1. Gal get up and stop clown yourself. Real man nuh deh bout no more???? Real men please stand up!! Sigh

  2. She need fi lef him cause him nuh look too interested…ur ooman propose an u not even pick her up and give her a hug?

  3. Den hear di mascot inna di back a talk bout “that shit was dope” kmft dude could have gotten down on the floor with her n accept di ring but a woman mi blame for turning these men into bitches bout him siddung a stretch out finger fi ring put on FOH with dat shit

  4. De man look like when dem ‘pick bud’ to rass. Him find drinks fi sip..but cant find a cup a cornmeal porridge..LOL

  5. desperate females out there like this man mascot turning these man into bitches but then again her man already look like a bitch with finger stretch out waiting on a ring

  6. Oh My WORD………
    the level of desperation. A women is only supposed to let a man know she is interested and expects marriage in their relationship. A man chooses a wife and a woman accepts/rejects a husband. Wah do some gyal? I’d leave before doing something like this.

      1. The thirst and desperation is HELLA real!! Like damn, he was more interested in the drink than he was her proposal..him not even dress fidi occasion, not even ah slacks and blazer…ladies, some of ya’ll needa think reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllll long and hard on the men you wanna date vs. the man you wanna settle and spend the rest of your life with, and that’s on some real shitt!!!

        1. call me old fashioned, but mi neva sen a fren go tell a bwoy mi like him no matter how mi a pree im. I couldn’t propose to a guy, mi waan im ask it’s just me. This boy neva seem into it, either im a play macho or im nuh really want it. I hope he worth it, and she nah try marry cocky size, ilike mi fren did an now she miserable.

          1. Same here, I feel the same way…mi nuh mind showing interest in a man if he makes the first move, but ooman nuh suppose to chase dung man;some guys dig that kind of thing, but if he is showing you that’s how he is, then don’t expect that relationship to prosper for too long. I’d rater to be alone and happy than with a man who makes me miserable…until then, i’ll date in the meantime. That proposal was just wrong on so many levels; nice looking girl tuh…she can get a more well groomed/better man…just messy lol!!

  7. I see nothing wrong with the woman proposing, but if you propose to a clown then nuh suhprize if yu ting tunn circus.

  8. Afta dah bwoy yah nuh want she, a she want him!! Can bet a she a mine him pimp ass too, watch d gal too nuh bout she a stretch out ring finger. Gwaan wait!!!!! cauz dis lady right here nah mek nuh bwoy head swell suh, yuh mad!!!!! The roles are reversed, bwoy cock up a yard nah wuk, while woman a d sole bread winner, and a put ring weh she buy pan dah likkle pussy yah finga. Mi ignorant fi d 2 a dem.

  9. Mi would an not even see a man and tell him seh mi like him, must less fi ask him fi married moi???? No dear!!!! Dah gal deh desperate bad. A can bet him aguh hold dis against har, if some sick comes up, and in the evnt that he cheats and she confronts him, he’s going to say some shit like dis “you’re the one who propsed to me, I didnt want to marry you, thats why I didnt proposed to you” Who me???!!!!! All when pigs fly mi nah do this shit, mi nuh business how good of a catch he is, all when him line wid gold and full a money, and is the most wonderful man inside and out, him affi pop d question honey bunch not me!!!!!!!! :hoax2

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