk say in the street. U people need to get some classes on being a lady and how to be a good mother

  15. Dutty dash weh belly mumzle yuh did affi dash weh the belly cause yuh Neva know a who breed yuh camcam a careless mumma have yuh dung deh live wid man yuh all oonu live fah a party, bleaching and clothes and if oonu did have clothes it would a bad and Nuh suh suh bad cause oonu Nuh ramp fi wear oonu one another clothes oonu need fi guh clean up oonu dutty yaad and oonu dutty house

  16. Yes minutemaid talk the things dem ole dutty gal dem ole dutty yaad gal mumzel yu must have cancer cause from yu a ten yu a tek big hood man and yu nuh have nuh pride as much as me nuh like yu careless mumma yu nuh see she look better than yu ole fart yu life waa sought out yu is a big wutless f**k fi ntn gal all yu talk bout a dance and clothes and yu don’t live no where and yu naw nuh clothes big dunn out mumzel bout yu breed from yu a 14 and a set that anno ntn yu should be ashame of yu self and try go back to school yu see how yu little and ugly and look like somebody have hollopecia

  17. Yes minutemaid talk the things dem ole dutty gal dem ole dutty yaad gal mumzel yu must have cancer cause from yu a ten yu a tek big hood man and yu nuh have nuh pride as much as me nuh like yu careless mumma yu nuh see she look better than yu ole fart yu life waa sought out yu is a big wutless f**k fi ntn gal all yu talk bout a dance and clothes and yu don’t live no where and yu naw nuh clothes big dunn out mumzel bout yu breed from yu a 14 and a set that anno ntn yu should be ashame of yu self and try go back to school yu see how yu little and ugly and look like somebody have hollopecia

  18. Lol this nice tell me more. This duty live you guys living and a try cover it up with say you all a hot gal. Well more like a hot mess. Lol look how many times u come a road with no money and a look man to buy u bitches things and you all die fi in a the party cause no man not look at any of you. Lol. what u all need to do is go down town and start sell something and try Mek a dollar. And when people talk the truth you call it bad mind is annoy we a get annoy now with u all a pass and a drop your words and people who a try and a work to Mek them own.

  19. Lol dwl di ole a unuh a waste pon dis a waste sware all mi ask fah is fi cum lick out weh unuh nuh si inna me n mi mother batty ole f**k early r late a di same f**k breed late r early a di same breed a suh weh unuh point deh who u be miss unknown bitches weh a chat off unuh mouth n cyah mek wi know a who unuh be it nuh mek nuh sense unuh seh wi life a living dirty n if unuh man buck wi him cum life wid di dirty life a living suh a guess u all bitches should jus cum n join me n mi family dem weh a madddd unuh unuh cum suck di ole a wi tite pussy unuh cyah keep a man cause unuh mouth titer Dan unuh big pussy

    1. Little illiterate girl, let me break it down for you. Breed early or late is not the same breed. A young teenaged mother is more likely to have a child that will grow up to be a teenage parent, (see you and your mother as examples) they are more likely to be, a single parent, immature, financially unstable, emotionally unstable and ill-equipped to be an effective parents. Society needs good children from stable home if that society is to survive. Usually when most women have children later in life, they are more set, in a stable partnership, have job security, is educated, mature and is ready to nurture and raise a child. You now, clearly you need to be in school, go to the Women’s Center an earn a skill, break the cycle, ensure that your child don’t grow up to be like you or your mom. I had a friend who got pregnant at 16 she went back to school, college, etc and how have a high paying job, her own home, a car etc. It’s called ambition-get some. Sware is not a word the word is swear, schooling would have told you that. Your dirty mouth, disgusting lifestyle that you seem to enjoy saddens me, worse you are a parent. Your pussy suppose to tight (not tite) cuz you are a child, who shouldn’t even be using it so hard, but there you are done before you even began. Go back to school, leave dancehall, stop giving your body to men who are abusing it, be the child that you are, and for God’s sake, pick up a book.

