Jaysean & Jillianna dwbcl is Wah really gwaning ? Ur happy home not happy anymore ? Jillianna you is a realllllll bloodclat idiot , u Nuh see ya “man” ah dis u ?!??? No man ah wah dis inna America champagne lady u cah gi har some advice Pon mon ?!? ehh btw did anybody help fund uno shower yet ?!? let us kno the di update





5 thoughts on “GO SIDUNG 2

  1. I could never be with a man who’s so damn conceited, him shoulda just born a gyal and done! Every single thing him do,him video no sahhhh….

  2. Andre is a clown with a little dick he love women who mind him he used to deh wid Natalie 106 . I don’t know what these girls see in him he don’t got money he video everything he does lives with his mommy who want him

  3. No man , ah this di 3rd bm ah kill her self ova ?!?? This Nuh right inna God eye , my girl u Nuh kno seh u deh wid whore ? Him shit cah even mek patty much less him cah even keep rass wuk my girl u need fi dew betta . If yuh follow da man deh him will tun u inna idiot well it look him ah dew already

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