Goodmorning Met,Pinkwallers and Peepers

Met, why people have to so lie and disgusting? Smh sometimes it just makes me sick how people quick to lie and no one asked them anything dem just wake up with the lie pan dem tongue.About a week or so ago Dovey Magnum post up on snap that she bought her house and all that good stuff (which is a good thing God bless her for that) she buy house and how she ago have house warming party and a show ar curtains and bedding how she’s gonna change it when fall comes around because she doesn’t like the decorations she has up now and did a class people Weh nuh have house and blahhhhh blahhhhh. Met I am not a bad mind person I’ll rejoice for you when you have been blessed because yuh nuh get nothing outta being evil but now yesterday me deh pan snap and see her a beg flour from the neighbor because her flour done and she wha fry chicken…..Begging is not a problem Idc about that is when she walk outside and going from upstairs to downstairs with her friend begging the flour and me look and realize seh a apartment she live inna…Apartment complex she did a walk in and out looking for flour. Now come on yuh hype up the other day about your house but yuh mussi forget and never know people did a pay attention to details Dwl Dovey nuh badda guh Bill nuh song fi mi just try keep up with the lies.. It’s no issue in living in an apartment it’s very common and it allows people to save depending on the rent and so on Suh nuh badda come move like yuh live a mansion when you are in the same boat as a lot of people…..A apartment mi live inna so nothing nuh wrong with that just try remember yuh lies next time.

41 thoughts on “GIRL YOU DOE HAVE NO HOUSE

  1. Whoever send this in, need to stop watch Dovey and people in general. Leave people business only and go mind your own!!!!!

  2. Dovey is just a damn loser ass bitch that walk and beg an borrow every money she beg she tek it an mine the bleach out so call manager/ man tephlon because him bruk like dawg all him do a sell weed a the car wash everyday. This bitch leave har son home alone every night fi guh sleep wid tephlon this bitch is the worst mother ever ppl don’t be fooled by her social media post them bout how she love har child, this bitch friend ppl just so she can drop her son a them yard. She chat Niecey say she a whore an did a try f**k tephlon an she the same one I see all up on Niecey in parties.

  3. Simplicity goh suck out yuh dead muma u and met goh look a bloodcloth life pinkwall been played out stale nuh bloodclat

    1. Dovey di pink wall haffi stale cause u song whey yuh did want run pan it never got on this wall. If mi eye dem did big like yours mi go donate dem to science and stop walk and trouble people.

      1. Simplicity dont even si you and yuh run come wid yuh lean horn self a call har name bout go suck mother. A nuh mother bring yuh dovey a one a dem farm animal deh. Who sent for you? Uno always carry feelings when uno send in tings and it dont post here uno have big problem wid dat. Dovey mi neva ansa yuh pan facebook bout di video because we aint cool like that and next ting mi go put up video whey yuh send and yuh tek it mek regular habit. Wrong morning mission accomplished eye dovey.

    2. How de phuck mi fi guh suck out mi dead muma when yuh done kill and nyaam weh leff of her… a how it a beat yuh seh mi have muma fi suck,yuh think a mek yuh still a wait fi born,dirtiness guh skin yuh pus-c inside out cuz a deh suh yuh true worries and problem deh

    1. Needle if dem eva know how dem unimportant to all mi cause mi neva know a she di post bout really due to how mi doe care but she run come bus down door..Di wall stale and uno still want bus pan it? She fi go treat har thyroid problem whey a shub out har eye cause dat nuh normal Needle.

  4. Is can’t the real dovey magnum dat becuz why wouldn she cuss the ppl who a cuss n style her up top?At no point did simplicity address dovey or sey anything Derogative towards her.Everybody head can’t just hot so kmft.

    1. A nuh hot head they think they know because dem and dem fren sidung and talk how dem ”THINK”jmg run. But mi really a wonder if a dovey fi true cause she neva run in suh before oo ..wrong morning doe :ngakak

  5. She is a bitch shi love trubke ppl but always cah teck wen a fi her time dovey ano no bady fi waste time pon Met

  6. Dovey dont have papers dat y shi cah goh jamaica yes shi can buy house up yah if shi have credit and #ssn but u cah beleive every ting shi sah wen shi fuk wid pol an dem a dun er shi alwats goh tag other ppl fi help.her dun dem but ppl catch up pon her style an noh bother wid her