  20. Yow sender i can see dat ur hurt about sumting with these girls…i dont see y the reason for dis if dem feel fi walk dem walk….u can see say a hate unnu hate the gal dem….an nuh every body work an dem still a live u can bet say dah big pussy gal yah nave a job an u a diss up the gal dem go suck out unnu madda nutting nu wrong wid the walking u go girls love unnu vibes

  21. Spoon dats y unnu suck hood cause if the party deh next door y tek a cab…u sound like a waste gal stop chat mon big pussy gal fi see u to low the gal dem mek dem walk go suck u madda spoon

  22. Spoon dats y unnu suck hood cause if the party deh next door y tek a cab…u sound like a waste gal stop chat mon big pussy gal fi see u to low the gal dem mek dem walk go suck u madda spoon

  23. Spoon dats y unnu suck hood cause if the party deh next door y tek a cab…u sound like a waste gal stop chat mon big pussy gal fi see u to low the gal dem mek dem walk go suck u madda spoon

  24. Camcam a u a dem problem an it evident go girl….u have dem weak aswear u na work an it a badda dem u na beg dem….an even if a nardia clotes u wear it fi u better so she fi just give u dem cause she nuh fit dem good….ur daughter is not the first little girl weh breed early so nuh worry bout dat an she nuh the first weh f**k early all a who weh a write dem bad comments cum suck out the gal dem good pussy unnu too red eye mi see it from near not far….u girls a di hottes ting me love see unnu bad nuh mek no suck hood gal stop unnu walk if unnu feel fi walk a dats y d send suck so much hood cause she nuh like walk…sender go back up inna u madda big pussy cause u eye too red big hole gal

  25. Sender yuh make it look bad pon yuh side tho yuh seh yuh got a work an yuh live pon pinkwall everyday an we weh naah nuh work naah come pon pinkwall come do wid who fah life look happy now nuh fiwi sender it look like yah look a batty fi cleannext thing yah talk bout yaad wah clean up yes wi yaad can clean up but tho fi got seh yuh big pussy naah nuh clean a clean up bitch. Wi naah stop go Party an walk come home suh wi ago gi yuh more tings fi talk ..mi naah lie uno talk bout mi fambo dem like everyday an wi talk bout uno not one day just come lick out wi batty yah mumzel dem seh wi a f**k from wi a 14 an wi can hold wi man an dem weh a f**k fr dem a 20 afi a use money hold man it sad pon uno

  26. Dem gal ya from Espuet sick stomach. Hot gal where? A bare bruck dung ole dirty board house dhe a Espuet wid dem bleach out scary looking gal. All dem do ah look man, the Skyscrapa yute dem cum pon the lane and the whole a dem suck off the yute dem and f**k dem because ah hype. The one Savana Morris she and Nickesha Gibbs Sano she unu is a walking germs. Every man cum pon Espuet f**k unu

  27. The gal dem ah Espuet bleach out and look like duppy. Ah bare dutty bruk dung house roun dere. Yu nuh waan see dem gal yah in ah broad day light how dem dutty pon the lane. Every man cum pon Espuet dem suck dem hood and f**k dem. The Skyscrapa yute dem f**k off the wole ah dem. The one whe name Savanna Morris and Nickesha Gibbs Sano Unruly dem nuh ramp fi Suck Randy and Ritchie di 2 bredda dem hood and den war pon the lane ova dem. Tru hype, Sano she walk n f**k anybody. She really tink RandySkyscrapa woulda want she? Waiiii

  28. Lol ren dem gyal deh a waste mi wah f**k early suh mi start early mi neva wah wait cause mi hear seh it nice dwl unuh hear now n me see from far seh me n mi madda a hurt unuh head but guess wah it nuh start good yet unuh head aguh hurt till it bus n kill unuh suck cocky bbc!! N u miss annyomous r weh di f**k yuh wah name miss bbc unknown weh yah talk bout dunce a wrong STP yere big pussy gyal ask anybody bout mumzel mi wah spell it tite suh I did n mek sure ur daughter r son weh u ave nuh start suck cocky early n di boy start suck pussy early bitches cause it seem like u a suck cocky n di fadda suck pussy suh di children will falla unuh fi unuh seh unuh ave a work mi nah lie it nuh look suh a tall mi sware mi see weh unuh a try duh unuh a try tek espute gyal dem fame but guess wah it nah guh work now if it neva work den worst wid unuh miss unknown bitches smh kmft mi nah STP seh unuh fi cum suck out wi pussy

