GOBLINSchool closes as goblins sexually abuse teachers

A secondary in Tsholotsholo, Matabeleland North has gone for almost two weeks without lessons, amid reports that goblins have been raping female teachers in their sleep.

A teacher at Ekuphakameni Secondary School who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that they abandoned their duties after being terrorised by goblins.

Apparently female teachers at the school realised that strange things were happening during the night.

“In the morning when some female teachers woke up, they realised signs that they would have had sex during the night though they would have slept alone.

“At first it seemed the teachers were shy to discuss the issue as they assumed that maybe what they felt during the nights were just dreams, but later the issue became a matter of concern to many resulting in them opening up.”

“To everyone’s surprise, it was the same story that at night they dreamt making love to someone, but surprisingly on the following day there would be confirming signs that indeed they had sex with someone,” said one teacher.

They reported the matter to school officials who then sought for assistance from villagers and a cleansing ceremony was held at the school.

“Prophet Sithole was called to do the cleansing ceremony at the school with the hope that he would destroy the goblins, but all was in vain.

“He gave up saying the goblins were too powerful. After the failure of the cleansing ceremony, teachers left the school as they feared for their lives and the thought of sleeping with goblins was frightening,” said the teacher.

A police source confirmed the incident to B-Metro saying they got the report and the last time they visited the school, there were no teachers, only pupils who could not comment on the issue.

Matabeleland North Provincial Education Director Boitatelo Mnguni confirmed the reports saying, “There were two female teachers who made reports concerning goblins which were terrorising them.


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