  7. MET no bady noh really wah no friend fr dovey cause has u an er have a disagreement shi empty her inbox or her phone message shi cah keep no friend an a only war dovey fight shi need fi goh sort out her papers an chill shi bring war to everybady a soh shi tan an shi live buy out ppl argument like a only shi can cuss and hype anna one line shi have suck put momma dats all kmft

  8. Di wol set a uno plus met come team up and suck out mi batty hole mi proud a mi bloodcloth big eye dem dead goat afi hitch up back ah fake site and talk bout people uno life sad no rass stop mek ppl life bada yuh caylis met stink like

    1. Dovey which life is that you have? A only when people get a hot and shocking death dem eye pulp out like when yuh get a nah look lick. If all a me like yuh mi wudda come and seh a hawty good morning and gwaan because as mi seh Dovey mi and you was not cool fi yuh a come send song fi mi put up..Talk about that den yuh talk bout kayless..You have spent well over a year a hunt down diva business like a teef wid too much eyesight so tell mi who more sad? What kinda hole yuh live ina dat neighbor a come beg yuh flour? Dat mean yuh beg sugar and salt to dovey? One likkle pack a flour a 1.29 and yuh can get all a small bag ina di dollar store but yuh a look a hype offa somebody whey a beg you less dan $2 wut a food.

  9. Gingifly a falla yuh pussy dutty met and fellow metters dem all uno a talk uno cyan mek mi feel bad bout my self f**g set a trash uno be

    1. Why should you feel bad about yourself? All whey yuh do Diva neva feel bad bout fi harself so mi nuh expect you fi feel bad and mi nah evoke feel bad feelings. Did you say gingifly Dovey? Only you should know because you know where your relatives at :travel

      1. Whey u a look hype offa likkle flour fah Dovey and di lady a beg back what u did beg har few days before. Ina farrin people dont go a people yard go beg so unless uno ina begging habit. What you dont have you do without see u go beg eye deh and get tuh much. Learn likkle sumting uno ina di yard to yard and mixing mixing das y yuh always ina mumble grumble 24/7

        1. U know them writing deh too proper fi me think a dovey. Dovey cant even write a proper sentence. Met u sure a dovey

  10. Dovey u cah style no body cause u ave a community pussy wah u gi to both man an woman u mout stink like u fake like d last f**k wah u give fi help pay u bills goh luk a man or a gal married to an get u papers soh u can fly out u focus wrong move u ole expire puzzy from yah dats all u can sah ppl fi kiss out or suck out u need a good f**k fi put back d pink inna u ole purple pussy wah suck.out u cah style no bady cause u life sad nothing nah gwan fi u soh move fr yah ole dutty gal

  11. Dovey badmind like wah cause d kind a man wah shi chat to only wah one f**k affa er an shi noh have no money fi gi d gal dem dovey u is nithing but a wanna be lesbian u noh have money fi keep a cheap hoes muchless a hype gal u love style ppl an den tag man an ooman pon IG fi cum help u style ppl u badmind any gal wah u talk to wah tell u sah dem a get pay fi dem f**k u is not a good gal d only reason y uno full u page a dash wud video now a cause u a promote u party dem wah always flap stop.promote party fi place wey u cah goh member u wah travel noh wey an u dont have papers goh sit down dovey u cah cuss no bady u dont have a life

  12. Unno nuh pay Dovey nuh attention unno see seh she that fool is bipolar she need help bad !!! Met misery love company Dovey lonely and crazy !!! Yuh see how she shape like iron board!! Dovey guh tek yuh medication and sidung and bill back

  13. Shi disgusting mi never hear a soul talk anything good bout her a swear notice noh blog noh post nothing fr her page dem always sah a mad gal dat

  14. Dovey do not buy any house her friend Toya talk it that her section 8 came through kmt dovey can’t style anybody she in atl a dead fi hungry all she do is suck the gal dem puss then chat dem say the pussy stink , so dovey why you eat it ?

  15. How me miss this ? Dovey you mess with the wrong one not our MET JMG . Is a friend call me & say MET bury Dovey the singer wey can’t buss :ngakak :hammer Dovey with the goat eyes you can’t style MET no day old lada gal

  16. All mi can do a dead wid laugh… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak casket close tuh rass. A di quickest mi see nobody go inna di grung…. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak ppl hunnu fi do research prabley dem Neva heard a met….. DUNMENTS!!!!!!

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