  29. What a way uno nuh stop watch espuet gyol dem pussy eee dwl weh yuh seh sender skyscrapa boy dem f**k wi out!!!!mi just tel yuh seh good pussy fi get f**k out bitch a good wi good make dem cal wi sky girls yuh nuh si any Party a espuet a keep dem deh deh wid wi when gyol good gyol good go get yuh self a pussy di time yah work yuh use yuh money an go fix yuh big pussy … Wi a big deal espuet gyol dem nuh stop mad yuh an wi pussy too good fi suck hood dwl an any weh wi go ppl afi talk goodthings bout wi wi a top gyol a road. Yuh need yuh self a we !!! Mi si seh yuh wnt live how wi a live sen yuh man come an si if him wid a come mumzel nuh dis up r man a him me wnt bitch sen him number an shi who wid a ave him fi life time

  30. One set a gal can fool so. Why oh why OMG the more you talk the carelessness just a show up so. Is a lock of education Mek you talk like that. Which man need any of you more then the ones that are just looking a f&&k now and then. Not one of you can post and call any of the names of your baby daddies Shame shame shame. One crew that full a one bunch a careless family which mothers and daughters party and tek the son men shame shame shame. I know for sure Maxine and her big daughter f**k the same man last year. Careless careless careless

  31. Waltham why yuh nuh pon yuh name weh yuh big pussy madda gi yuh fool .anyways hun mi naah nuh baby daddy mi ave man ohk an mi can post dat nigga anytime like how wi bad an a put wi name put urs nuh f**k face lick out batty make wi knw yuh nuh bitch an si wah yuh get naah lie uno sad tho uno really need uno self a we

  32. Range stop it cause a how u come into this. Let mi introduce myself bitch my name is Camille Amoy Stirlin bitch. my man but not my life is Jamie Blake. Bitch. Come google mi now bitch. You gal Ranea a talk to a tight pants bleach out body battybwoy who can’t spell is own name to save him life. Mi feel sorry for the man that lay with any of you duty and careless bitches. And you all a talk about big pussy gal and s&£k dick gal and gal must come su£k out you pussy. When the truth is you all just talking what you are doing yourself. Cause a just freak out men you guys talk to.

  33. Google yuh big pussy dat a di only thing mi wah google up bitch make mi gi yuh it good nuh man cyah f**k my man oh my look how mi man nice an clean eee bitch yuh make it look like him tek weh ur man fr yuh make yuh knw ugly girl a mi nice clean fambo a mad yuh a true shi tek weh di man fr yuh an him nuh stop own r up a who vex !!!! Oh my ask di man weh him deh a nigth time espuet yuh need yuh self a pussy all yah suck hood di man naah lef di woman sam come kiss out my ass an suck mi man hood dat all yuh good fah bitch

  34. Lol which Man U a talk call name bitch. And guess what this is not Sam as you think bitch. Which Man U talk about and which one a your family you talking about girl. Your talking make no sense. If you can’t call name shot the f£)k up bitch. And I like how u love talk about my pussy it look like you want to taste it girl. I would tell u to Mek your man taste it and tell you but I don’t do gay guys. And what u call clean. The other day in a one party some people that you girls stand up next too leave the party and leave some liquor on the table and u low lifies drink it. Shame shame shame

  35. I can see dat waltham is really hurt y u a worry about the girls dem no mon u mek it look away a nuff gal house nu clean a nu dem alone kmft diss nu mek no sence how ur house u can say anything about ur house girls go look a life an low off a the gal dem love u mumzel an camcam u girls a kill dem bad

  36. A kill them badddd with what. I don’t own a house yet but I pay my own rent and drive my own car that always have gas. You people seem to confuse the truth with jealousy. The truth hurt right. They what it is it is let it flow. Well what it is them need to make over themself. And stop walk hype up themself a people. Anyways mi just post up mi man on both IG and Facebook and tag him in it. And he did the same. When those bitches can do that. And them say the men they with want them and say them. The men a say them when he is in your bed.

  37. Anytime yuh can show up yuh self den yuh link mi..mi si seh mi man a mad uuh girl like u him naah f**k yah fi can mine him a di last a mi dis sender yuh need fi show up bitch

  38. Uno cum with sumting new,gwaan talk mi like it mi a get famous u f**k,suckin cock aint my problem,f**n aint my problem,bring you man cum mek mi teach u how fi f**k him and suck him, if not leave f**n n suckin out u mouth dats!! ,mi wudda do well with u tongue urder dah wet pussy yah,!!!
    Yow. Mi nuh like uno style enuh uno know suckin n **n is a must so y uno a talk!!! Uno jus nuh easy!!!! Randy n richie too nice fi mi everybody know my type !!!!!!

  39. lol I am at side chick Tuesday every week. I stand up close to you guys when u all r there. So come touch. When mi talk u vex cause it hurt

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