hello Met!
soh it luk like sey beautiful beginnings stop eat the box and finally find a man. CONGRATS and she seems very happy BUUUUUTTT she a get pon tap a mi neerrvvveess like love dis love dat him dis him dat he loves her blah blah like yh we get it we all congratulate her and blah blah but geesh. every pic she take nowadays di hand cock aff like seh di ring heavy and a foil paper it mek from she frighten bad bad (not to mention the ring is cheap) but the love is more important. im trying to be happy for her but she is getting annoying we never know if she a guh lef or rite enah di first place caz she never use to post up nuh man but it look like a ring mek she memba seh she have man and in love. cuz di way she frighten me think we wuda see him at least once before she get the ring. All i am saying is I hope she makes it to the altar go to the gym (she start look like barrel) and have some damn kids ,sit at home do make up and stfu with the foil paper ring! annoying a*s



  1. Sender do you have a ring or a man? You are very jealous. If she annoying why not unfollow her, or stop stocking her page.

  2. Sender stop hating. If you dont like it dont look, simple. How about you go find yourself a JB. Wait JB annuh Johncrow Batty

  3. Dem a come from far. Congrats.
    p.s why are the ads on this website so nasty? Is it me alone seeing worm in tomato and what the inside of a teely look like, black head oozing out of a nose wtf???

    1. Gm pts,imma assume you’re grown folk enough to NOT take offense to the facts imma tell u.Those nasty ads aren’t jmg website fault AT ALL.YOU are seeing Google scripts being runned from pages n interests generated from ur online activities.

      Trust me on this becuz one day recently I had mek up my mind to cuss Met proper proper.I was getting ads with threesomes n women in extremely compromising positions!I inboxed her but when we reason,fi true I remember visiting those other sites.I apologized profusely to Met.pretty sure u CAN figure out the rest.peace out.

      1. She’s talking about the sponsored links at the bottom, that say you might also like. (I damn sure do like that yute for that testostorne booster taking america by storm….anyway)The ads youre talking about that are generated by your own content are at the top. I see what both of you see.

          1. No Met, I have never visited a site about testosterone, retrieving deleted texts and those ads pop up at the bottom. The ones on the top are the associated with the sites I browse.

          2. No Met, what he is talking about the top ads. You see those on the first page or once you click on a topic and they are still at the top. What the other person is talking about can only be seen once you click on a topic and they are at the botton, before the comments. I can see both of them.

          3. Met mi nuh search dem tings dey and it come up fi chue….right now there is a pic with a man that has what looks like saliva in his ears….dat is not something mi would search for and that same blackhead picture pop up everyday. It gross fi chue.

        1. Exactly, because mi see dat same testosterone thing and what the hell I need with that? I have never searched a day in my life for that.

          1. U may not search for it directly but maybe a site u go on have something bout man or maybe here too

      2. I don’t think so you know. I am on work computer using ingoc browser. The only websites I go on here is, things to do with work and stream the FAME FM. so please tell me how that would pop up. No sah.

          1. Ok…If you say so…I clear my history and I’m the only one that uses this computer. I like the testostorne guy anyway….the half naked fat lady in the bikini not so much. Happy Friday!!

      3. yardie yuh is a freeeaakkkk, lol. all i see is site related to fashion cuz guess where my interest lay/lie? on mi ph bare porn to cuz mi do mi porning on mi ph not mi laptop, i dont blame met, is i are the one who search fi dem tings

      1. No boo, seet deh someone confirm up a top bout the testosterone. I see my ads “Fabreeze” and cleaning products at the site because I indeed searched for that this week but there is an ad section directly below the posts. It’s gross and I have never searched for testosterone or worms in tomato ever.

  4. Social media can change nuff ppl eye color sahhhh….why don’t you simple unfollow the girl or block her. We all have a past o even if she was a lesbo, God will still forgive her. Leave the girl at least she can show her man that values her enough to want her to be his future Mrs. Congrats hon and keep begin the great make up artiste that you are!!!!!

  5. Senda u wake up this morning and clothed in jealousy brush u stinking teeth in jealousy wash u nasty face In jealousy eat u brekfus in jealousy all in all jealousy a kill you Bitch.

  6. Very pretty girl. Beautiful smile. If is a foil ring her FIANCE can afford then let her show off HER foil ring. At least he didnt scam or thief to live up to what YOU think SHE should wear on HER finger. You want the girl show you her man so you can go look him and get foil ring too? Everything aint for everybody, she dont have to prove nothing to you and social media.

  7. Nothing more annoying than people complaining about what others post, you don’t like seeing it? UNFOLLOW THEM!!!!

  8. Sender sorry…but what you come here looking for never stick…wheel and come again!

    Di girl happy and she a show off so what nuh suh it must guh! And she put on weight…that a wah happen when you comfortable! And if di man nuh lef har that clearly mean him nuh hav a problem wid har well round up!

  9. She coming like di woman inna di play wid di big purple diamond lol a wah it name again… Likkey likkey matey lol

  10. Beautiful smile, happy with a cheap ring, eats box on a friday night and she got a phat azz…What’s not to like?

  11. What a pretty black girl. Sender a so when you in love you waa shout from the rooftops, tun Julie Andrews in Sound of Music. Mek she enjoy herself we all need that even once in we lifetime

  12. She was a lesbian on her bday last year. Her doctor woman gave her bday party and red bottoms, this year she get ring from a whole other gender. Big up urself Chevelle…onward and upward u say lol

  13. Sender guh suck yuh Mada and Lowe Chevy alone.. The girl happiness a hurt yuh bad. Yuh sad like funeral. Suck yuh Mada times a million.

  14. I agree , Chevy humble yuself. Everybody know your history. Happy to know you have or will move forward with your life. Congrats. I really hope with your lifestyle ur hubby can finance all your needs. Nutting nuh wring with being high maintenance. Hope him nuh haffi compete with what the docta ooman good provide for you. All the best. smh!

  15. Wha dis mi a hear, Chevelle Powell getting married? Cyah the same Chevelle from beautiful beginnings.No sah! Good Luck to the man (or woman…LOL) If this is true, then it must be true love. No man nah tek up a woman like Chevelle just because she pretty and know she f**k everybody unless him really check fi har. I hope he makes a wife out of her, caz nuh party nuh missy Chevy. Hope she settles down and focus on her make up artistry. Nah lie. She good at it, but really nuh know if she a wife material. But the brave man must know what him doing. Good Luck to both of them.

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